rpgMIX [v0.1] [SaraKatka]

rpgMIX [v0.1] [SaraKatka] rpgMIX [v0.1] [SaraKatka] rpgMIX [v0.1] [SaraKatka]
I am making an eroRPG game (with RPG Maker MV), with a total roster of four characters. The game will feature a mixture of ideas, different characters (stolen from other fandoms) and unique storyline (with R-18 elements). Gameplaywise the game will be divided into days (general quests and events), and unique character-specific encounters. For example: Pugna can see lucid dreams. C.C. has mind control, and thus, can see events from a different perspective. These abilities will help her to solve a detective case.
Initially I wanted to make a comic, but in the middle writing the story, it became obvious that adapting it in a rpg would make much more sense. Like most games of its genre, the game will feature a lot of classic elements, as well as modern ones, like fourth wall breaking.
Characters’ routes will differ greatly. They will have different endings, diverse gameplay, and different point of view on the game’s plot. The whole game will be held in three zones: school of
magic (in which various creatures are taught wizardry, alchemy, summoning and other magic crap), the town (due to school’s defensive barrier and variety of goods from the town, this two radically different cultures can coexist) and the forest (a dark and scary place in which things can happen). Updated: 22/08/2018
Developer/Publisher: SaraKatka
Censorship: None
Version: 0.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
Monster girls, Magic, Mind control