Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion]

Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion] Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion] Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion] Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion] Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion] Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion] Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion] Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion] Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion] Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion] Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion] Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion] Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion] Chronicles of Leridia [v0.5] [Maelion]
The story takes place on the Island of Leridia, in a small village called Masa. Sylia, a young and pretty girl wants to become a Guardian. If she passes the Trial, she’ll be the new Guardian of the village for one year, then she’ll go to the Capital to be a Royal Guard after her mission, like her mother did in the past. But things are not going as planned…​
Thread Updated: 2020-04-28
Release Date: 2020-04-28
Developer: Maelion PatreonBlog
Censored: No
Version: 0.5 (Main Story Complete)
OS: Windows
Language: English
2D game, RPG, 3DCG, Female protagonist, Adventure, Big tits, Big ass, Monster, Fantasy, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Titfuck, Tentacles, Spanking
This one should be cleared of bugs reported so far.
Added a little bonus with a pink pentagram in the hostel of Lerid, the latter will be evolutive for the next one…v0.4
Jack’s route is now longer bugged, you can play and get the whore outfit for the pink pentagram next to the brothel too.
This bug does not concern everyone but the few who chose a different fate for Sylia earlier with Jack. v0.3.7
The Prostitution route in Basin is complete :
– Story can now progress up to completion route in Basin including : 3 whore outfits, Story scenes + scenes with random dialogues variations
– Added a sellable Pink Potion at a certain point giving 15 Horniness for 500 gold (at the counter of the brothel)
Sex Doll Mode + in wrestling matches :
– A doll will appear once you triggered the classic doll mode (be defeated 4 times in a row and molested to half-naked mode)
This mode will let you have full sex doll mode right at the beginning of the match : include Blue and Pink bikini with
new "animations" and dialogues based on high submissive Sylia temper) – Repeatable – Ready for new bikinis in later updates
Pentagrams : 5 new pentagrams
– Added a dynamic pink pentagram near the Pink Bear Brothel (Lust 7 and whore outfit I required)
– Added a tame Pentagram in Kame Town available once the curse is lifted (Tame 15+ required)
– Added a Masturbation Outdoor Pink Pentagram in the eastern Forest of Kamelia (Lust Lv3 Horniness 20+required, repeatable)
– Added a Masturbation Outdoor Pink Pentagram on the docks in Basin during the night (Lust Lv3 Horniness 20+required repeatable)
– Added a Dynamic Molestation Purple Pentagram on the docks in Basin during the evening (Repeatable, depper interactions with Tame 20+ and Horniness 20+)
OVERALL : Sex Scenes are now more dynamic with "zoom and shake effects"
Full changelog in game folder. v0.3.6A
Features :
– Benny’s bondage games : Have a deeper relationship with Benny…It requires to have at least Lust Lv6 and to have sex
in the barn two times with Benny / Talk to him during the day in Masa
Repeatable, also require TAME and HORNINESS Points, progressive stages
– 3 Giants Golden Treasure : Unlock the golden treasure on the Giants Ship…and see what happens…(include a new bikini and bigger boobs !)
Required : the 3 giants are in Basin v0.3.5A
– The demon gloves have their stats patched with +6 ATK and 150% dark damage
– The bug where Sylia disappears if you trigger the suiko quest when freeing Basin at the mayor house is no more
– The sailor sitting next to Vince when doing some lewd stuff is gone (what a weirdo !)
– At the hot spring, Sylia is correctly taking off her saint/deviant armor
– Tiles from suiko ship are now working nice
– The spot to take the ship to Barakas Islands with Sylia now vanishes once you trigger the event with Sylia
– The quest "The Giants Slut" should work correctly
– Added a "Fame Orb" next to Boris during the day, giving 700 fame once because of the bug in previous version
– The Quest "The Rise" is now complete when you finish all the tasks
Gameplay :
– Changed the "tinder" place for the Demonology Quest to feel more natural / Added a new chest at the old tinder
Content :
– The 0.3.4 Bonus Version has been unlocked for everybody ! Go to the cave southwest of Masa and touch the dusty lamp! v0.3.5
– 2 Large outdoor jungle maps with jungle atmosphere light, shadows and sounds
– 3 new jungle small dungeons
– 1 new small underground map
– Hundreds of new poses/sex poses
– One test hentai animation scene !
– Around 8/9 new sex scenes with variations for some
– One Sacred Guardian Quest "Deep into the Jungle"
– One alchemy quest
– One Demonology quest
– Lust upgraded to Level 7 introducing the Prostitution route and the whoring system
– First lesbian scene ever in the game included
– bugfixes
– overall small improvements
Where is the new content update ?
For Barakas Episode, go into Basin and watch Suiko taking the boat then go south to activate the crystal.
OR Free Basin from the creatures and go to the southern dock and activate the crystal.
For the brothel in Basin, you can go at night as long as your lust is high enough.
Look for 2 new quests with Virgile and Madeleine for Demonology and Alchemy arcs. v0.3.4
Meet Bud during the night to have sex (lust, horniness conditions), Micropink Bikini and RF Outfit Rich mini Dress scenes ! Repeatable with different dialogs Meet Boris on the beach and raise your individual corruption with him as you pose with lewder bikinis : different stages from voyeur to rough consensual sex. Triggered with hot blue bikini and playable at a later stages with 5 bikinis including dialogs variations ! You can stop at key moments or go lewder… Bugfixes New title v0.3.3
A new chapter in the Lost Dimension with the Tower of Malek.
Join forces with Captain Slayer Lyse to conquer the tower of a demon lieutenant named Malek.
Help the slayers and see two major outcomes in the conquest, depending on your choices.
Wrestling mini-game :
A deep and entertaining wrestling game. It has great replayability. 2 COSTUMES !
You can win, you can lose, you can dominate, you can be dominated, you can have revenge, the giant can have revenge.
Hot moves based on a rock-paper-scissor system, 3 strategies to master to beat the giant.
Soft hentai, hard hentai scenes, ryona, repeatable scenes.
Sex Doll mode : losing too often open a new option if your lust is Lv5. You become the sex toy of the giant and you can control him to do lewd things to Sylia, again and again !
OVERALL : "hot" update with a lot of variables and replayability. Back to hentai as its best. v0.3.2A
– The RF event “A dangerous night” is now repeatable with new lines of dialogs
– Added a pentagram based on Arrogance 15+ in Basin (night) with the RF Rich Mini Dress required
– Pink Bikini menu bug is patched (“Forget it” button now working)
– Hoogs Laboratory door now works correctly v0.3.2
– New sidequest "The Tomb". Talk to the man in the Fat Seagull Tavern (Basin) (300 fame required) – Brand new dungeon with puzzles, a new monster and hentai scenes !
– Bikinis and Bikinis poses at the beach, talk to Calvin at Basin Beach once the town is free from the monsters – 6 Bikinis available so far with sexy, hot and lewd poses depending on the outfit !
– H-Event Rape Fantasy with Fat Joe, talk to the man during the evening at the Fat Seagull Tavern (Golden dress required to launch the event)
– The Big tree entrance now works correctly after getting the wizard stone
– The Quest for the V-Golden Bikini requires 1 golden ore instead of 5
– Avalanche still costs 45TP but can be activated for 3 turns
– Walkers now are weak to thunder (150% damage)
– Lost Souls had their hp reduced to 500 instead of 600
– Lost souls are really weak on fire attacks now (200% damage)
– Horniness pentagram at the village now requires Lust Lv3 instead of "slutty points" that were not very clear (it was a hidden data
given when doing lewd acts but the system changed in the future)
– The portrait and the armor images are now related to Saint or Deviant path when completing the Puppet quest at this stage
– You will be teleported out of the corridor if you lose against the walker in kame dungeon (trap), so you cannot be stuck anymore
– Hoogs give now 85XP (75) and 105 gold (90)
– You can go back into the hoogs’s lair anytime now v0.3.1a
Content – Commnunity Event "The Rich Man" is available in the Inn of Basin. Go talk to him at his luxury suite on the right after having met the mayor in the main story – Added a Fame Pentagram in Kame Village (story advancing required) – Realm is back and can draw you a sketch at the beach of Basin when the port is free from creatures (saint and deviant sketch)
Bugs – The golden statue in the deep forest now teleport again to Masa Village after the temple – The forest shadows bug from the deep forest to the guilde hideout TP has been patched – The number of Master Points for Deviant has been set to 10 instead of 1 and the quest for 1st Ring can be finished – The Tame Pentagram in the hotsprings at night now works correctly – The image bug during H-Assault in the hotspring at night has been patched
Gameplay – The Custom event with the red slimes in Deep Forest is now a Flashback event and can be triggered after the temple – Avalanche skill now costs 45 TP and is active for 2 turns instead of 3 turns – Added paralyzed state on all enemies for Rain of Justice skill – Net is no more effective on Bosses and some H-Monsters – Body Drop does a little less damage – SideKick does a little more damage – Potion of confidence is now sold for 150 gold in item shop at Masa instead of 70 – Mental Herb recovers 10 MP instead of 8 – Mental Potion gives 20 MP instead of 15 – Lost Souls in the underworld had their hp reduced
Bonus – The option to submit in the fight against the big demon B. in ancient castle have new dialogs. v0.3.0
The main story continues with a brand new objective against the demons Full replayability with both SAINT and DEVIANT paths : each choice, scene, npc’s reactions are changing depending on Sylia’s destiny Hot hentai content : main forced theme as its best with brand new creatures but more, Consentual, Drug, Entity…and of course…TENTACLES ! A main quest and a big side quest World map, Sylia finally goes out from the village to explore An underworld map with a struggle between good and evil Side Quests, Pentagrams, twists in the story…and so more ! Custom Hentai scenes included ! Thanks to the people having ordered them and having decided to share them with you all ! v0.2.4
Here’s the changelog :
– Fixed the Avalanche bug making the player stuck with the Martial Artist
– Fixed the Save bug in the Tavern with the LumberJack Quest
– Fixed the Ogre Save Bug (need to be verified)
– Fixed the remaining picture in Claude’s roomTweaks :
– Orcs give now more experience (40 xp instead of 16 xp) and are weak in large group to Uppercut (stun)/ Charm (fascination) / Flashballs (Blind) / Thunder Balls (paralyze) but they are strong against fire (50 % less damage)
– Lonely orc and two orcs are weak against flashballs (more dmg) and thunderballs (paralyze) but cannot be charmed and are strong against fire
(50 % less damage)