My Uncharted Adventure [v0.25] [Ikr]

My Uncharted Adventure [v0.25] [Ikr] My Uncharted Adventure [v0.25] [Ikr] My Uncharted Adventure [v0.25] [Ikr] My Uncharted Adventure [v0.25] [Ikr]
Remember, my child…Remember who you wish to be… The people to get fucked… are they your family… friends…colleagues…or bullies…Remember… who you are… : INFO Hey Lads, I’m developing an RPG styled modern day game as a hobby in Twine and HTML. It is based on a story I made in CHYOA in the following link. I wanted to switch here because creating on Twine was much easier for my game. Hope you would love it as well.
Thread Updated: 2019-12-13
Release Date: 2019-12-13
Developer: Ikr ChyoaDiscordPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.5 Stable Build
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Real porn, Male protagonist, Incest, Corruption, Voyeurism, MILF, Oral sex, Masturbation,Ntr(optional)Future tags: Sissification(late game), Ntr (netori(you are the bull), netorare(you are mostly not the bull)),
v0.2.5 Stable Build(2019-12-13)
Testing new UI elements Reconfigured the Time UI to be on top of the passage Added Footer to denote the end of the passage(3 stars) Removed Autoload Prompt. (Can be annoying at times) Added an alert system with appropriate hints New Inventory setup. Time skip in bathroom Content
Reworked Mom Bathroom, Bedroom (Morning) Content Switched all animated sequences to mp4 files. (Higher quality, Higher OOmpf, lower size) Story Progression to introduce corruption mechanics. Polished the story a bit as it was confusing. Bug Fixes
Fixed time issues for certain passages. Fixed conditions that prevented story progression DEV NOTE: So yeah, this is the stable build before I push out the actual planned content. Then why post this? There are huge changes that came along this patch, updated UI mechanics, New alert popups that would help you as you progress. It may seem diverted from the actual roadmap but it solidifies the foundation in the long run. So should you play it? If you want to see the updated voyeurism content then sure. The main reason why I pushed this out is that I want proper feedback on the path that I’m building and peeps in discord have gone AWOL since I posted the test HTML. Note that this game is still in Beta so if there’s close to no content I’m not gonna rip you off and demand money for such. As I said before, it is free for all. If you have any suggestions on it let me know. Note that this is slightly different from the discord patch that I released a few days ago and is not the same link. All previous links (excluding the discord one will be revoked. The high size is due to the mp4 files).
v0.2C BugFix(2019-10-17)
Content size doubled? Nope. It’s just that I used one high-quality gif But yes that makes few changes to the content in Pictures folder. I leave that to your pathfinding skills.
Fixed bug where the content was locked which also includes night events in bedrooms.
Fixed bug time inconsistencies for new content.
Updated table to include Bully content if you unlocked them.
Note: Bully content contains both type of ntr’s namely Netorare and Netori. So when you vote for this content you will definetely get accessed to such content.
DEV NOTE: There is one obligatory NTR(the former) scene which you can skip. It doesn’t completely avoid it but yes it is needed for the plot. So… that’s all?
v0.2C Public Test(2019-10-16)
Updated Table to include Gym Receptionist and Elder Sister
Added content in bathroom for Elder Sister
Modified Table code.
Updated Cock size while masturbating
Added Elder Sister Content as given in GroanR. More will be implemented in coming patches if voted on.
Added Twin Sister Content.
Introduced Bully Content
Added new Discord link
v0.2A Public Test(2019-10-06)
Counter cap made for skills(Train your skills wisely)
New Images for Bookshelf and Porn Section
Modified Porn section to be repeated.
Added content on Strip Club
Introduced new (existing)characters
Added a computer for porn content(no relevance to current game)
Changed the actresses for Twin and Elder Sister
Added content for Elder Sister
Updated UI to have time and date apart from PhoneDev Note: Sorry for the small update. Working Solo is tough but I’ll do my best to push the content out. The vote will begin after 0.2C rather than 0.2A
v0.2 Official Build(2019-09-13)
Created Outside framework
Base Code Rework
UI Change
Added Gym Passages
Added Mall, Park, Beach
Added Strip Club Passage
Tweaked Gym Money
Basic Money System
v0.1D-Test Build(2019-07-08)
Major UI Improvements
Basic Inventory System
Cleared Minor Bugs
Modified Quest system
Gallery Introduced(Though not implemented)
Removed History Controls (Caused problems in UI)
v0.1-Official (2019-07-04)
Polished System mechanics
Introduced autosaves and navigation system(very basic)
Updated Roadmap
Updated build to Official
v0.1-Public Playtest (2019-07-03)
Changed codebase to facilitate future codes
Added phone features
Pictures/gifs are now offline
Polished Mom’s Questline till event lock
New Character Content.
Demo v2 (2019-07-02)
Updated Demo.
Completed Mother’s side until quest lock.
Hidden Character’s Present.
Table updated.
New sleep cycle. (Just give it a try and let me know )
Demo (2019-07-01)
Implemented Framework
Will focus on content filling
Mom Bathroom scenes are halfway implemented
Starting Version
Porting all possible stories in this patch
No content so far.
Developer Notes:
RoadMap for 0.3: Content: Noelle’s Other Events Riley Content Bully Content Arc 1 and End of Arc 1 content (WiP) Rebuild Mom Content(As per vote) Gameplay: Polish the game Convert GIFs to medium quality webm format (Involves more animations) Rewrite/Modify the UI Tab/Change Game UI (Working on it) Incorporate Quests on Phone as well(like a journal) Modify Table and GroanR(Quality of Code) Clean up Code(I’m a bad programmer…so…) Modify Online Store(WebBrowser) Framework Create Job-Related events – Improve Money System General: Create Social Buttons Create Proper Logo Work on bug-fixes