Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft [v0.255] [Project Helius]

Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft [v0.255] [Project Helius] Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft [v0.255] [Project Helius] Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft [v0.255] [Project Helius] Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft [v0.255] [Project Helius] Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft [v0.255] [Project Helius]
The Paralogue is a series of transitory game builds serving as a full scale upgrade of Fallen Doll and a concept prototype of Fallen Doll’s sequel. As a frontier research and military base revolving Yuggoth, the newly discovered Kuiper belt dwarf planet unbeknownst to human race until late 21 century, Archimedes orbital station harbors a pair of sentient military AI mainframes which can project their sentience unto any synthetic body with a positronic brain: Erika (Electronic Recon-Infiltration Combat Agent) and Alet (Assault-Type Lite).Previously known as "Paralogue"​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-07
Release Date: 2020-05-04
Developer: Project Helius Patreon
Censorship: No
Version: 0.255
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Game: Fallen Doll
3D Game, Sci-Fi, Bestiality, Animated, Voiced, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex
Optimization:Erika’s Night Maid clothing material and physicsBetter sweat visuals for Erika and Anya0.24 and 0.25 Animation fixesImproved Anya’s in-mouth shading and lip syncImproved Anya’s breast and butt jiggle physics (now adjustable in the custom menu)Default camera angle and dressing limitation adjusted for some scenesFixes:VR – Sweat visual addedVR – Body/Outfit Customization no longer causes character errorVoice and climax visual fixesAnimation name fixesHead track no longer causes character’s head to behave abnormally in some circumstancesFixed an issue preventing Alet’s dress from being changed v0.25
Additions:Erika’s New (Old?) Outfit: Night Maid, tailored to match the body of her MK-IV model, with improved details.10 New Sex Scenes:Anya+BasatanAnya+Dreamer3 Alet+Deep OneErika+DreamerErika+Great Race2 Erika+HoundErika+Deep OneImprovements:Revised animations added in 0.24Wrong voices fixedPolished Anya’s appearance, physics and expressionsSweat visual fixesBody seam fixedAdded Anya’s custom menuMale transparency setting now works as intended in VRKnown Issues:The handcuff in Anya&Basatan scene is missing. v0.24
Additions:A new character: Dr.Anya4 new sex scenes for Dr.Anya4 new sex scenes for Erika2 new sex scenes for AletImprovements:Outfit and body model fixesNew UI sound effectsNew scenes are highlightedKnown Issues:We are still fine-tuning Dr.Anya’s appearance and physics parameters. v0.23
Additions:New enemy: Deep One Hybrid10 new sex scenes:
Erika-Spawn of Basatan
Erika-Great Race of Yith
Erika-Hound of Tindalos
Erika-Mi-go Nymph
Alet-Deep One Hybrid
Alet-DreamerMotion blur effectsSkin pressing effectsImprovements:Enable POV switch among multiple actorsAdded confirmation check for resolution changeFixes:Textures become blurry with low graphic quality settingModel clipping with Erika’s stealthsuitAnimation and sound effect fixesFixed a rare crash issueFixed lighting flickersAs in 0.21, AMD 5700 series card users who installed an out of date driver may encounter fatal errorSolution:This issue has been confirmed as a conflict between AMD RX5700 series graphic cards and latest Unreal Engine builds.Please update your graphic card driver at https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/rn-rad-win-19-12-2If the issue persists, please extract the installer with 7zip or a comparable program, opens the pathPackagesDriversDisplayWT6A_INFB349181(19.12.2 ver.)I extracted and uploaded the dll file for your convenience, you can