Plum Tea [SaintxTail]

Plum Tea [SaintxTail] Plum Tea [SaintxTail] Plum Tea [SaintxTail] Plum Tea [SaintxTail] Plum Tea [SaintxTail]
You play as a senior high-school girl who moves into a new school to complete her final semester. She’s not a futa herself and has never met one, so curiosity and romance quickly ensues when encounters one of the few futa girls in her class. Will she take the romance slow or just get straight to juicy bits.​Original Title: Plum Tea
Year: 2016-05-19
Developer: SaintxTail
Publisher: SaintxTail
Language: English
Voice: No
Censored: No
High Sexual Content – Futanari Heroine – Nukige – Rape – Female Protagonist – Avoidable Netorare – Sex Involving Prostitution – Bukkake – Group Sex of Multiple Females and Males – Sex in Public Places – Yuri NTR – Pregnant Sex – Excessive Semen – Heroine with Sexual Experience – Heroine with Glasses – Early Sexual Content – Inflation – Transsexual Heroine – Internal Exhibition of Sex – Group Sex of Several Females – Homosexual Protagonist – Group Sex of One Female and Several Males – Protagonist with Sexual Experience – High School Student Protagonist – Student Heroine – Dildos – Girls Love Only
1. Extract and run.