Due Process [v0.3.6.0] [kivik]

Due Process [v0.3.6.0] [kivik] Due Process [v0.3.6.0] [kivik] Due Process [v0.3.6.0] [kivik] Due Process [v0.3.6.0] [kivik] Due Process [v0.3.6.0] [kivik] Due Process [v0.3.6.0] [kivik] Due Process [v0.3.6.0] [kivik] Due Process [v0.3.6.0] [kivik]
Game Concept & Premise:

On the surface, you are running a research facility where you pay volunteers to take part in long-term studies. In reality, you are using the facility to slowly brainwash your volunteers into submission.
You will be responsible for planning the schedule of tasks and corresponding meals for the volunteers should they perform the task. These tasks will all have an effect on your volunteers, slowly pushing them into submission, however, they will reject tasks outside their comfort zones.
I’m hoping it’s a twist on the genre where instead of directly manipulating your subjects, you have to indirectly lead them into submission.
Updated: 20/Aug/2018
Developer/Publisher: kivik
Censorship: None
Version: Beta
OS: WIN – MAC – Linux
Language: English
3dcg, corruption, lesbian, masturbation, slave, teasing, vaginal sex, management, mind control, trainer
Change log:
– Added Karen loyalty test content
– Includes 4 scenarios that you can put Karen through, though one requires unlocking
– I’m not 100% certain how well it flows, and adjustments will be made in the future
– I hadn’t finished the follow up content with Catherine, which I will be adding this week – Added save file so you can start (almost) immediately at the new content (should take 7 in game days to begin).Note: game hint is enabled by default.
– Changed wording for when you run out of topics of conversations with NPCs (from them having nothing to say to you, to you running out of things to talk to them about)
– Changed hunger growth for all characters (now characters can stay at 0 hunger for a bit longer)Bug Fixes:
– Fixed slave Karen’s name coming up as Catherine when she goes home
– Removed version checking on game load to prevent unsolved bugs
– Fixed hints not showing up in last version Under the Hood:
– Enhanced room mechanics so player can temporarily be moved to another room and show characters in that room during scenes (rather than player movement)
– Enhanced some image functions to take more adhoc inputs
– Enhanced Events mechanics to take new schedule after creation Known Issues:
– Hypnosis has become too powerful at least for Anna. Will further play test and tweak this week
– rewrote some existing scenes
– introducing new subject Anna
– some new branching and new consequences from existing branches
Gameplay Mechanics
– play dress up with your slaves
– have sex with your slaves
– note: this can be locked out based on your choices in the game
– new tasks for subjects
– subject will choose their own makeup if you task them with specific outfit; subjects will choose their outfit if you task them with specific makeup
– note: their choices will be based on their current stats
– keywords mechanics
– note: very limited used currently
Under the hood
– replaced all portraits and task images with layered images, significantly reducing file size
– note: due to a small Ren’py bug, standing portrait images still uses old composite image until next patch, but has no impact on game
– keyword descriptions can now have different stages
– geeky note: keyword descriptions will store the indices and use a lookup table to spell out the text. This means all the lookup text can be changed in the future without original text left in save files.
– streamlined conversation code and UX
– both the HUD and the conversation screens preemptively checks whether there are available dialogues before enabling option
– this means if no normal conversation is available but unlocked dialogues are available, you can click on chat
– this also means after opening up chat screen, it will only display NPCs with available dialogues (including unlocked ones) will be listed as options, preventing possible scenario of going through each NPC to see who has available dialogue – which was what the original code would have done
– player can exit chat by choosing cancel
– tasks can contain specific outfit or available outfits
– if subject is wearing something different, either the specific outfit or first available outfit is chosen
– meals now carry a cost internally // need to add mechanics to take cost from facility
– initial code for finance management
– dinamic character portrait placement in rooms
– dynamic event trigger schedule
– since Karen’s training has no end date, Anna’s 30 day schedule is generated by code instead of hard coded like all previous triggers
Bug Fixes
– fixed bug where conversations will end immediately after each topic, now will only end when you cancel or you’ve exhausted conversation topics with them
– various bug fixes from 0.3.0 to 0.3.1
Beta 0.2.2
– grammar fixes
Bug Fixes
– fixed image errors in ending 4
– fixed incorrect images being used for Karen for simple dress
– should have fixed potential error for when Karen in skimpy black dress in certain states
– fixed background not blurring when subject rejects a task
– fixed Stats History Screen in the lab showing invisible stats (e.g. Catherine’s contentment)
Beta 0.2.0
Change Log
Content Update
– tweaked happy ending’s scene renders
– continuation from happy ending with second subject to the game
Gameplay Mechanics
– added leisure activity mechanics:
– when subjects aren’t tasked to do anything (in the evening hours), or if they reject a task, they’ll randomly decide whether to do something else or not (currently only masturbation, but more actions in the future)
– added desperate conditions to subjects when deciding whether they’d perform a task. e.g. hunger > 80%
– optional hints to when new dialogue options are available
– changed studying to take 3 hours
– attributes gained from studying is still not in use yet
– added stats history tracking, accessible in the lab
– I know it’s annoying to put it there since you get locked out when Karen’s not around, but it’s not an essential tool, and it becomes fully accessible later in the game
UI/UX changes
– added two preference options (accessible via Game Menu):
– give hints – provide in-game hints at specific moments, such as new dialogue options
– OFF by default
– [F] key skips dialogues – allows the F key to both Fast Forward an hour AND skip dialogue, allowing quicker way to skip dialogues
– ON by default
– tweaked HUD
– added game menu button
– added location label
– combined date, time, location to top right corner
– moved HUD buttons to the right underneath the date time
– keyboard shortcuts changed
– avoiding keys like "H" for default key to hide screen elements
– and generally making them easier on the fingers for repetitive buttons, e.g. )
– tweaked general UI
– removed confirmation dialogue after setting schedule
– subject & player stats screen remembers opened / closed state
– changed "advance time" to "fast forward an hour"
– shortkey changed to F, full screen can be accessed by Alt + Enter or F11
– stats display:
– only subject stats’ percentage is now coloured for easier reading of stats itself
– stats bar now coloured based on progress
– added glass overlay to living quarters to further suggest isolation from subject
– Subject will automatically change to sports outfit when exercising
Under the hood
– rewrote how character attributes are handled, this means each character can now have completely different attributes, leading to more dynamic gameplay in the future
– rewrote how character image are fetched, easier image management for NPCs in different modes: NPC, Subject (during isolation), Slave and maybe more in the future
– rewrote how tasks and meals are stored, instead of meal inside a task (which could cause problems in future with multiple subjects), they’re stored as a dict against a character’s timeslot, prevent instance reused error (two NPCs with same task but different meals)
– added part 1 of a new keywords mechanics to the game, during the game player has the possibility to gain keywords
– part 2, not implemented will be to accessing and using these keywords (due for next major release)
– added feedback attributes to why a subject is performing a task / activity – only used with masturbation where you can tell whether subject is doing it themselves or part of a task
– tweaked task rejection feedback code to allow flexible number of feedback options (instead of a static 3)
– skeletons for character descriptionsBug Fixes
– Karen no longer incorrectly report Catherine’s hunger as spiking even when she’s fine
– Karen’s dialogue when arriving and leaving work now shows her as speaker
– cancelling study no longer advances time
– subjects image no longer switch between task and standing portrait (thought I just overlooked it but my code was supposed to prevent the switch, but a bug meant it never prevented it)
– general bug fixes
Beta 1.2
– more grammar and spelling
– Catherine will keep her basicwear on when exercising, instead of flicking between dress and basicwear
– stats values are now colour coded to further indicate progress
– unfortunately it’s not possible to change the bar’s colour itself
– subtle image and text change to happy ending based on player’s genital
Beta 1.1
– days end at 8pm to reduce tediously forwarding time – this will be extended back to midnight when more content is available
– grammar / spelling fixes
– corrected terms for "trans male" and "trans female"
– added non-binary gender
– changed player questions order: gender > name > (if not m/f: pronoun > genital)
– tweaked tutorial slightly to emphasis hunger level danger
– added hunger alert: Karen will comment on Catherine’s hunger stats at 5pm when she’s around, if Catherine’s hungrier than the last time she saw her
– added stats percentage
– added further feedback messages when a task is rejected
– subject will give feedback depending on how far they are from willing to perform the task
– player will also comment on what stats may need tweaking
– archived scripts and image files (oops!)
##bug fixes
– disabled map and time advancement during tutorial (oops!)
– tweaked HUD layer so it doesn’t go above Game Menu
Beta 1.0
First Release
"Old Saves Dont Work"