Lustbane: Tales [v0.9] [K-515]

Lustbane: Tales [v0.9] [K-515] Lustbane: Tales [v0.9] [K-515] Lustbane: Tales [v0.9] [K-515] Lustbane: Tales [v0.9] [K-515]
Setting is a medieval-fantasy world. This is a 2D adult-oriented rogue -like with RPG elements game. You take a role of adventurer with gift or bane of the "Lustbane". Game will be in two parts dungeon crawling and party members management in the citys.I planning to do many events that will occur through players adventures.​
Thread Updated: 2019-10-16
Release Date: 2019-10-16
Developer: K-515
Censored: No
Version: 0.9
OS: Win, Mac, Linux
Language: English
2DCG, 2D game, Character creation, Combat, Side-scroller, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Handjob, Oral sex
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Game name here.exe" to start playing.
– New Time and Date system. Now there is proper day/night cycle.- Characters status effects duration is affected by time system. – Travel between locations takes time. There is new popup on the map, that shows you travel costs.- It depends on endurance, but eventually characters will get tired.- You can camp outside towns. – Camping stuff can be found in shops or by looting enemies. – You can interact with your party members while camping. – You can order them to gather supplies, overwatch the perimeter or spend their time some other way.- While resting in your camp you can be attacked by the bandits. – To get fully rested and restored, you need rations. – New additional stat system. – You can access it on character stats page.- Those stats will affect your currently playable character. – "Seal" has its own level. – You can change stats as you like. – New area "White Mountains".This is harsh northern land. With snowy mountains and deep cave system. Home of orcs and drow.- New town "Ursaloth – the city of brave". It’s a big city located far north.- There is some new interactions there. But be careful around "Rusty Golem" bartender Vivi Backbreaker, she is wild one. – Also in future plans I want to make streets of the town available to exploration.- New Orc armor. Male and female sets.- New weapon "Orcish cestus".- New body parts. Tusks for orcs and some brows for everyone.- Reworked Inventory system. It was one of the buggiest thing out there. I reworked it completely. – You can switch characters inventory without switching playable character.- Equipped items don’t show hidden character parts, if there is another item that hide this part.- Quest generation changed. – Now there is always about 30 quest in pull, for the game to choose from. That should short down loading time. – Save system reworked.- Changes to UI:- UI scales with screen resolution.- You can switch character stats page without switching playable character.- Shopkeepers can trade more stackable items. – Character select ui changed a bit.- World map UI changed completely. Now You can travel between locations by clicking corresponded button on new menu.- Changed volume settings.- Important thing. All save files from previous versions won’t work. Only things that you can have from previous versions are mods folder and Tattoo Presets folder.
Changes to party system:
– Now you can have up to 4 adventurers in a party
– All members will be traveling throughout the level
– But you still need to select party member to change they equipment/ stats(I’m working on it)Changes to battle system:
– Now it’s a group battle (up to 4 characters from each side)
– Now there is an initiative order. It based on agility, perception and luck of the character
– Special attacks can be used on friends or foes
– Finishing moves for each type of weapon
– If your character die, but you have alive party member, you will control them
– Now you can check characters information in the battle by clicking on them. (additional bars will appear at right bottom corner of the screen)
– Fix animator timing issue, so animation should plays much more smoother
– Camera zoom can be disabled in OptionsOther changes:
– Infinite inventory( well I checked it with 300 items, it works))
– New character race: Orcs
– New muscular female body type
– Color change sliders are switched from RGB to HSV
– Save system changed( old saves won’t work, sorry)Bug fixes:
– Inn bug fixed
– Couple of brothel bugs fixedKnown issues that i’m working on:
– If you switch characters at town and go to brothel immediately, there will be fun bug with equipment
– Some times AI can suicide
– If you can’t hire anybody at pub, you probably run out of money (I need to fix this so that the proper message is displayed)- The game really needs time to load. So be patient please.
– First of all: New Quest system has been implemented to the game. Now you can get some quest from "Merry Devil".
– Press "J" to acces to journal.
– World map has been added to the game. I will update it as new region will hit the game.
– Speaking of which. New region has been added too. "Lostman swamp" is a nasty place. A home for varios tribes.
– At swamps you may encounter rangers. Will they be a friends or foes? I’ts up to you to decide.
– New armor set added to the game.
– Paralax fixed.
– Bug with naked, eyeless, hairless enemies fixed.
– Bug with character stats fixed.
– hotfix
– hotfixes
– New class system. Every character has own class. Class affects on stats and special attack system.
– Mod system. Now you can make yore own cosmetic parts to character creation. You can read "How to mod" for more details.
– Party system changes. Now if you recruit some one in the wilds and you have empty party slot, character will be added to youre party automaticaly.
– Mating animation skipping added.
– New mating animations added.
– New armor set added.
– New hairstyles added.
– New weapon added.
– Status effect icons added.
– Some UI changes to show status effects.
– Exp gain changes. Now brothel xp is static.
– Map spawn bug fixed. No more crossings of map icons.
– Equipment system changes. No more armor spawning on same body part.
– Walking animation chaged.
– Male trainer dialog bug fixed.Known issues:
– Some times if you kill enemy with "Lightning" spell, animation will freeze.( Switch character or exit to main menu to fix it, I will try to fix it later).
– Character creation and customization
– New hairstyles added
– New ears added
– You may change party members apperance at shopkeeper house.
– Traits system added. Each character has one trait. Traits are changing characters stats. You may check which trait youre character has by looking at "Character Page".
– Added some more info on "Character Page".
– Aded "Special attack" system. Now each character may use special attacks in the battle. You may teach youre characters new special attacks at "Wild Roses Brothel" or by trainer encounter in your adventure.
– Some special attacks consumes mana. So yeah I’ve added mana to the game.
– Added "Status effects" to the characters. Status effects may change battle flow drastically. You may check which status effects affects youre character by looking on "Character Page".
– Graphics changes. Also I made some changes to player models sprites.
– Added new graphics settings. Now you may change screen resolutions and toggle full-screen mode.
– Added "Save System" to the game. Game automatically saves your progress. So now you may continue your adventure later.
– Added new weapon. Mighty steel axe.
– Added new sex animation poses.
– Some animation fixes.
– Bunch of bug fixes.
– I hope not too many bugs created.
– "Wild Roses" brothel open its doors. This is a place to relife some stress and earn a couple of coins.
– Added a couple of new animations
– Party system changes. You can assign up to 6 members in youre party at town.(LMB to assign, RMB to remove a party member)
– Switch youre Characters in the battle. But it will take a turn to switch.
– Enemy health and arouse will be shown in battle.
– Leveling system. Now after defeating enemies or working at brothel characters will recive expirience. After leveling up you can boost characters stats at Character Page ("C" by default).
– Settings menu. Now you can change some settings at settings menu in pause menu. Permadeath now optional thing.
– Added "close" buttons to menus
– Charcter stats. Every character has his / her own stats. Stats affect many aspects of the game.
– Press "C" (by default) to look at Character Page.
– Dialog system. Dialogs depends on character stats.
– The first city is accessible through a map. Red cross marker. City has some buildings. But it’s not fully completed yet.
– Characters switch system. Now you can hire some mercs in the city tavern or even try to convince the road bandits to join your adventure.
– Press "P" (by default) to open Party Panel.
– Help page. Press "H" (by default) to look at Help Page.
– Eyes. Eyes for everyone.
– Step into randomize armor stats.
– Gold. Victory over enemies will give you some coins.
– Merchants. Now you can meet merchants in your travel.
– Enemies health is reduced.
– New armor and clothes.
– New hairstyles.
– Some bugs fixed.
– Some new bugs created.
– First build.
– Some armor and clothes
– what changes its 0.1!