Overpowered [v0.6] [Yoshimitsu]

Overpowered [v0.6] [Yoshimitsu] Overpowered [v0.6] [Yoshimitsu] Overpowered [v0.6] [Yoshimitsu] Overpowered [v0.6] [Yoshimitsu] Overpowered [v0.6] [Yoshimitsu] Overpowered [v0.6] [Yoshimitsu] Overpowered [v0.6] [Yoshimitsu]
Ren has been dragged into the war with The Order. Now he has to gain as much power as he can, but with power comes one more thing… Will Ren be able to control himself? It’s up to you to decide.​
Thread Updated: 2019-09-19
Release Date: 2019-09-18
Developer: Yoshimitsu PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Monster girl, Paranormal, Mobile game, School setting, Masturbation, Handjob, Animated
– 2 new Kaoru weekend events (1 animated h scene)
– 3 new Kaoru library events
– 2 new Kaoru classroom events
– 1 Kaoru night event (1 animated h scene)
– 1 new Noriko night event
– 1 new Noriko gym event
– weekend beach event
– 2 new Ichika clubroom events
– equipment warehouse location added
– staffroom location added
– story continuation
– breakfeast event
– lessons short event to unlock staffroom
– Tooru added on second floor (1 interaction)v0.5
NOTE: It’s highly recommended to use save file before 0.4, so there won’t be any problems with 0.5.
– 4 new Naomi events (winner of main character voting)
– 2 new animated scenes for Naomi
– 1 new Kana event – finally introducing to her story
– 1 new animated scene with Hino
– "take shower" option is now available, but it doesn’t do much in this version
– "eat breakfeast" option is now available, but see above
– few new locations done, but there’s nothing interactive yet
– you can now participate in lessons to advance time in school
– afternoon menus added
NOTE: Game won’t tell you when you reach the end of content for current version, so check the changelog above to see how much stuff you can dov0.4
– dialogues from Day 1 and Day 2 has been rewrited (thanks to hrumus )
– Satomi model has been replaced
– toilet event with Satomi at the beggining also reworked
– free-roam mode
– one event with Kaooru
– one event with Ichika
– one event with Guide
– new character – Yuko
– changed the main menu background
This update is pretty small, since there wasn’t much time because of my job. It’s more like "building grounds" for 0.5. However, I hope you’ll enjoy it.v0.3
-story continuation
-new scene with Noriko
-one small scene with Kaoru
-one small scene with Ichikav0.2
-the last of main girls – Noriko has been added in 0.2
-more story
-new scene with Kaoru
-new scene with Ichika (not so lewd)
-new scene with Noriko
-new scene with ???v0.1
First release
Developer Notes:
I’m not a native English speaker, but I hope game is understandable enough. It will be a big help if u can report any language mistakes in game to me, so I can fix them. Game itself is in early stage of development, I’m open to suggestions if u have any.