Demon Hunt Squad [v0.3] [The King of Brocoli]

Demon Hunt Squad [v0.3] [The King of Brocoli] Demon Hunt Squad [v0.3] [The King of Brocoli] Demon Hunt Squad [v0.3] [The King of Brocoli]
A monster breeding sandbox-ish HRPG made in game maker where you get to catch, breed and train a variety of characters so you can form your own invincible demon army as you explore the postwar ruins of the skeleton city, uncover mysteries, solve puzzles, do quests and overcome enemies along the way.​
Thread Updated: 2019-08-04
Release Date: 2019-07-26
Developer: The King of Brocoli BlogPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
OS: Win
Language: English
2dgame, 2dcg, Animated, Big tits, Combat, Cream pie, Domination, Fantasy, Female protagonist, futa/shemale, lesbian, management, monster, monster girl, pregnancy, puzzle, rpg, turn based combat, vaginal sex.
Added a intro sequence, having a name serves no purpose yet and had to scrap the dialogue tree, because of lack of time. can be skipped by clicking on your map. 3 new animations, now every unit available can be harvested and breed. Added loyalty stat, a level 5 loyalty is now required to breed your units, in order to gain loyalty,the PC needs to harvest each unit, loyalty will be linked to the PC charisma stat, more is planned with this stat. finished constitution stat, units now require to have at least 1 point of constitution to be able to breed/be harvested, constitution replenishes by sleeping on the bed located at the base location. 1st harvesting quest added, exchange 20 bottles of demon cum for a key item. 1st house upgrade added,use the key item gained from the harvesting quest and unlock the shed. Eggs, eggs will begin spawning once the shed upgrade is unlocked. Each egg takes 5 in game days to hatch. (trying to breed the eggs will crash the game) Simplified Boiler puzzle, since it was not fun, simply solve it by destroying it. Added a second cat girl to the 1st dungeon,find the key to the classroom and capture her (the key is still named token, forgot to change the name) Remember to take notes of their patterns so if you miss one you can capture the other.
Added a couple more names to the random name generator.
Known bugs:
clicking on the about button will crash the game.
game crashes when switching between fullscreen and nomal.
will fix them asap.v0.02
the ground work for adding traits, customization, and stat variations has been completed.
Every creature now is its own individual unit.
I can’t really describe the amount of work put into this database without sounding boring/whinny but let’s just say that no further work will be needed on it.
There are still some loose ends but those were intentionally left like that, so I can connect new modules related to the game play loop.Some other things added for this update:1.- The bed next to the pc has now a sleep mechanic that replenishes the constitution of all your units once it’s depleted.
(atm constitution just goes into negatives but it’s best to have it now rather than later)
2.-Fixed the annoying bug that freezes the game if you open the map but don’t travel.
3.-Both arrow keys and WASD keys can be used for movement now.
4.-Added supporter given names to the random name generatorCurrent names are:
Basilius & Laska-Basilius
NepawS- NepawS
Draxus -PoyntFuryI already tried contacting each one of you but there was no reply in some cases so I just went with your user names. If some of you want me to change the names just comment here of send me a PM.I know this update doesn’t look like much, but thanks to it the next one will be more perceptible.
Game content
2 locations. 2 puzzles. Showcase of the almost fully Animated Rock,paper,scissor capturing mechanics. (still needs idle and damage animations but I may end up changing the sprites) Basic Breeding Engine. Sexual Content
3 Animations.
Pairings: Male on Female/Futanari on female/female on female.
Available characters: Catgirl/werewolf/omnibus/human female.
Developer Notes:
Let me know if you were able to solve the puzzle,found any bugs and if the executable file works on your system. also press the esc key to advance animations & f1 for full screen (pressing F1 after entering full screen seems to crash the game atm, press windows key + D to return to desktop).
thanks to PluritechnoSafe code: DAEF >Obtain wrench>Obtain Hammer off the ground located in the room with the sleeping bags
>Hit the meat grinder in the room with the "Ve" graffiti >Obtain Token
>Interact with the statue on the room with the "od" graffiti >Obtain Screw Driver
>Go to the room on the right and interact with the machine
>catgirl capture event is broken atm will fix it on the next update.