Enchanted [v0.1.4.8] [January Night]

Enchanted [v0.1.4.8] [January Night] Enchanted [v0.1.4.8] [January Night] Enchanted [v0.1.4.8] [January Night] Enchanted [v0.1.4.8] [January Night] Enchanted [v0.1.4.8] [January Night] Enchanted [v0.1.4.8] [January Night] Enchanted [v0.1.4.8] [January Night]
is an adult browser game where the main hero has to move to his relatives – his aunt and her two daughters. The outcome of this adventure depends on the player. Many types of fetishes and different storylines are planned to be realised. You can play either male or female. You can choose a backstory of your character that slightly affects your relationships with others. You can also pick your level of dominance, defining the plot of the game.​
Thread Updated: 2020-04-24
Release Date: 2020-04-12
Developer: January Night PatreonTFGameSite
Censorship: No
OS: Win, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Real Porn, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Toys, Corruption, Transformation, Futa/Shemale, animated, character creation, milf, incest, simulator
– aunt: new sex options for the Spell of Suggestion: kiss, jerk off, suck cock, titjob, footjob, deepthroat, cum
– Spell of Proud now has a chance to transform a clit into a cock
– fixed autosaving
– clothing system improvements: possibility to choose outfits for definite days of week, save outfits and quickly change them
– new content in the Red Light District: a fortune teller that sells prophecies (one prophecy is available: BDSM-scene with domination, humiliation, pegging content)
– new older cousin task: take a walk
– new scene during helping older cousin in the morning – foot massage v0.1.4.7
– five new scenes (instructed to shave, shaving lead up, first time shaver, next morning after shaving, aunt’s punishment): the first is peeping on aunt and task to shave the pussy (check aunt’s room door after 22:00), then follow the plot
– elder cousin’s punishment scene (just talk to her in the morning, requires happened aunt bedroom fucking and Vishuddha hypnotherapy stage 3)
– fixed the bug during younger cousin’s fastfood date v. (13 February)
– new scenes with Abella: straight, cuckold and lesbian content
– Shuri’s aunt spanking scene (requires start of the sissy story and at least three days of skipped work, just talk to the aunt after that)
– redesigned messages
– Ash home event (by Kaa)
– sissy: aunt invite to uni scene (by Kaa), conditions: aunt wake up event, cock less 10 cm, wearing panties
– aunt gallery date
– new sissy task: buying high heels + a short scene in the women’s clothing store (by Brimskull)
– choice of flats and high heels is extended up to 50v. (24 November)
– new stats for the cheat menu: feminization, dominance-submission, masculinity-feminity
– new elder cousin talk options
– new tasks: train walking on heels and applying makeup (requires younger cousins’s makeup lesson)
– panties hypnosis stage 2 (available after several days after the first stage) written by Shuri
– new side story: visit Men’s Toilet in the Shopping Center to meet Ash written by Kaa
– event during dinner time (requires waxed legs) written by Brimskull
– Aunt’s invite to university scene – just talk to her when she’s at her room (requires cock less than 10 cm, wearing female underwear, happened aunt’s morning event with panties) written by Kaa
– fixed aunt cafe and younger cousin’s park date ty Zero, hoben222, Kate, Canon Based Pepe, Jason, Spike, Givin, Dasher and all others
– fixed choosing player’s gender with turned off imagesv. (10 November)
– new 50 slutty panties in the sexshop
– added autosaving (during sleep)
– a new tremendous panties event (available after buying a blouse and a skirt, gets activated during dinner on Friday/Saturday and requires to be at home next day) written by Kaa
– a new panties hypnotherapy written by Shuri
– a new anal hypnotherapy
– intro scene for a new character from the nightclub – Abella Danger (after 5-6 days since the start of the game talk to the older cousin, she will invite you to the nightclub)
– new porn genres: rimming, spanking, gay, bisexual, pregnant, MILF. Images for rimming and spanking depend on player’s dominance and sexual orientation
– learning Latin on your own now takes time ty Wubbyv. (12 October)
– 5 sissy visions (available after watching the third stage of the hypnotherapy)
– changed concept of the sissy hypnotherapy, a little addition to the introductive scene
– new stage of the bimbo hypnotherapy
– new clothing clot: sleepwear, male pajamas were added to the men clothing store
– new character in the Red Light District – Colby Keller (gay sex only)
– bad ending of ‘Credit of Trust’ quest is temporarily disabled
– bug fixesv. 0.1.4 (1 October)
– Stats page has been updated: opening new possibilities will be implemented in the next update
– basic fight system has been added to the game
– quest ‘Learning to fight’ has been renamed to ‘Call to Arms’ and finished: new combat skills, scenes with the demon butler, a test fight with a slave plus two more slaves and one mini-boss
– Fitness Center received options to train combat skills
– a new forced sissification scene: older cousin forces the main hero to polish her nails and then gives the task to do the same for himself
– beauty salon now offers to apply nail polish, too
– aunt’s cafe date is finished
– aunt and cousins rooms now have 30+ new items overall0.1.3.9 (29 August)
– new forced sissification event – available after buying bra, be in your room when the elder cousin returns home from shopping
– Shavification quest received a few new tasks that lead to permanent hair removal. To receive a new task, wait until your hair grows back and show it to the elder cousin
– new therapy talk with the younger cousin about the chastity key
– Main story: introduction of ‘Learning to Fight’ quest with the butler
– new talk options and a date in a fastfood restaurant (includes a short psychological test) with the younger cousin
– Bimbo: introduction scene with the future boyfriend, allows to choose his appearance
– new interactions with the gloryhole in the mall men toilet, there are four cases: empty, mouth, big white cock, big black cock, includes a bit of gay content, too
– Red Light District: new sex actions with Venus Lux for trans characters
– bug fixing: maid massage, elder cousin’s undefined status, double phone messages at the game start, the park date completion mark, repeatable chastity buying event0.1.3.8 (12 August)
– new elder cousin’s tasks: buy a bra and ass training
– new Spell: Spell of Limpness (converts a cock into a clit if possible. Cock should be less than 7 cm. The clit size depends on the cock size.)
– younger cousin’s forced sissification event: talk to her after the second hypnotherapy session
– elder cousin’s gym event: available for female and trans characters, becomes available for a sissy character after getting the ass training task (should have at least 1 point of eager sissification)
– bimbo: hypnotherapy stage 1
– dom: date in the park with the younger cousin
– Red Light District: scenes with a new character – Venus Lux (transgender) (22 July)
– sissy: hypnotherapy stage 3 was added
– forced sissification event (to activate, choose ‘elder cousin forced…’ when aunt comes at morning. Then go to room after some time, the elder cousin will come to punish you )
eager sissification event (when aunt catches the main hero sleeping in girls underwear, choose ‘I was curious’ option. The aunt will come to your room later)
– new sissy tasks: body waxing and voice training
– bimbo: introductive hypnotherapy
– the maid can give the main hero a massage now
– fixed the bugs with showing flats and other minor improvements0.1.3.6 (11 July)
– custom start back-end reworked: checkboxes instead of links with page refreshing
– lifehack: ‘learn all the spells’ button was added
– added new aunt replies for teaching her spells
– added a new sucking competition scene
– aunt and younger cousin react if the main hero wears female clothing (works for blouses, skirts, socks, yoga pants, heels and flats)
– a new setting: player’s text color can be changed depending on feminity/masculinity
– Spell of Softness and Spell of Hardness change player’s portrait (at the moment works only for the first four male archetypes) ty Kellianne
– minor bug fixes0.1.3.5 (1 July)- quality of some texts has been improved ty Buckler
– custom start now allows to pick answers to aunt’s questions and get straight to the room
– slavery: Master’s Book received the basic layout
– added reactions for teaching spells the demon aunt (Transfusion, Excitement, Revelation, Suggestion)
– added a little task within ‘Credit of Trust’ quest
– new Suggestion option for the aunt
– added the first part of the cafe date with the aunt
– a new hypnotherapy scene with cock sucking inductions
– sissy: locking up in chastity event (visit the elder cousin’s room after being confined the first time, search for her smartphone
– latin lessons level 2
– applying makeup: blusher, eye shadows, eyelashes, eye liner, lips
– lesbian scenes with Jessica in the Red Light District
– bimbo: a new lesson
– fixed wrong alignment of items ty jonny8bit
– fixed wrong image path for the Spell of Excitement ty jonny8bitFor older changelogs please see the Changelog page on tfgamessite