Sarah of the Rotation Cut [v2.3.2] [HO Works]

Sarah of the Rotation Cut [v2.3.2] [HO Works] Sarah of the Rotation Cut [v2.3.2] [HO Works] Sarah of the Rotation Cut [v2.3.2] [HO Works]
Story: Sayla goes to war while protecting her friends.
Fan Translated by kR1pt0n1t3
Thread Updated: 2020-02-25
Release Date: 2015-05-25
Developer: HO Works – DLsite Website
Censored: Yes/Mosaics
Version: 2.2.1 Game Ver, 2.3.2 Translation Ver
OS: Windows
Language: English (Translated)
Translator: kR1pt0n1t3
2dcg, 2d game, Animated, Big tits, Japanese game, Vaginal sex, Teasing, Female protagonist, Oral sex, Handjob, Titfuck, Groping, Sex toys, Turn based combat, Corruption, Internal view, Creampie, Fantasy, Pregnancy
Initial Release
Translator Notes:
: FAQ Q: Why did I translate this game?
A: Some people know this, but for a couple of years the only thing I’ve ever been doing is partial translations of various games. After playing this game, I was so impressed by the way the game and the scenes were made that I’ve decided to make a full translation of the game. After translating the second game which is smaller than this and to this day remains unfinished, I’ve moved on to translating this game. While I did the translation, I fixed the bugs I knew off and I got very familiar with the scene system of this game. To this day this remains the best H-RPG Maker game I’ve ever played. If you found this game as good as I have, please show your support for the author. This might jolt him a bit and motivate him to finish the second game.Q: Did you change anything from the original game?
A: Yes and no. Event and story side stuff were not changed, but a lot of the graphical stuff, windows, menus and other small stuff were changed/adjusted to fit the English text better. Some things like level, class among others were removed because they serve no purpose in this game. I kept a detailed changelog of all the things I changed, but after it grew more than one A4 page long I just stopped keeping track.Q: My game is crashing?
A: The game is known to crash sometimes without any warning. Just start the game and continue to play. Sometimes when you try to load a game file you might get an error about something with time. Just start the game again and continue. Save often. Overusing the Q button to skip the text and using F12 to load the game might also sometimes crash the game.Q: I’m stuck!
A: There were few parts of the game where you could get soft stuck but I fixed all the ones I found and others reported. There is also a probability you’re stuck because you didn’t advance some of the scenes to a certain point. The only way to know for sure if you’re missing some scenes is to try to trigger them again. If you get a message that asks you if you want to skip a scene then you know you’re at the end. If you try to enter your home you’ll later in the game get a hint with whom you need to advance the scenes to advance the game.Q: I found some scene(line) that is not translated.
A: Report it to me and I’ll translate it. The same goes for grammar mistakes.Q: As I start the game there is no text. Why?
A: This game requires you to use a Japanese locale. You can either do this or you can google on how to change windows locale to Japanese. Either way, using a Japanese locale is a must if you want to play this game without any crashes and errors. Check inside game.ini that there is "library =RGSS104J.dll". At lastly, install RTP STANDARD Japanese if you don’t have it already. The link for it is posted above the FAQ.Q: How do I apply translation?
A: You don’t. This is a standalone version, you just