House of Maids [v0.2.6] [Dark Cube]

House of Maids [v0.2.6] [Dark Cube] House of Maids [v0.2.6] [Dark Cube] House of Maids [v0.2.6] [Dark Cube] House of Maids [v0.2.6] [Dark Cube] House of Maids [v0.2.6] [Dark Cube] House of Maids [v0.2.6] [Dark Cube] House of Maids [v0.2.6] [Dark Cube] House of Maids [v0.2.6] [Dark Cube] House of Maids [v0.2.6] [Dark Cube] House of Maids [v0.2.6] [Dark Cube] House of Maids [v0.2.6] [Dark Cube]
House of Maids tells a story about a young glamor photographer who appears on an isolated island for a photo shoot with a smoking hot model but instead discovers a secret private mansion inhabited by amazing maids and their kinky servants. And that’s how an exciting player’s adventure begins! You may look for a quick way off the island or get acquainted with its sexy inhabitants and dive into an amazing story – the choice is always yours!
Gameplay features:
– visual novel story progression
– high-quality game characters
– branching dialogues
– multiple choices
– multiple endingsPlanned features:
– adventure quests for main characters
– a variety of locations on the island to explore
– up to 10 main characters to interact with
– dating system
– mini games
Thread Updated: 2019-07-23
Release Date: 2019-06-30
Developer/Publisher: Dark Cube Patreon
Censorship: None
Version: 0.2.6
OS: Windows 64bit, Mac 64bit
Language: English
2DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Lesbian, Stripping, Dating Sim, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Incest (Mother/Daughter, Brother/Sister), BDSM, MILF, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Oral Sex, Titfuck, Handjob, Anal Sex, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Group Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Futa, Groping
Mistress Linda/Catgirl whipping scene;
Mistress Linda conversation with the player in her office.
Ponygirl cleaning/feeding scenes;
Vicky ecchi scenes;
Yuri scenes between Ponygirl and Vicky;
Strap-on scene (!)
CG artworks/secret CGsv0.2.5
introducing three new characters: Mistress Linda, Catgirl and Ponygirl; new meaningful choices with different outcomes; new unlockable CG art and secret CG art; new alternative game ending (!); improved scripts and variables. Fixes:
– fixed text typos;
– fixed previews in the CG gallery;
– improved scripts.v0.2.4
added Irina character story arc (complete); three(!) alternative endings of the game: "No hugging", "True Professional", "Irina’s Love"; two unlockable CGs + two secret CGs for the gallery; animated main menu; new "Dark Cube" logo music; animated game version page.
Jessie Joys story arc (complete) ; three Jessie Joys scene endings; new CG artworks; new locations; new meaningful choices, which unlock new routes and scene endings. Fixes:
fixed multiple typos; fixed incorrectly displayed previews in the CG gallery; improved scripts;
Walkthrough v0.2.4
Walkthrough v0.2.4