Scarletryx 1 [MMO Surgeon]

Scarletryx 1 [MMO Surgeon] Scarletryx 1 [MMO Surgeon]
This is a simple, quick shooter where you kill zombies and mercenaries to unlock animations and simple sex scenes. The game is near impossible to finish, so there are two versions of the game. Normal and the other Unlocked (gives God Mode).​
Title: Scarletryx 1
Developer: MMO Surgeon Pateron, Youtube
Version: Complete
OS: Windows​Language: English
Genre: 3D, Animated, Female Protagonist, Shooter, Short Game, Beautiful Ass, Big Tits
Controls: See Video
Hide behind objects when shooting mercenaries, and sometimes just run to get ammo and it does not matter if you die as you just respawn. Just collect the DMF ammo which kills in one shot.