Orlin's Ring [0.03a] [HB38]

Orlin's Ring [0.03a] [HB38] Orlin's Ring [0.03a] [HB38] Orlin's Ring [0.03a] [HB38] Orlin's Ring [0.03a] [HB38]
This game was going to center on a protaginst who came from a family of magic who found a ring left to him from a long since dead male adult figure (uncle, father, etc) and use the ring to corrupt and impregnate as many women as possible. It was going to be a rogue like, with the majority of the women in the game randomly generated (Name, race, breast size, hair color, ovulation schedule, etc) but include a few special non-random ones (A mom/sister most likely because Incest; though they would have followed your character’s race/hair color once those were in the game too). Currently, the game will generate three random ladies from a pool of many attributes and let you mind control and rape them; possibly impregnating them. I’ve left some debug options in the game; but as you can see it’s pretty rough – I was trying to focus on getting one area and a set of girls working; since from there scaling it to new locations with clothes and other body types (MILF/late teenager) would be pretty simple. I’d say that’s about 80% done most likely; at which point the rest was going to just be cranking out new women templates but I never could get the code for the girl selection screen to work correctly (I wanted it to generate the name & status and create one hoverable button which as you can see doesn’t quite work).
So, after sitting on this for 2-3 years I decided to throw this out to the public so that any other game developers who are interested can take any/all of the ideas I had and incorporate them into their games if they so wish. I find the adult community is at it’s best when it collaborates ideas and implements them – feel free to take what you’d like and use it (I’d like to know if you do; but no credit is necessary). Maybe some day I’ll get back to this project — real life, a wife and a job got in my way, and the coding was a pain (as I’m more of an artist)… as was a lack of a working copy of Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.And yes, the chibis are awful – I was aware; I just never got around to replacing them.
Thread Updated: 2019-02-28
Release Date: 2019-02-28
Developer: HB38 Website
Censored: No
Version: Alpha .03a
OS: Windows/Linux/MacOS
Language: English
2DCG, Male Protagonist, Corruption, Creampie, Internal view, Interracial, Male Domination, Pregnancy, Rape, Vaginal sex, Management, Mind control
.03a — Initial Public Release
Developer Notes:
Here are the design notes I had for going forward on the project, dated 2015-12-12:
On first meet, you search them for their ID – get their name and address.- can later try to go to their place in the evening to meet a girl directly; however doesn’t always succeed (maybe like a 20-30% chance?)
– Before this, when they show up on map screen name is “???????????”sex upkeep on regular fertile days is 3% (4 x 3 times a day = 12% chance), while ovulation is 20% (4 x 20 = 80%)4 map spots along top of map, with house and job on bottom row.
– house lets you see stats (girls raped, virgins deflowered, girls impregnated, etc), meditate (mana regen?), get upgrades
– job lets you earn money/shop (maybe you work in a mall?)Health = resource used by going to locations, sex, working. Sleeping does not 100% regen it
Mana = spells, more finite so you have to meditate every now and then (virgin bonus?)
Paid upgrades to regain on bothOnce you have confirmed a girl is pregnant (by seeing the glowing blue mark), they have the mark on their chibi (or some other notification) and show up on the stats list. Makes girls that go to the beach and/or gym easier maybe?Short term/next build or two goals:- Clean up the chibis on the map screen, they have a bit of a dead look to their face.
– Get the character to appear at random beach locations (full random scheduling is down the road).
– Create a text box that fits with the theme.
– Start on an info screen… this will list the girls you’ve encountered (I have a clue idea including stolen IDs that you take off them to "track" them), spells you have and what they do, and will eventually house the upgrades section.Longer term:
– Full schedule/different locations
– For the above, full clothes.
– New hair styles.
– Manage the game elements (fertility %s, mana costs, etc)
– Write the intro explaining the story.Eventually:
– The other two templates (High Schooler[18 year old] and MILF, the existing one is ’20 something’)
– More characters at once!- Magic candles – use them against witches? Melt them on them too…Mental status: Normal, Resistant, Submissive, Broken