Bounty [Alpha v5.4] [Captain of the Guard]

Bounty [Alpha v5.4] [Captain of the Guard] Bounty [Alpha v5.4] [Captain of the Guard] Bounty [Alpha v5.4] [Captain of the Guard] Bounty [Alpha v5.4] [Captain of the Guard]
Bounty is a free text-based rogue-like about a desperate fugitive escaping from their country after a corrupt politician placed a bounty on her head.​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-17
Release Date: 2016-04-01
Developer: Captain of the Guard PatreonBlog
Censored: No
Version: Alpha 5.4
OS: Windows
Language: English
Text based, Female protagonist, Fantasy, Rape, Prostitution, Oral sex, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Handjob, Titfuck, Footjob, Creampie, Monster girl, Management, Pregnancy**Ending only
Alpha v5.4
Racial icons have had their racial features increased in contrast and will probably be modified again in the future Fixed crash occurring in foreign settlement and barbarian camp equipment shops Locations in advanced settlements should now properly warn you when an action will break the rules you’ve set
Alpha v5.3
Fixed a crash that occurred after the daily preparations screen whenever mood is 0
Alpha v5.2
Fixed the Stretchy Body flavor text, which was being swapped with the default text for being roughed up Fixed a glitch causing some of the new flavor text to not appear
Alpha v5.1
New saved games can now be created
Alpha v5
New Additions:
Fame system implemented Renown increases client base Value increases pay earned during encounters Allure slightly increases negotiation Options menu given a set of buttons to spend fame points The six advanced settlements intended to be released in the previous update are now available and are 99.99% guaranteed to not cause any crashes They still haven’t undergone the testing that the previous settlements have, so please report any abnormalities Additional text has been added to encounters Text has been added to the character creation screens explaining races and sub-races Encounter races are now functional You can see what a settlement’s population is when you look at the travel options Loading an old save will automatically set your current settlement and all current travel locations to human settlements Added the Xenophobic perk, exclusive to mountain dwarves, to reflect their issues working with other races, which reduces the pay you earn within non-dwarven settlements by 10% This is additive with your rules for price, reducing the cheap option to 70%, and the expensive option to 110% Added the Fae perk, which is to be used to alter future encounters as the fae halfling and the wild elf One of these events involves the fairies in the enclave, who serve no purpose until alternate scenes are added Added the Recruit perk, which can be earned by training at the barracks This perk was known earlier in production as Fencer and has since been renamed Added a temporary data block on the data screen to give an idea of what saved games are there until I finish the journal feature Added new items across various stores, including scented candle, elven cloak, silken sheets, perfume, and tonic. Scented candles and silken sheets can improve your mood daily, but are costly and only improve in small amounts Elven cloak decreases the chance you will encounter a bounty hunter while they are in a town, but does not stack with the black goblin bonus Perfume is automatically used once per day in order to increase your client count Tonic can be manually consumed to guarantee maximum affliction recovery whenever your day begins (similar effect to temple divine healing) Added the credits button to the title screen along with a simple credits screen, which includes two tiers of supporters – any supporters who have contributed $10 in one month, and all project supporters who have donated at least $10 throughout the project’s life If you support the project but either don’t want your name listed, or want a different name listed, please message me either on Patreon using the account you pledged with, or send me an e-mail from the address you donated from Going forward, the credits will only be updated at the end of each month
Balance Changes:
It’s now slightly easier to shake off afflictions Divine healing at the temple now provides a bonus chance to removing afflictions Vaginal and anal are now innately worth 20% more than previously in order to make them more attractive options considering the additional risks involved Resetting potential travel locations now costs more each time you do it The cost resets to default after the day ends There are now diminishing returns on time gained when traveling with 10 or more days left before bounty hunters arrive Relief Girl has been entirely reworked, granting a small fame bonus when you enter a new settlement, but has a lower travel discount Using your action for the day to visit one of the locations now prevents you from traveling until the next day
Bug Fixes:
Loading games deleting sub-races The way perks were handled has been completely remade from scratch, fixing a huge number of perks not functioning as intended and is fairly extensive, since I repeatedly tested every single perk during this Healthy now properly increases the health modifier Immunity now properly reduces damage taken Perks that give multipliers should be more accurate Basically every perk should work as intended right now Except Party Girl, because groups don’t approach yet Crash that occured while sometimes loading games Error that made the game unplayable on some systems Error that caused severe graphical glitches on some systems Error that prevented the browser version from loading in some browsers The browser version has been tested with Chrome and Firefox, but should work with any HTML5-compatible browser Crash that occured when the browser version tried to do math The default race is now human and the default sub-race is the first sub-race of each race Disabled loading game slots when there is no saved data in those slots Changed the debug mode key away from Alt Fixed alignment of certain portions of the status screen Fixed more text running off of the screen If you find any more, please let me know which screen the text is running over on I’ve also included a ‘Text’ option in the bug report form, if anyone prefers to use that Fixed the buckler only working in certain types of encounters To clarify, the buckler should always reduce the amount of damage you take in combat by 1 Travel button no longer disappears, but will still be locked if you’ve been captured by slavers and haven’t purchased your freedom yet, or if you have already used your daily action