Grim Reaper RPG [v1.0.28] [Circle Meimitei]

Grim Reaper RPG [v1.0.28] [Circle Meimitei] Grim Reaper RPG [v1.0.28] [Circle Meimitei] Grim Reaper RPG [v1.0.28] [Circle Meimitei] Grim Reaper RPG [v1.0.28] [Circle Meimitei] Grim Reaper RPG [v1.0.28] [Circle Meimitei]
This game is basically a mix of the anime: Re Zero/Goblin Slayer and some harem heaven lol
you will know what i mean once you play it
The Story is about a young man who dies and awakes to find himself in a fantasy world of sword and sorcery. (Isekai)
The man who picked up as a hero by Shine the Shinigami "WAIFU DESU"
It turns out a death god has chosen him to become an underling, and help them prevent the world from a catastrophe.
It’s up to you to manage a certain guild / pleasure house, and gather up the strongest of adventurers to overcome this incoming disaster.​
Thread Updated: 2020-04-03
Release Date: 2020-04-03
Developer: Circle Meimitei DLsite / ci-en
Censored: Yes/Mosaics
Version: 1.0.28
OS: Windows
Language: English/Japanese (Machine translation)
Length: Very long (> 50 hours)
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Developer Notes:
★ Main play contents ★
・ Orthodox play such as handjob, fucking, blowjob
・ Tentacle play with tentacles by letting customers drink suspicious medicine.
・ Nyan Nyan play with cats
・ Cuckold play to tie and commit noble Elfeed
・ Inquisition play to bind and punish bad evil spirits
・ Breastfeeding play
-Confession play that confesses to the lady■ Dungeon mode ■
In order to save the world from the threat of "disaster" that is occurring in this world, the "Reaper" itself must make a leap.
In this mode, you will work with the unique staff to defeat the strong enemy in the back of the dungeon.
The battle this time was multiple people x multiple people. Sometimes there are more opponents than this number …?
Collect "Elements" and "Reaper Medals" to strengthen your units and equipment and challenge powerful bosses.Depending on the capture situation, there is a possibility that the heroine will be insulted by a third party.
If you can’t rescue, you can purchase the IF if you can’t rescue it from Yumema Lucerula in the form of "Yume".★ Main situations ★
・ I wonder if the heroines were caught by the goblins …
・ The heroine in wet clothes is interrogated …
-The heroine is forced to quit the adventurer and becomes a rich concubine.■ etch scene ■
"ADV format event"
An etch scene with the hero and non-hero. There are also effects.
The etch scene is 100 scenes ~. If you include the mini etch scene, it will be about 140 scenes."Contact mode"
The flirty sexual harassment between the hero and the heroine. This time it’s between work …