SlaveGirls Rising [v1.2.3] [KavenBach]

SlaveGirls Rising [v1.2.3] [KavenBach] SlaveGirls Rising [v1.2.3] [KavenBach] SlaveGirls Rising [v1.2.3] [KavenBach] SlaveGirls Rising [v1.2.3] [KavenBach]
Features hard vore by large rats, soft vore by giant rats and plants, rape and hard vore by Ratites (male humanoid rats), spider webbing, and on hinted statue transformation. This game features a variety of kinks, most if not all angled toward women in peril, and the vore will be of women by various monsters and plants.
Thread Updated: 2020-05-04
Release Date: 2020-01-28
Developer: KavenBach PatreonWebsite
Censored: No
Version: 1.2.3
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, 2D game, Adventure, Animated, Combat, Corruption, Cosplay, Fantasy, Female protagonist, Humiliation, Monster, Monster girl, Puzzle, Rape, RPG, Vaginal sex, Vore, Graphic violence
So… six and a half months since the last release… here is another release of SlaveGirls Rising. Version 1.2.0 Includes, amongst other things, the opening of Chapter 2. Not very much has been added since release 1.1.9, except mostly exposition scenes; as I had forewarned, I had gotten sidetracked with other things. And while said other things are still going on to some extent, I can honestly say I’ve gotten more progress done on SGR in the last week or so than in the last several months before that.It’s been so long since the last update, I honestly don’t know what I may have changed in the parts of the game that were there before this. I know I changed a few details; some corrections to text and displays in the SandStone Prison scenes and fights, and modifying things so that the scenes at the end of the last release happen at night now.This release essentially just adds a few different expositionary scenes (is that a word? hee hee), with essentially nothing added in terms of dungeons or battles. I had gotten stuck, with writer’s block as well as my other distractions, until recently, until inspiration struck rather randomly at 4:30 in the morning when I was actually in bed and trying to sleep. Now I do believe I can resume progressing the game.Expect something big in the next release after this one, both in terms of story and in terms of game play. If things work the way I hope, it’s going to become rather epic in the next couple of months. I really hope!!!v1.1.9
-Lessened the HP of the Tentacle Mass boss (second incarnation) by 3,000 HP and increased the odds of "Break Free" from 50% to 70%. v1.1.7
-Added Port Sudvara and its actual population this time.
-Added a couple of spontaneous game overs in Port Sudvara, and an optional Game Over when fleeing Donall’s Inn.
-Added two dungeons, both short: Port Sudvara Pit and Jovan Forest.
-Added seven enemies. Some are rehashes, some are not. Added one transformation type.
-Added the first scenes with a new mysterious woman. v1.1.5D
– increased the damage dealt by special attacks and spells.
– gave Alanna a larger critical hit chance.
– changed the opening wall-of-text to make it a little less generic feeling.
– added a bit of a scene to the very first fight with a Ratite, showing that the girls are physically enjoying the situation even though they shouldn’t be…
– added the first glimpse of Tagero’s surface, a desert, and the scenes relating to the first visit to the Oasis Inn. v1.1.5
-Modified the Water Snappers (due mostly to the lore behind them, unknown to player or characters yet) so that you can use Mana Drain to substantially replenish your MP… as long as you’re willing to spend a few turns being digested.
-Modified the "CombatGasm" system so that you have more leeway to act before Alanna or Beatrice get incapacitated one turn by orgasms in battle, but so that unfortunately they will hit said orgasms eventually despite using the AntiSex spell. This gives you more leeway for equipping gear and still being able to act; essentially, better gear wiill mean better stats but more CombatGasms as a trade-off.
-Added some skills up to nearing Level 20. v1.1.4
-All Ratites from Sudvess Arena are now vulnerable (1.5 X damage) to the lightning element.
-Added a background for the Water Snapper fights in the Sudvess Arena Catacombs.
-Added a knockdown effect to the "Shockwave" and "Wind Gust" skills. In relation, set thing up for some battles so that knocking down some foes can be helpful for breaking free of a rape… or can be detrimental to you instead. And of course, some monsters can’t be knocked down. v1.1.3
-Reduced the MP cost of the " Purify" spell from 10 to 5.
-Corrected the fact that Alanna already has "MiniHeal" against Camdon when she fights him at the unloading dock. Using it would make the unwinnable fight unnecessarily long.
-Corrected the Guillotine challenge at the start of the second Sudvess Arena match so that you can still win it even if you never beat Beatrice or got the weapons from the last room of the first arena match. Or got a random Small Hand Axe drop… :/
-Corrected an issue wherein you couldn’t get the key to enter the last room of the first arena event if Beatrice got there first. -_-
-Modified some fights so that in some specific circumstancces there are odds of earning much better gear.
-Alanna now knows the skill "GIVE UP." This reduces all characters’ HP to 1 and sets them all into "Surrender" status. This will not automatically give you a special Game Over; it’s just a way to quick-kill the characters for easy defeat, if you want to see if there is a Game Over Scene or not. I will attempt to put in more such special scenes in future, including in some of the older fights. v1.1.2
-Modified the Arena so CombatSlaves randomly help you in battle for the first half of the first arena event; also changed the first time delay from 5 to 6 minutes, and the last section’s time delay from 5 to 6.5 minutes.
-Added the second event in the Arena.
-Added a feature so that in boss fights, at least, LoreCheck allows you to see how much HP the enemy has left. v1.1.1
-Added the first event in the Arena.
-Corrected an issue with leg gear having been set as an "accessory" and vice-versa. v1.1.0
-Modified the training fights in the Gladiatrix training section of Sudvess Arena so that they don’t mess with the walk/run dynamic, and so that the player can no longer bug up the game by switching between walk and run during the discussions.
-Changed the scene with the Minotaur just a smidge, just so that Alanna can be SEEN holding the sword when she back-stabs him. v1.0.9
-Corrected bugs with Running/Walking in the Gauntlet making the caves give extra keys or not give them when they should.
-Added several scenes in the Sudvess Arena, including several character sprites and battler sprites, and progressed the story.
-Added an image on the opening page, graciously offered by MadBirdCZ. v1.0.6
-Changed things so that most enemy groups freeze after you run away from one, at least in areas where there is the potential for large numbers of monster groups swarming you.
-Changed Alanna so that she gains much better escape skills much sooner in the Gauntlet. She will be able to escape being swallowed or penetrated more easily than the other girls, which was supposed to be the idea: she’s several cuts above them, so to speak.
-Weakened the damage effects of the spiders’ poison. Instead of 10% of total HP lost every turn, it’s now 4%.
-In theory, fixed the error which slowed messed up the Running/Walking dynamic whenever the girls got pulled into a cave in the Gauntlet.
-Added Tutteerielle (Tuttee) to the end of the second Well Passage, where she drops the usual cryptic warnings, in this case about whether or not you picked up an item that can save you against the boss.
-Added the scene in the Slave Cart.