Snake Thompson [HoneyGames]

Snake Thompson [HoneyGames] Snake Thompson [HoneyGames] Snake Thompson [HoneyGames] Snake Thompson [HoneyGames]
My name is Snake, Snake Thompson… Okay… Snake isn’t my real name but that’s what they call me.
I’m back in my hometown. I left this cursed place 15 years ago and swore I’d never be back but… you know, things don’t always go according to plan.
I spent the last 6 years locked up, but that’s a story for another time since it’s got nothing to do with why I’m back. Last month someone killed my brother, here, in New Coral City. I know what you’re thinking, but he was nothing like me…
He was a respected Chemistry Professor at New Coral City University. A good man, married to a good woman. The cops still don’t know who killed him. They say it was a robbery gone wrong. They say it’s a bad part of town.
But that’s bullshit. If the police won’t investigate, I will.
So here I am, a free man, ready to take matters into my own hands.
Updated: July 12, 2018
Developer/Publisher: HoneyGames
Censorship: No
Version: final beta 4
OS: Windows
Language: English
3dcg, action-adventure sex game, all sex, male protagonist, bikini, revenge
final beta 4
Final versionv1
Added New events & SoundDemo Fixed
Grammar Check Done, and the guy who help me made a great work, some dialogue now are great I Changed the Icon on the Map, now you can see it clearly I fix an image that stuck on screen (a backwall from the Mallthat come back when you use your pc)
Demo Final
Fixed Glen the cop bug.