L.I.F.E [v0.01] [Thedeviantsmind]

You’re a Carlston, a bi-racial young adult, "black ass momma, white ass daddy." You’ve taken a gap year after graduating high school, college plans are tentative, future is up in the air, but you’re at the precipice and it’s time to make a decision. The gap year is done. Choose to be the son or daughter, and make your decisions.​
Censorship: None
Version: 0.01
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Dating Sim, IncestNotes:
Gameplay: Only hit the GREEN BUTTONS for now. They’re black and green buttons, only use the green ones, else it’ll loop you back to the beginning.
"So why insert black buttons at all?" Very good question, really, they’re just place holders, I want to show the different options and potential choices you can choose, and you can ponder how they’d continue to affect the gameplay, plus, I think it makes the whole thing seem less linear. Knowing that eventually the choices will be fleshed out.Couple things. TL;DR stuff.
it’s unfinished, it will be finished, and I didn’t plan to release it yet, because I wanted to do some more, but every time it’s "do some more, do some more" so I realized I’d never get any feedback that way, so this is for feedback, it’s a demo some of it is text alone, some is accompanied by images. Really want to know what people think. If they like the characters, does the writing suck, let me know. I don’t normally from a first person perspective, so, it’s fairly new.
Like, for reals s ahead.
So I wanted to give you an idea of how the different choices would affect the game, and there’s enough here that I could go based on. So like, if you choose, "Can’t say no." as a weakness, then the scene with Carly, where she wants you to say whether or not you like her, you automatically say yes, you don’t have that choice. HOWEVER, then you’re get a choice asking if you actually do like her, which would then register that and that’ll affect the story going forward.
Let’s say you’ve chosen athletic, and great physique. Firstly, your relationship with Emma, is different, y’all weren’t close as kids, she doesn’t change from being dowdy chick. Nah, you were the star athlete, she was your nerd cousin. CAN YOU salvage that relationship, it’s possible, could it end with her inviting you to her house? No. But y’all could become close. (depending on your choices though, you and Emma can still have a good relationship and you can be athletic still). Also, after the end of the scene with Carly when you go back home, you meet Eric (someone’s son.) and based on the allowed choices in this version, y’all don’t get along, but, if you pick athletic, he knows you, off the bat, he practically gushes about who you are, and then you go on to pick which sport you played, and y’all can have this camaraderie.
So, again, it’s unfinished, but I took some cues from VREN I liked his stuff, so if you’re looking for something much more complete than this, check him out. Hope you guys like it.