Shades of Elysium [v1.6.2] [Khralzar]

Shades of Elysium [v1.6.2] [Khralzar] Shades of Elysium [v1.6.2] [Khralzar] Shades of Elysium [v1.6.2] [Khralzar] Shades of Elysium [v1.6.2] [Khralzar] Shades of Elysium [v1.6.2] [Khralzar]
Shades of Elysium (SoE) is an Anthro Adult RPG romance game, starting in an alternate modern world where player meets interesting characters with fetishes and backstories we can relate to. To name a few examples, a mysterious biker with a dark past that would come back to haunt him, a quirk wealthy young girl who lives alone in an inn with the fetish of voyeurism, a trouble scientist with his quest in forbidden science.​
Thread Updated: 2019-12-04
Release Date: 2019-12-01
Developer: Khralzar Patreon
Version: 1.6.2
Censored: No
OS: Windows (64bit)
Language: English
3D game, 3DCG, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Character creation, Animated, Footjob, Furry, Gay, Group sex, Monster, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Monster girl
#DirtyTalk Expansion (only applicable to Duke as of now)
-Added Speedbar (Submissive player will have to beg for speed changes), Stamina Gauge and Pleasure Gauges.
-Dominant npc will randomly speed up or slow down the pace
-Dirtytalks greatly affects the NPC pleasure build up, both positively and negatively.
-There will be climax animations, each for player and npc (currently with duke there’s only one shared across).
-There are different outcomes depending on your sex performance.
-as your level of affection progress with a npc, more dirtytalk option will be available. There are currently 3 tiers.
-NPC assertiveness rating affects how often dorm npc comply with player speed requests or would they politely ask for more rounds of sex.
-Sensitivity factors in how quickly player’s pleasure bar build up.
-Strength factors in stamina efficiency, speed of which stamina drains.
-Base Stamina drain rate varied depending on posture difficulty.
-Endurance and Lust affects how many times a player can cum during a session.
-The sex scene will exit upon player fully depleting their stamina or exhausting the number of climax at the time.
-Available stamina per session will be at the base of 20% of Player’s Max stamina. It can be increased with HP (up to 20% from Max HP) and Agility (up to 20% from Max Agility) with a total of 60% drawn from Max stamina.
-Future implementation will include having player being able to use custom pleas/climax/exhaustion lines during sex, with Intelligence affecitng the number of customizeable lines.#AlphaFitness Expansion
-2 unique encounterable receptionists, a gazelle and a cheetah
-Player can choose to lift weight, use a treadmill or join a yoga session to increase improve their strength, endurance and agility respectively.
-4 spying encounters in the locker room.
-Private shower and Communal shower available, at the right timing player could masturbate during private shower.
-Future implementation in this area will include getting to know more about Zoey and Dean and potentially dating them.
-Cheating…ahem I mean Debugtool is available for all. Simply press G while you’re in control of your character to use it.
-Added Sensitivity stat at default game start value of 50, currently you can’t fluctuate the value through any other means aside with the debug tool.
-added day version of Apartment interior
-added DirtyTalk system. (currently available only with Duke and Tabitha scenes as we have yet to write other interactions)
-added Buff/Debuff system.
-2 new sets of sex animations with Duke
-streamlined/created many new scripts nodes to allow a more complex character developments in the future in terms of writings.
-reworked stats systems and its calculations, includes delta stats.
-introduced 6 new characters in text form, with planned eventual visual representation according to priority.
-you may speed up the dialogue with either a mouse hold or spacebar
-fixed many bugs! they are super resilient and may need further verifications.
-Save/Load now has screenshot preview where it is last saved
-Dialogue System reworked to fit our narrative approach
-New save/load system (overhaul)
-Reworked the vendor system (for dev use)
-17 new icons replacing the old ones
-New cinematic event system
-9 new sets of sex animations with voiceover added. You can find 2 as male player, 7 as female player.
-Most but-not-all npcs will be available daily, for now.
apartment hallway
portal to outerland
herm option for Lupus
hemipenes option for Drac
– Added 3 new Areas. [Player’s Apartment] [Nightingale 2ndFloor] [Nightingale PoolArea]
– Added 17 new NPCs and their unique spawn routines.
– Added Time System that work with NPC (and future events).
– Added new HUD display on useful informations
– Added Inventory System
– System Added Shop (Buy only)
– Added 34 Items and its unique effects, and some for future application such as gifting etc.
– Added Storage System
– Overhaul / Added Stats System [Play a part in unlocking some scenes]
– Added the ability to Masturbate.
– 1 BJ animation loop
– Jump enabled.
– Added ‘randomize color button in Character Creation
– Sprint toggle enabled (Ctrl)
The new Character Creator is out!
Thank you all for sticking around and placing faith in what we do, you may now save/load your character permanently, extract or share them around. The .sav files are stored in
(C:// Users/User_Name/AppData/Local/CharacterCreator/Saved/SaveGames) the AppData folder is a hidden folder though. So you will have to turn on show hidden folders.Changelogs/PatchNotes-added race Male Drac
-added Save/Load Character Feature
-fixed a bug with palette not representing respective character’s color upon switches
-note that the current saves will likely not be compatible in the future versions as there will be more stuffs/customizations to be added, a thing to keep in mind.Press ‘F11’ to use Fullscreen mode
p/s: known bugs
– if cursor disappears after accessing to Menu Setting via ‘Esc’ or ‘Tab’, remember to use ‘Ok’ or ‘Cancel’
– press ‘F11’ twice to refresh border handler.This is just to show what we have been working on so far so if you’re not fond of half-assed work, then it is recommended to wait until we release the completed version in the future
G = DebugTool C = Player Stats I = Item inventory AWSD = for navigation Q & E = levitate up and down using free cam in mating scene Hold Shift = Sprint Mouse scroll = zoom / animation stages (during mating scene) 1 = Pin-up tease [female-only] E = interact Left Ctrl = Sprint Toggle alt + f4 = exit game esc/tab = game settings menu spacebar = jump / dialogue speed up / auto next dialogue if there’s only one option