Paraworld Heroes [End of Arc Pt. 2] [Pervy Fantasy Productions]

Paraworld Heroes [End of Arc Pt. 2] [Pervy Fantasy Productions] Paraworld Heroes [End of Arc Pt. 2] [Pervy Fantasy Productions]
Eric and his friends will take a new journey to another world. In this world, that is influenced by Fate, we will follow Gilles as he succeeds in turning Arutoria Pendragon into his beloved Jeanne. With her at his side, there was no one to stop him from winning the Holy Grail, using his wish to return together with ‘Jeanne’ to their France. There three girls will become his next victims that will ultimately be the trigger for our heroes to enter this world.You will be able to play as the three girls and try to resist both of them, but there won’t be a good end for these poor little souls. They will need to fall victim to their curse and become their newest allies.​
Thread Updated: 2020-01-12
Release Date: 2019-12-08
Developer: Pervy Fantasy Productions PatreonBlogsspotDiscord
Censored: No
Version: End of Arc Part 2
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, Male protagonist, RPG, Adventure, Fantasy, Combat, Turn based combat, Corruption, Slave, Tentacles
End of Arc Part 2
– With this update you will be able to play the last two maps. One map with Jeanne and her girls, fighting to make you hers.
– And the final map where you face Gilles and his evil Minions. Will you be able to rescue france and return to your home world, or will you surrender to your desires, give in and become one of his new slaves? (Bad end!)
The Journey Begins
In this newest patch I created the base for the future of this second Arc.
You will be able to advance the "Purification Ritual" map the normal way, by reaching the inner part of the map.(Included a save file with Helena just before the room, so you can easily advande from there)
In the base there are currently three little Talk events to enjoy, as well as one quest map.
The main story currently ends with you reaching the base.
In the quest map you can make one of your chars lose or get entangled in the tentacles.
They will then be captured and you will need to save them.
New quests for saving the for the captured characters will appear
With every map completed their brainwashing will advance, making it harder and harder to save them. On the capture maps themselves, they too will slowly be brainwashed, let’s hope you can save them… I guess?
Currently Saya, Francious and Gudako can be enslaved, brainwashing and capture-enslavement for other characters is coming soon!