Total Combat 2050 [v0.2] [Total Combat Games]

Total Combat 2050 [v0.2] [Total Combat Games] Total Combat 2050 [v0.2] [Total Combat Games] Total Combat 2050 [v0.2] [Total Combat Games] Total Combat 2050 [v0.2] [Total Combat Games]
Total Combat is a NSFW, adult, hardcore game.You play a once-wealthy submissive girl, fighting her way to survive when your family went bankrupt. Now under the thumbs of two doms, you have to participate in fights where anything goes, including sex. It is set in an harsh world with extreme inequality, where most characters are evil and many of them have little redeeming qualities.Total Combat is meant to be a dark, cyberpunk erotic fantasy. It is narrative-driven with the player making impactful choices to alter the protagonist traits. There are currently over 100 passages and 16k words (or 27% of an average novel!). Total Combat features a combat system, a training system, branching story lines, and a diverse slate of sex roles & fetishes.Will you submit to the demands of others, or will you survive and thrive by unleashing your inner fighter?​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-02
Release Date: 2020-05-02
Developer: Total Combat Games – Website
Censored: No
Version: v0.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
Real porn, Female protaganist, Bdsm, Corruption, Female domination, Male domination, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Anal sex, Oral sex,
v0.2 Release – Two major fights, combat system, home hub, character and training, random image generator
Developer Notes:
Hi Everyone, Nic here. Just wanted to thank everyone for your feedback! I thought this little game might bring a bit of fun in these trying times, take your mind off things. What else do those who have their hours cut do – re-watch The Office for the fifth time?
– The game is currently in early access version. While it is still in early access (long way to go as I already have ideas for the next 3 fights!), many of the major systems of the game are completed. This means that I get to spend more time creating content rather than working on back-end systems!
– Many images are in .webp format, best viewed on the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.
– Images for the training and in-fight scenes are randomly selected with a 50% chance of displaying a picture. If you can see even 1 image, it means you can see all of them because they have similar formats. I’m working on it having it display nothing rather than the broken image icon.
– I am taking inspiration from JRPG for fights, starting from simple battles to more intricate systems over time. Stay tuned!