Occupational Hazards [Ep. 2 v0.6.0] [Samantha Snow]

Occupational Hazards [Ep. 2 v0.6.0] [Samantha Snow] Occupational Hazards [Ep. 2 v0.6.0] [Samantha Snow] Occupational Hazards [Ep. 2 v0.6.0] [Samantha Snow] Occupational Hazards [Ep. 2 v0.6.0] [Samantha Snow] Occupational Hazards [Ep. 2 v0.6.0] [Samantha Snow] Occupational Hazards [Ep. 2 v0.6.0] [Samantha Snow] Occupational Hazards [Ep. 2 v0.6.0] [Samantha Snow]
Take on the role of an intergalactic spaceship transporter as she gets involved in plenty of fun and erotic scenarios while trying to do her job.​
Thread Updated: 2019-11-10
Release Date: 2019-08-12
Developer: SamanthaSnow Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Episode 2 v0.6.0
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
2DCG, Female protagonist, Sci-fi, Furry, Male domination, Masturbation, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Lesbian, Sex toys, Anal sex, Exhibitionism
Ep.2 v0.6.0
– Added micro panties
– Added CCC uniform
– Added jail scenes and images
– Added bar backgrounds
– Added VR district
– Added an image to the mechanic encounter on planet 1
– Reduced starting cash (yes there is a reason (easter egg hunt))
– Added a reworked milk bar (unlockable through the regular bar on planet 2)
– Added dynamic music system
– Added Carver date images
– Added cartel office images
– Added third faction and central location (DAB Media Tower)
– Added a feral scene at the wholesale memories location
Ep. 2 v0.5.2
– Changed patreon exclusives code to: 6969
– Added micro panties
– Added CCC work Uniform
– Added images for 3/4 of the jail sequence scenes
– Added backgrounds for bars and a new VR district
– Reduced starting cash to make the hidden scene less of a hassle to get
– Added the milk bar location with dynamic events – only a small selection of planned location events are currently implemented
– Added dynamic music system
– Revised volume control for the game, it should operate more smoothly now
– Added the last 2 images for Carver’s second milestone date
– Added some office images for the cartel quest line
– Minor bug fixes
– Added a basic sale function to the pawnshop, it becomes accessible after buying the hyperdrive.
– Added two more written scenes for Artica at the brothel.
– Added a secondary area to planet 2 for use in some quests.
– Added the military faction and 5 quests you can do for them.
– Added a credits scene.
– Added a standalone event in the "far side" location.
– Added a new location, VR parlour.
– Added a new location, Nightclub.
– Added a "start at planet 2" option to the new game function.
– Added a new underwear option.
– Added a new uniform for non-penalty work at the CCC factory.
– Code revamp for efficiency.
– Minor bug fixes.
– Added one regular and one partly hidden "machine masturbation" scene to the home spaceship.
– Improved the inventory management system. It is now impossible .to right-click and drag as right clicking is reserved for use item/auto-equip functionality.
– Added the mechanic to the "ask mechanic for help to install hyperdrive" scene.
– Added the starmap.
– Added planet 2.
– Added a chastity gear production factory to planet 2 with acquirable gear and integrated functionality.
– Revised the dating functionality to make it harder to get stuck at milestone dates.
– Added the ability to make emergency clothing should you find yourself in your ship without the clothes needed to leave.
– Added military blockade scenes to direct you to the correct planet and a scene progression if you refuse to listen.
– Added the bar location to planet 2
– Added the cartel HQ location with 5 complete jobs to planet 2
– Added a brothel with a small selection of scenes to planet 2
– Added a backup autosave system.
– Added more clothing, mainly a selection of collars.
– General buxfixes.
– Added some new art assets.
– Built an entirely new movement system with the goal of removing as many unnecessary clicks as possible.
– Removed the minimap in favor of a "travel map" linked to the new movement system.
– Reworked the tutorial to reflect the new movement system.
– Removed the health system as I couldn’t think of anything interesting to do with it.
– Moved the equipment panel to be part of a secondary inventory menu as opposed to taking up part of the art window.
– Reworked the "Phone menu" to display actual numbers in the list and have a detailed profile in a secondary panel.
– Added a second relationship character to the game: Eva – you can find her in the bar after a few days.
– Added a slight variant scene for "working at the farm" to make the text make more sense on repeat viewings.
– Finished the main questline for planet one up to and including installing the short range hyperdrive (but not traveling to planet 2 yet)
– Added the functionality and graphic for the jewelry gained by doing the modeling job during the main quest
– Split the hidden sex scene during the tutorial into 4 parts and added art to it.
– Added the option to load the game from the main menu.
– Added "right click to unequip" function.
– Added "right click to place furniture" function.
– Added a new piece of furniture – A TV, and switched out the trail rations from the tutorial with the TV .
– Some new art has been added.
– Added the ability to replay Carver’s special dates by going to his apartment and putting on the clothing given to you during the date. (swimwear/shibari)Bugfixes:
– Character descriptions (phone panel) should now update correctly after dates.
– The placeholder background images for Eva and Carver’s apartments should no longer stick around after leaving the apartment.
– After loading a game the "work" text of the food court should no longer reset to "ask for job"
– Saving and loading has been disabled during the tutorial to avoid a couple of really strange bugs.
– The save/load function should now be a little more robust that previous builds.
– It should no longer be possible to get Eva’s phone number multiple times by loading the game.
– Fixed a bug where the hint arrow during the tutorial would not show up properly.
– All of Eva’s dates should now start where the text say they are supposed to.
– The bug where switching between phone numbers was impossible has been fixed.
– Right click + drag should no longer be possible as it would bug out the inventory system.
– Fixed a minor bug making the lower half of certain selection-buttons unresponsive.
– Added a "Sleep" function to the houses and changed the previous function to "rest". Resting advances time by a single step, sleeping always takes you to the next morning.
– The pimp has finally found the perfect alley and will no longer move around. (he is at the street west of the north market)
– Removed a comment about "frozen time" in the tutorial since that is no longer relevant with the new time system,
– Moved the furniture shop to the southern market to fit with the tutorial.
– Fixed a bug where the northern market would override the text on the selection buttons if you called Carver while shopping.
– Minor wording changes to the end of the masturbation scenes.
– Redesigned UI layout.
– The tutorial has been reworked to reflect the new UI layout, and in general improved
– The time system has been reworked to use a "Morning, Day, Evening, Night" loop instead of going by an actual clock.
– A hospital + pharmacy has been added where you can restore "max health" damage and buy drugs.
– Changed the "HUD" function from a manual toggle to an automatic function whenever a scene image is displayed.
– The inventory and phone tabs now open automatically whenever items or phone numbers are added.
– A couple of new items has been added.
– Carver is now fully implemented as a relationship character.
– The main questline is now started, and you can progress through it a little bit.
– Variant scenes have been written for the "masturbate with vibrator" event.
– The prostitution scenes have been written.
– The pimp had a name change.
– A few pieces of art has been added, most notably for some of the masturbation scenes.
– A bar has been added, this is where you will meet the second relationship character once implemented.
– Added an "ask about rumours" option to the bar.
– And last but not least, a save system has been added, it still requires a lot of testing before I can confidently say it works as intended, but it seems to be performing relatively well so far.
– Added a button in the options menu to toggle "high visibility mode" (Currently only affects the planet buttons on the main map)
– Added a second ambient track
– Fixed a couple of typos
– Made