Vinland [v0.1.6b] [HuitiemeGame]

Vinland [v0.1.6b] [HuitiemeGame] Vinland [v0.1.6b] [HuitiemeGame] Vinland [v0.1.6b] [HuitiemeGame] Vinland [v0.1.6b] [HuitiemeGame] Vinland [v0.1.6b] [HuitiemeGame] Vinland [v0.1.6b] [HuitiemeGame] Vinland [v0.1.6b] [HuitiemeGame] Vinland [v0.1.6b] [HuitiemeGame]
The story takes place in 1008 AD. Greenland is celebrating the departure of a seafarers crew to Vinland, a new land promising numerous riches to those brave enough to conquer it. The expedition is led by Thorfinn Karlsefni and his wife, a couple of rich merchants from Iceland, and accompanied by Eirik the Red’s children. You play a young peasant who initially came only to cheer on the heroes and who, through a (fortunate) chain of events, is enrolled into the crew to discover Vinland.​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-09
Release Date: 2020-05-08
Developer: Huitieme Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.6b
OS: WIndows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Voyeurism, Big tits, Vikings, Adventure
+ fixed typos
+ improved menu interface
+ new scene at the end of the Gudrid Warrior path to tie it all better
+ new flags in Gudrid paths
+ 3 bonus scenes (20 new renders + 9 old renders)v0.1.6a
This update adds two (short) paths and can be started from the moment Leif asks you which ship you wanna board.
Gudrid Warrior path
Freydis Scholar path
+ 393 renders (total ~1400)
+ 1350 lines
+ 1 love interest
+ 9 Bonus renders (on Scholar Freydis path)DISCLAIMER REGARDING THE 0.1.6a VERSION
This version is still in alpha stage and will be updated Friday (for free) with:
+ fixed typos
+ new scene at the end of the Gudrid Warrior path to tie it all better
+ new flags in Gudrid pathsv0.1.3b
First part of Chapter 1
Gudrid scholar path
Freydis warrior path
+ 820 renders (total 1000)
+ 10 music (total 17)
+ 9 Freydis bonus renders
+ 3500 linesv0.1b
Font changed.v0.1
Developer Notes:
Regarding the release workflow, this update is totally free and open to everyone, patron or not. Starting from the next one, I’ll first release the beta version more or less as soon as it’s done to 10$ patrons, and then after one week, it’ll go live. My objective is to have some time to fix potential bugs before giving it up to the world. That being said, this version *is* a beta and I’m counting on all of you to give me lots and lots of feedback and report any bug you may encounter.
Replayability is a big component of this chapter, as there’s just no way you could see everything in one playthrough. There are two main paths: Freydis warrior and Gudrid scholar (Freydis scholar and Gudrid warrior will come later) and each path will divide into a few others.About Versioning:
Here’s how I manage the versioning, e.g. v0.1.3a:
0: major release, will only be incremented once the development reaches its end.
1: medium release, I want this number to reflect the last available chapter number. It will be incremented when the story reaches a new chapter.
3: minor release, new updates of various sizes. In this case, it’s a 3 because I think we’ve reached 30% of the first chapter.
a: status of the release. "a" is for the first release, beta status if you wish, then I’ll change letters depending on the bug fixes.