Heroine Rescue Team [v0.641] [Enlit3D]

Heroine Rescue Team [v0.641] [Enlit3D] Heroine Rescue Team [v0.641] [Enlit3D] Heroine Rescue Team [v0.641] [Enlit3D] Heroine Rescue Team [v0.641] [Enlit3D] Heroine Rescue Team [v0.641] [Enlit3D]
Right now it plays like a dungeon crawler – take your party (or solo) into randomly generated dungeons with enemies, bosses, traps (to come), etc that presents interesting challenges and scenes for our heroines (and heroes in the future). Dress up your character(s) with the loot and treasure found in the dungeons, pick your favorite weapons and even adjust body proportions directly via sliders – no RNG this time, fully functional inventory, equipment and sliders UI.​
Thread Updated: 2019-12-02
Release Date: 2019-11-01
Developer: Enlit3D PatreonBlogspotDiscordRedditMods
Censored: No
Version: 0.641
OS: Windows
Language: English
3DCG, 3D game, Female protagonist, RPG, BDSM, Spanking, Fantasy, Animated, Character creation, Combat, Futa/trans, Groping, Group sex, Lesbian, Oral sex, Rape, Transformation
– fixed bug that cause NPCs (such as recruitables) to not appear in dungeon
– fixed a bug that cause the bgm music in town stacking with other bgms
– fixed a potential crush caused by AI trying to "weaponSwitch"
– only direction key input (WASD default) counts for button mashing now
– this is so you can still control the camera via arrow keys in town without instantly ending animation
– fixed issue with boss room in SOS_2 being sometimes empty (and potentially other similiar issues)
– Sword and Shield weapon type now does a shield bash for it’s shove attack
– fixed bug with character window being moved around after dragging it elsewhere first
– added inverted controls settings under Options-Controls
– fixed bug with ???s not showing up when the # of options in selection menu exceeds 10 (for example, when mods are installed)
– added some background music
– added a new Ruins tileset
v0.631 Sword and Shield
added "sword_and_shield" weapon type
– this allows to block attacks coming from any swing direction
– however, it has the following drawbacks:
– 1) takes stamina to block
– 2) can’t "bounce" opponent’s swings (for example, from parries)
– on new saves, the player begins the game with "sword_and_shield" with "ceremonial_sword" in inventory
– fixed bug with "ruins" not showing up after "woods"
– goblin goon squad takes a lot longer to spawn in goblin lair to give players more lenient time limit to finish the dungeon
– fixed movement keys causes camera to pan when player is in a grab (use the camera keys for that)
– AI should now participate in threesomes+ when player initiates a grab on a defeated UNIQUE enemy
– added new weapon type: dual daggers
– added new set: "rogue_set"
– added new set: "knights_set"
– added new area "Ruins" that is available after "Woods"
– note: still in development, not finished, the 2nd floor is likely overtuned in terms of difficulty
– note: m_goto "ruins_dev" allows you to directly teleport to Ruins
– tip: charged attacks dont bounce
– the new items can be dropped by enemies found in the Ruins area
– added camera shift functionality back to the game – default keys are Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys. Rebindable in Options-Controls
– in addition, the camera shift maximum range is increased by ~50%
– fixed a somewhat rare stackoverflow bug
– fixed issues with projectiles failing to hit targets near obstacles (walls, floors, etc)
– reduced damage, cleave, flinch time and increased stamina cost of 2handers
– added a bunch new experimental AI behaviours in some of the new units
– AI can now use charged attacks – charged attacks don’t bounce and is more effective at bypassing armor
– other tweaks to combat AI
– fixed "export_unitdata" exporting incorrect equipment data when certain cheats are used
– fixed issue with the restrain_chain_feet model that cause it to have a erroneous ring around the neck area
– fixed game crush when cumming on moves with .animDuration < 0.55
– fixed a bug that cause you to be able to meet already recruited units due to a faulty check implementation
– game will now ignore moves marked with "disabled" under "moveData" in anticipation of tools that allow you to toggle move on/off
– fixed bug with "Loot All" button not working before inventory is opened
– Redesigned the dungeons
– you will no longer met potential allies randomly in the map "Dungeon"
– instead, you will met recruitable as you progress along the missions
– you will probably need to unlock the areas again
– may not work well with older saves, recommended to use a fresh save
– fixed portal in your Own Room not giving options on where to go
– fixed AI weapon switch crushes the game if the AI unit is unarmed
– you can no longer use construction items in non-safe areas. In addition, the game will issue a warning when placing objects in zones that are not saved
– the above is ignored if cheats are enabled
– fixed spawn units/props triggers are not spawning in correct locations in multi room dungeons
– changed the path separator in base game to ‘/'(Windows + Unix) from ‘\'(Windows only)
– added unlockable zones in the location picker in form of ???
– added experimental support for up to 5 attackers for modded animations
– added simple nested folder handling inside a mod folder to deal with common issue where the folders are unzipped as data/MOD_FOLDER/MOD_FOLDER/stuff instead of data/MOD_FOLDER/stuff
– added manual button mashing – can be disabled in Options/Controls
– unique units now attack slower (but still faster than non-uniques)
– added new dialogue EXEC option: "MARK_CURRENT_ZONE_COMLETE" to mark current zone/map as completed in dialogues
– NPCs are now no longer attackable
– Finishing last floor of dungeon now takes you back to town instead of first floor of dungeon
– fixed game crush when changing zones while placed on a device
– fixed bug with command m_goto not ignoring zone accessibility setting
– fixed a couple of game crushes caused by trying to load savefile with mod stuff without the neccessary mod files
– fixed bug with allies not targetting the player on device in safezones
– fixed bug that cause changes to Your Room to not be perserved after loading from savefile
– fixed camera spazzing out when carrying a locked-on unit
– fixed a minor bug that cause your character to be knocked back when taking prisoner of a carried unit
– fixed a potential cause of crush when fighting against the Dark Fairy
– You can no longer "Use On" trap kits on allies.
– Added new Zone: "Your Room," this is a replacement for "Tent" area
– You now start the game in "Your Room" rather than "Town"
– "Tent" area is now inaccessible, but if you wish, you can go back to "Tent" via the command: m_goto "Tent"
– Added new Zone: "Prison," here you can get close and personal with your prisoners
– Accessed via talking to Talia in town, talk to the Receptionist in Prison for an explanation of the area- H move changes:
– In safe areas, the player can now instantly escape from any friendly grabs and devices
– In safe areas, Allies will no longer attempt to escape from grapples and devices
– The "Grabbing Escape" Meter will not show up when neither party is escapings
– In safe areas, H-grabs lasts x2.0 times as long (H-damage reduced by 50%)
– In safe areas, friendly units can now interact with units already placed on devices, but they still wouldn’t carry and place them onto device
– The "Escort" Command now also commands allies that are currently grabbing somebody else to cease that immediately
– You can now get up from downed state with less than 50% of total HP- Stats rebalance
– Command Point increase per level changed from 0.5 to 1.0 per level
– Command Point bonus per INT/CHA changed from 1.0 to 0.5 per point
– MIG and DEX now gives a 5% escape rate increase per point
– CON and WIL now gives a 10% increase in HP regeneration per point- Added a "weaponSwitch" tag under "canDo" that determines if the AI units can switch between ranged and melee weaponry.
– Also requires the unit to have valid melee/ranged weapons in inventory to switch to
– Elf units in "Woods" can now switch between bows and spears
– You can now find supply-refills in containers
– Added the entire "demon_set", "wolf_tail", "kitty_tail", "cat_ears" and "toy_gun" to the Strange Merchant until when they can be acquired in game again
– Removed acquiring new weapon and armor upgrades (the +1, +2, etc) from the game, they will come back in the future in a different form- Added new Map metadata flag: "saveChanges", if set to true, then the game will save any changes made to the map like the "Tent" area
– Game no longer tracks changes to unique units belonging to the enemy and wild team
– this should make authoring new unique enemies easier, as previously edits in the unit json file is ineffective because it is shadowed by the saved unit state
– Added a "can_not_guard" under weapon_move_set to indicate that particular melee weapon can not guard
– Added 3 new vine animations
– Fixed rebinding console key not working properly for closing the console input, you can now type in ` key if you rebind the console key to something else (this should solve some problems for non US-ENG keyboard not able to type in ‘ and ")
– Implement a global resource: "Supplies"
– Command Limit gain per level increased to 0.5 per level from 0.33 per level
– Command Limit gain per CHA decreased to 1.0 per level from 2.0 per level (to 1.5 from 2.33 if including level bonuses)
– Int now also increases Command Limit at same rate as CHA
– Int now allows you to carry 25 more supplies per point. Need to refill supplies to see it’s effect
– Implemented trap kits that places traps. Consumes supplies on use.
– Implemented "gas_trap" functionality
– You now start the game in the Town area instead of Tent
– Maps now only spawns pre-placed unique units if they are not in your party / reserves
– Saphira is looking for a companion, you can find her in town if she is not in your party (her dialogue will be updated in a later patch)
– Added new HUD to open "Inventory"/"Equipment"/"Stats"/"Options" on bottom left of screen
– Removed ‘setting area "Forest" failed’ warning at end of Goblin Lair
– Reduced damage of longbow and kunai to compensate for the fact that they weren’t balanced for infinite ammo at beginning
– Fixed couple of loading mod resource bugs
– // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
– // the following is for modders/ those who are interested in the internals
– // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
– All quest states are now saved globally instead of saved at a per quest giver level
– Game will now track which dungeon/zones you have completed in addition to tracking which dungeon/zones you have unlocked
– for "old" dungeons, they are considered complete when the player finishes the last floor in the dungeon
– for maps, they are considered complete when the player reaches a "task" with a (internal) "type" of "victory"
– Dialgoue: added new <COND_SAY> for (conditional say) that is only availiable if the <QUEST_PREREQS> are met
– Added new types of prerequisites for <PREREQ>s:
– <COMPLETED_ZONE>: checks if the player have completed a zone (dungeon/map)
– <CAN_GOTO_ZONE>: checks whether the player currently have access to a zone (dungeon/map)
– <HAS_MEMBER>: checks whether the player have at least a unit of the same uid in party/reserves
– <QUEST_REWARDS> can now use <EFFECTS> as a reward. This uses the same trigger effects system as in .mapData.
– Note: must be in a map (and not old style dungeon) for this to work
– Added new trigger effects:
– "goto_zone": teleports your party to target map, bypass any access restrictions
– "give_item": places items into player’s inventory
– "spawn_units": spawns group of units of team at region
– Quests can now be marked as repeatable if there is a "<REPEATABLE>":true tag under <QUEST_PREREQS>
– Added a test map for testing the new dialogue stuff. You can access it by m_goto "dev_quest_test" in the console
– data/_quest_ref is where the reference is
– Fixed bug that cause units to disappear if you load a save with CP > CP_LIMIT. They are now placed into reserves.
– Fixed CP for units not updating correctly upon leveling
– Fixed a possible cause of crash "e.has is not a function"
– Fixed a infinite $ bug by repeating the Goblin Capture quest
– Fixed issue with bandit_axe left attack have wonky hit box (problem is the swing animation was too fast)
– Added new equipment: "angel_wing"
– Added new equipment: "demon_tail"
– Implemented 3 new vine/tentatle moves (that should work for +/-30% to the standard body size)
– Implemented new Boss at end of Woods stage (actual boss with several new abilities and not a regular unit with super stats)
– Added experimental modding command "export_unitdata" for exporting the player unit data. You can use this to tweak a unit using in-game tools and
– then use this command to generate the json output to be used in unit_data.json.
– NOTE: you will need to adjust the stat of the unit manually after pasting.
– eg. export_unitdata "MY_UNIT_ID"
– Fixed bug that caused non-unique range units to fire faster than intended
– Added a new object interaction type: Rest -> this fully heals the party, without teleporting the party to the starting zone
– Can only be used once
– Patched a savefile data corruption problem causing impact damage to cease working after visiting town
– I don’t know what caused the data corruption at the moment, persumeably due to bad weapon data somewhere.
– Added a new merchant in town that sells items that are recently implemented to the game, but can’t be found in game
– Fixed bug with "m_load" sometimes not loading units correctly
– Fixed bug with slaver npcs not showing up
– Fixed bug that caused dungeon generation to fail for dungeons with 1 or 2 rooms
– Fixed a couple bugs from v5.09
– fixed game crush when visiting merchant (.getRandomItem() bug that cause it sometimes to return null)
– game will now give a warning when trying to load an unknown unit uid in reserves/prisoners instead of crashing
– fixed unit duplication at end of battle (a certain function was called twice when prisoners are present)
– fixed end of battle incorrectly moving survivors in party to reserves
– you can now only "Customize Body Shape" on unique allies when in a safe zone.
– enforced the file loading order of weaponMovesetFiles -> weaponDataFiles -> itemFiles within the same mod folder
– itemFiles and unitDataFiles (and their dependencies) defined in _MapData are now loaded at start of game rather than on first map load
– fixed bug where map may be initialized before all props are loaded properly
– equipment data dependencies (eg. weaponData) are now lazily evaluated at first use of item rather than during file load
– extended "survive_wave" objective in MapGen to work for maps composed of more than 1 rooms
– improved a couple of warning messages
– duplicate warning messages are now ignored
– default key binding for hotbar slot#10 is now bound to "0" rather than non-existent "10" key
– portal types in non-safe areas now defaults to leave the area instead of selecting where to go (this meant that capture via carry should work)
– fixed infinite potion bug via Combat Trainer
– added new map modding action: enable/disable map zones
– attempted a fix at hidding the taskbar in fullscreen mode
– fixed bug with cumming not delivering damage to enemies
– fixed a crush at end of battle Zone ("uid of undefined")
– reduced the firerate of ranged AI units
– modding: you may now create weapons with custom WeaponData (damage, reach, etc) and Moveset (animation)
– see /data/_base/weapon_datas.json and weapon_move_sets.json
– added new item type: Strapons. This is an equipment that can be worn on the "bot" slot. When equipped, it gives you access to male moves
– added a new move to Plant Girls – vine ensnare: summon vines at target character, ensnaring her and prevents movement
– fixed possible duplication/unit disappear bug in Battle map zone
– Command Point gain from levels increased from 0.2/level to 0.333/level
– renamed the stat "Deflection" to "StaggerResist" to better indicate what it does
– the stat WILL now grants 1.5 StaggerResist per point instead of 1
– updated stats tip to reflect the fact that INT currently does nothing
– friendly move practices should no longer be fatal
– the Town area is now considered a safe zone
– changed the starting items in the "Tent" box to give 1x of each sex change potion + a strap on (only on new saves)
– added invisible barriers to the walls in the "Woods" map
– containers in dungeon are more likely to drop consumables
– increased chance of obtaining magical items
– removed "New Map", "Load Map", "Save Map" buttons in terrain_editor. Use [m_create], [m_load] and [m_save] commands instead
– Talia and Commander in town now sells reset exp potions
– fixed bug where its possible loot temporary equipment (such as dildos) from defeated opponents
– fixed crush (‘g’ of null) (different cause than v5.081 fix)
– fixed rare crush when opening ally’s equipment via dialogue ("K" of null)
– added warning for when modded dungeons is trying to place undefined props
– allies should participate in N-somes when initiated by player in safe zones
– removed "Village" zone from game, use the new "Town" zone instead
– added a link to the reddit mods page on main menu
– fixed bug where you can carry hostile unique units out of current zone
– Added a new "Battle" test map zone (the previous "Forest" map. NOTE: this map uses your party + reserves!)
– game will no longer save generated placement items (eg. from [builder_mode])
– fixed crush (‘g’ of null)
– fixed crush (686:299)
– added a WIP main menu
– all default /data/ folders now begins with "_" to help differentiate between base game and mods
– added a new NPC in Town that sells furniture
– tied up units around the teleporter will enter the capture prompt in addition to unit carried on the shoulder
– movement speed while carrying increased from 33% of base to 50%
– added 2 new cheats (need $10 tier to use):
– [love_futas]: override all non-unique unit data to be futas
– [builder_mode]: >>REPLACES<< inventory with building tools. Not recommended for regular gameplay use
– removed "Forest" area as it is currently causing bugs with the new Zone system
– fixed the floating white triangle problem with "bee_set_arm"
– fixed issue of BeeGirls not spawning with antennas
– fixed more pathfinding issues
– added a new Survival/Waves of Enemies map
– added a new manual to clear all abilities known.
– fixed some potential issues with the Combat Training Map
– fixed crush at end of Combat Training if Locked-On is used
– "Combat Training" map is now accessed by talking with the Commander in Town
– added a new "Town" area that will replace the "Village" map in the future
– added a "Survival" map with waves of enemies
– added storing/take party members – talk to innkeeper at new Town map
– default price for weapons reduced from 400 to 200
– you may now initiate move practice on any party members (including non-un) in the "Camp" map
– it is now possible to capture non-unique enemy units, the following actions have a chance of capturing:
– carrying to portal
– finish enemy with H move
– converted unit via devices
* some old unit designs may not be captured due to lacking "uid" parameter
– you may now sell captured units with a NPC in the new Town map
– you may now try to convert captured units to permanently join your party with a NPC in the new Town map
– "Goblin Capture" mission can now be started via talking to the Researcher in the new Town map
– added a [Next Page] and [Prev Page] for selecting where to go when there are many options