Overlusthood Legends [v0.1.1] [Suishy]

In TeasinCity, the hometown of our main character, girls are disappearing en masse. Who’s behind it? Slave traders, mystical ancient evil or both? To figure it out and stop it is up to our hero. But sometimes good deeds require getting to the bottom of city’s darkest and most perverted secrets.Overlusthood Legends is a NSFW quest in a sci-fi fantasy setting with elements of life and dating simulator, and a unique story with unexpected plot twists. Every character you meet, regardless of its sex, race or occupation, has two sides and can end up in your bed if you put a little effort into it.​
Thread Updated: 2019-12-06
Release Date: 2019-12-06
Developer: Suishy Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.1
OS: Web, Windows, Mac
Language: English
Male Protagonist, Adventure, Dating Sim, Humor, Sci-fi, Simulator, Tentacles, Furry, Drugs, Big Tits, Slave, Teasing, Oral Sex, Voyeurism