Planet eXXXpress [v0.21] [BannedBo]

Planet eXXXpress [v0.21] [BannedBo] Planet eXXXpress [v0.21] [BannedBo] Planet eXXXpress [v0.21] [BannedBo] Planet eXXXpress [v0.21] [BannedBo]
Corruption of characters. Either through blackmail, obedience, convincing, or force.
Futurama story-driven & adult Trainer game based on a fan-parody. Engage characters in sexual misdeeds while having the ability to go through the Planet Express Building as their new leader guiding them to success or failure. Game mechanics include: Nude scenes, sex scenes, Dress-up characters, develop relationships with them as you go through their story, Training employees to do your sexual desires, find secret scenes & items, minor business simulation game, shop for deprived items, animations and more.​
Updated: 31/12-2017
Developer/Publisher: BannedBo
Censorship: No
Version: 0.21
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Futurama, Parody, CorruptionInstallation:
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "FuturamaEXXXpress0v21.exe" to start playing.
: v0.2 Patrons Only: The Extras option is open in the Main Menu. You can view it using the code "cookiecutter". This menu includes HD scene drafts I have never released anywhere, sex scene ideas/drafts or other fun things (like minigames) that I can think of. Everything here is at a ‘testing’ phase or just drafted. I tried to include as much as I could and I’m sure the list will grow, and even now its not everything I have. I think you’ll like it.Game:Day & night Cycles: Time now passes in the world. A half day is 300 seconds (Meaning Daylight is 5 minutes, and night-time is 5 minutes). Different events can (or should I say will) be triggered depending on the time of day. Delivery System: You can now send your crew out for deliveries. Whenever you click the ship, you will have the option to send the ship and 2-3 crew members to make a delivery. Delivery System Crew: When picking a crew for delivery, be careful on who you choose. Each character will have different affects on how the delivery turns out. You can view how these characters affected your chances in the difficulty screen. If you don’t like your choice, you can always go back and pick a different crew. (These traits will be better defined in the future). Delivery System Difficulty: Here you can view your chances of success, chances of failure, and what you will gain/lose from a successful or failed delivery.Delivery System Tips/Questions: Leela is there to answer any more in-depth questions about how the deliveries work. New Top Bar Menu: Redesigned the top-menu items. You can now clearly see your cash, time of day (day/night), if a delivery is in progress, or other useful info. Clicking on quests will soon give you details on what you’ve unlocked and keep track of how far you are in the game. The quest system is currently in development.New Prologue Story: I’ll let you discover it on your own. (Hint, it starts as soon as the game starts)Currency: Updated/Adjusted the currency in the game. You start out with $650. Wages: At the end of the 5th day, you will have to pay $1,000 per employee. That is $5,000 currently. For this build, there is no fail-state and you can go into negatives. But you shouldn’t because its easy.Background & Objects Art:A lot of work has gone into finishing & polishing the Shiproom, Lounge, and Outside building. Along with that, A LOT of new interactable clickable objects (That don’t look like shit…) have been added. Currently, not all interactable objects have a purpose but they definitely will be useful in the future! If you wish to know how much work has gone into these, you can view the progress on the devlogs and sneak peeks available to patrons.Outside Building: Design update & new 5 Clickable objects. Changes look depending on time of day.Lounge: Design update & new 5 Clickable Objects. Changes look depending on time of day.Hangar(ShipRoom): Design update & 7 new clickable objects.New Area: You can get to this area from the Outside Building View (bottom left corner). 3 new Interactables.GuestRoom: No updatesRoulette Room: No Updates.CharactersHave added quite a few new characters locations/positions in the world. This should make the areas feel more alive. I have mainly focused on the Lounge but more will come soon.Hermes: 1 Character positionsBender: 3 Character positionsLeela: 5 Character positions.Amy: 7 Character positions. 1 New Sex Scene. (Has multiple possible paths). To see it she must be in a specific character position. To be able to advance into different stages (3 stages) you have to talk to her. It is possible to see everything on the first go through, but more possible to miss some things & even fail (You can try again indefinitely, so don’t worry and have fun with it). In the end, it all will lead to the same goal, which is impossible to miss. As usual this is ongoing work and not final. (Note: This scene was created before updating the protagonist, so it will need to be modified… You’ll see what I mean… )Fry: 2 Character positionsZoidberg: 3 Character positionsMoreDialogue Changes: Each character now has a distinct dialogue color/view. That way you always know who is speaking. The color is usually their favorite color .New Protagonist: The main character has been altered (There really wasn’t one before). I’ll let you discover who it is.TV: The TV now plays everyone’s favorite channel.Shortcuts: Press Shift to Hide Dialogue or Menu Choices. (incase they are in the way of something you want to see). Press Ctrl to skip dialogue.Music/Radio: Got some new tunes for you all. Hopefully you enjoy the default song, but you can always change it by buying new songs. My Personal favorite is #4. Shop: You upgrade your clock! Speed up or slow down time…for the right price. And you can also buy nice music, your bound to like one right?.Even More: There’s a lot I’m forgetting.