Paizuri University [v1.1.0] [Zuripai Games]

Paizuri University [v1.1.0] [Zuripai Games] Paizuri University [v1.1.0] [Zuripai Games] Paizuri University [v1.1.0] [Zuripai Games]
Paizuri University is a comedic hentai story about the life of Bill, a photography student at Oat Pi University. And Kareen, a pink haired cutey with a not so secret wild side. Follow them as they get caught up in lewd situations involving hot teachers, students, melons and inanimate objects!!!​
Thread Updated: 2019-09-02
Release Date: 2019-08-04
Developer: Zuripai Games
Censorship: No
Version: 1.1.0
OS: Windows/Mac/Linux
Language: English
Big Boobs, Animation, Boobjob, School, Male Protagonist, Fruit Fucking
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Paizuri University[…].exe" to start playing.
Change Log:
Paizuri University v1.1.0~!!!
We’ve updated the public version of Paizuri University… again~!!!
So what’s different this time?
Everything is now unlockable, including all previously Patron only bonus scenes and images.
Now you can experience some of the side stories that happen at the same time as Bill and Kareen’s lewd adventures. Yay~!!
It also comes with a few bug fixes.v1.0.2
It’s finally here!
The final version of Paizuri University is now available to public, letting y’all play the whole thing from start to finish~!!!
Thank you to everyone who has helped make Paizuri University possible. We couldn’t have come this far without you~!
We hope y’all enjoy!
And if you can, join us on Patreon by following, commenting or becoming a Patron to see what we get up to next! : 0.4 0.4.7
Stripped Adventure mode features completely as per new plans. Added and rewrote Summer’s Cookies introduction into Chapter 1. Added and rewrote Ghost’s In the Kitchen into Chapter 3. Accessible through new dialogue option when first entering in the Haunted Building. Fixed Door Mini-game to display the correct number of attempts and have a few more chances. More awesome Jug Patrons have been added to the credits! Updated Gallery to reflect new changes. Updated H-Scene – Kareen Dessert Updated H-Scene – Wet Summer Updated H-Scene – Summer Hides Updated H-Scene – Night Class Updated Avatar – Summer Minor Grammar and spelling tweaks. 0.4.6
New Bonus Story unlocked through Chapter 4, “Wet Summer” New H-Cutscene – Kareen’s Frustration, with Sounds. New H-Scene – Summer Hides (Concept WIP) New H-Scene – Wet Summer (Concept WIP) Updated H-Scene – Leena’s Cumsplosion Updated H-Scene – Trojan Paizuri Updated CG – K***** & B*** Kiss. Updated CG – Evelyn’s Terror Updated CG – Desk Bill Updated CG – Evelyn & Diana’s Revenge Updated CG – Kareen Stuffed Updated save game titles to display better titles. Dialogue grammar and spelling tweaks. Minor bug fixes. Engine
Fixed issue with Save games not loading correctly if a thumbnail fails to load. Fixed issue with being able to click buttons when displaying images in the gallery. Fixed potential crash when a character emotion is missing. 0.4.4
New Bonus Scene – The Thelareen Scandal~! New H-Scene – Thelareen’s Frustration (WIP) New CG – Feeding Musashi (WIP) New Character Avatars – Summer (Knight) New BGM for latest bonus scene. Update Character Avatars – Summer (Dress) Updated H-Scene – Kareen & Leena Paizuri. Updated H-Scene – Kareen’s Frustration Updated H-Scene – Drunk Paizuri Updated H-Scene – Desk Bill Updated H-Scene – Leena’s Cumsplosion. Updated CG – K*****n K**s Updated CG – Evelyn’s Rampage Updated CG – Evelyn’s Terror Updated CG – E***** & K***** Kiss Updated CG – Kareen’s Defense. New Background – Backstage New Popup – S****-******s Plan. (WIP) Gallery Updated with latest art and bonus scene. Grammar and spelling tweaks. Minor bug fixes. Engine
Minor Build improvements. Other Stuff
Zuri Sama has also recently started work on upgrading the Zurizuri Engine. Though these changes won’t be in Paizuri University, they will be laying down the groundwork for what we’ll be moving onto once Paizuri University finishes!0.4.2
The writing for the main complete story of Paizuri University is complete~!!! New Dialogue Scenes – Chapter 4 – Act 3 (Complete) New Dialogue Scenes – The Epilogue – A Night to Remember, includes 2 endings! (Complete) Updated H-Scene – Leena & Kareen Paizuri (Color WIP) Updated H-Scene – Leena’s Cumplosion (Color WIP) New H-Scene – Kareen’s Dessert (Sketch) New H-Scene – Diana’s Night Class (Sketch) New H-Scene – Wrestling Yum Guay (Sketch) New H-Scene – Kareen & Bill *** (Sketch) New H-Scene – Trojan Horse (Sketch) Updated CG – Kareen Knockout (Color) Updated CG – Kareen in the Grass (Color) Updated CG – Bill & Kareen L*** & K*** (Color WIP) Updated CG – Evelyn & Kareen Kiss (Color WIP) Updated CG – Bandaged Bill (Color) New CG – Sleepy Kareen (Sketch) New CG – Kareen & Bill ****** (Sketch) New CG – Movie Night (Sketch) New CG – Hungry Kareen (Sketch) Gallery Updated with all the latest scenes. New Music for the latest scenes! New Sounds in Dialogue. Grammar and spelling tweaks here and there. Updated the Paizuri University – Quick Guide Engine
Improvements to Sound Playing. Minor Build improvements. So what’s new in Paizuri University v0.4.0?
New “Paizuri University – Quick Guide” for those hard to unlock story and gallery images in Chapter 4. Updated H-Scene – Bourbon Babes (x2) (Completed) Updated Cutscene – Thelareen Paizuri (Completed) New H-Scene – Drunk Paizuri (WIP) New H-Scene – Leena’s Cum-splosion (WIP) New H-Scene – Evelyn’s Rampage (WIP) New Background – Kareen Laying (WIP) New Background – * * (WIP) New Background – Kareen’s Defense (WIP) New Background – Kareen ** (WIP) New Background – * * Kiss (WIP) New Background – Desk Bill (WIP) New Background – Evelyn’s Terror (WIP) New Background – Hospital ** (WIP) Updated Frame – Kareen Scared (Complete) New Dialogue Scenes – Chapter 4 Act 1 (Complete) New Dialogue Scenes – Chapter 4 Act 2 (Complete) New “Bad End”… *gasp* Gallery Updated with latest scenes. New Background Music x2 Background Music Quality has been improved greatly. Fixed bug with Thelareen disappearing in the middle of dialogue. Minor dialogue grammar and spelling tweaks. Engine
Improved Build Management – for optimized and organized versioning for distribution. (WIP) Updated Z-Script analyzer – Now checks for Gallery Unlocks. Bug – Fixed issue with Character Avatars animating color tint. Bug – Fixed issue with Character Avatars that have effects applied not showing correctly. A bunch of little code fixes and optimizations
: 0.3 0.3.9
New Cutscene – S******s Blow Job in Musashi In Trouble. (incl Sounds) New Background Art – Haunted Building Interior New Scene (Chapter 3) – Cosplay Search (WIP) New Character Avatar – Tiffany Character Avatar New Innuendo Filter – Computers. Slap that hard drive between those monitors yo! New BGM for Haunted Building Updated Prologue – Kareen Paizuri. (WIP) Updated Cutscene – Kareen Cowgirl now with sounds Updated Kareen Reveal to a Feature Frame with animated effects. Updated Craymer Yell Feature Frame. Sound adjustment pass. General dialogue and grammar tweaks. Chapter 2 is finished~! Engine
Feature Frames can now be controlled like a cutscene. Improved support for Effects. Added Dissolve Effects for 2D Sprites. Added Shock Anime Line Effect More little bug fixes. 0.3.2Game
New Chapter 3 Scenes (WIP). Your choice with Diana has an affect on the latest scene. Chapter 3’s draft is very close to being finished too! New Frame – Added Mr Craymer Yell Frame to Chapter 1 New Frame – Added Kareen Panty Flash Frame to Prologue Updated Innuendo Filter – Lets Player filter has been updated. Updated Innuendo Filter – Fruits and Vegetable filter as been updated. Updated Innuendo Filter – Parkour filter (WIP) Added tooltips to gallery. Updated H-Scene – Kareen Reveal (Colored) Updated H-Scene – Musashi Surprise art (Colored) Updated H-Scene – Updated Musashi Tease (Colored) Updated H-Scene – Updated Succubus Seduction (Colored) Added Scene – Wrestling Girls (WIP) Added H-Scene – Evelyn Overwhelmed (WIP) Updated Gallery – Organized and added Concept Art tab to “Extras”. You can now view some of the art before it became animated. Updated Adventure Mode – Juliet’s Area and the Computer Lab have been replaced with manageable 2D areas (WIP). New Mini-Game – Door Penetration (WIP – Not Yet Available) Rewrote a few dialogue sections and tweaked their grammar. Optimization to keep