Goblin Walker [rusimarudou]

Goblin Walker [rusimarudou] Goblin Walker [rusimarudou] Goblin Walker [rusimarudou] Goblin Walker [rusimarudou] Goblin Walker [rusimarudou] Goblin Walker [rusimarudou] Goblin Walker [rusimarudou]
The great goblin sealed for 300 years finally comes to life again,
but his spirit is no longer with his physical body which has already decayed away!In order to obtain a new body, he abducts a village girl as a sacrifice
to a demonic ritual and confines her in an underground prison.
: Features *** Language Selectable: Japanese / English ***
You can switch the language setting in the option menu on the title screen and in the room of the throne.Debug mode is available in the underground prison where
you can violate village girls you captured again.
After you clear a game, BGM debug mode will be unlocked.* Parts of magic circles, message window etc. are
derived from free materials under permission.* Collaborative Creator
Heliodor* Voice Materials credited to:
Tiger Lily
CVs: Ryou Suzuki / Maria Ayana
Updated: 30/04/2018
Developer/Publisher: rusimarudou
Censorship: Yes (mosaic)
Version: 1.52
OS: Windows
Language: English & Japanese
Male Protagonist (?), Monster, Rape, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Animated, Fantasy, 2D Game, Censored, Japanese Game, Humiliation, Combat Change-Log:
v1.52Seems some typos and nothing more. Extra information:
– If the default language of the game it’s not english from the start, just go into the options menu > last option before "Reset" and then choose english.
– This game can be played with the keyboad and the controller, but apparently works better with a controller so I suggest you to play with that.
– Also, the game before was rejected and that is true. However after looking at it once more, the staff gave me the approval.