Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign]

Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign] Crimson Veil [v2.4.1] [MKRUdesign]
You play as the vampire hunteress Mila, completing hunting contracts to earn gold for your organization and defeating the hordes of the undead while avoiding getting turned into one yourself! Each monster encounter will require preparation. Upgrade yourself by visiting shops, raising your hunter rank and interacting with the world around you.​
Thread Updated: 2020-04-08
Release Date: 2020-04-5
Developer: MKRUdesign
Censored: No
Version: 2.4.1
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
RPG, 2D Game, 2DCG, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, Adventure, Monster, Transformation, Turn Based Combat, Rape, Pregnancy, Titfuck, Vaginal Sex
(You can only get to the sexual content by reaching the various bad endings)
– Bookworm/Bianca and Iris’ Bad Endings have been updated.
– Two new Hunting Contracts have been added.
– 2 Vampire Hunter enemies have been added to the Vampire Route. Alyena can be found in the Rotten Grove Cemetery and Johannes can be found in the Rotten Grove Grotto.
– Eight additional images added to photo gallery.
– Bug fixed which allowed players to purchase Laurels in the flower shop without any gold.
– Bug fix which prevented the player from saving after using the "Invoke Fog" skill.
– "Guard" skill has been adjusted. Reduces more damage, protects against more ailments including "Vampire", increases LP charge rate when taking damage.
– "Summon Bat" skill has been updated. It now hits 7 times, with a fixed HP damage. No longer drains HP.
– Leveling up with Faahlda now fully restores Mila’s HP and SP.
– Ghouls now appear in the mountainside area after completing chapter 2.v2.3.1
– Adjustmentments to Faye’s Flying Syringe Skill.
– More HP added to Viviene in each form.
– Bug fix which made Contract 3 inaccessible if you completed Contract 2 before accepting Contract 3
– Nosferatu’s drop rate for Vampire Dust adjusted from 25% to 33%
– Genevieve, Scarlett, and Claudia all drop Vampire Dust after their boss fight.
– Summon Bat Skill now hits 3 times instead of 5
– Boss fight music added to Victoria’s fight.
– Minor Bug fixes and spelling errors fixed in certain areas.v2.3
•Vampire route is now accessible after completing chapter 2. Speak with the bald man in South Mor Town to begin!
•Five additional images added to photo gallery.
•Bookworm/Bianca can now be fought in chapter 1 without any penalty of accidentally slaying her. Option to slay is still available.
•New enemy type: Vampire Maid
•Additional items, equipment, and skills have been added.
•Pet system has been added in the vampire route.
•Sound effect tweaks in certain scenes.
•Character profiles added in status menu for all party members.
•Stat growths for Mila have been adjusted.v2.2.1
•Gallery Pic 8 art has been updated
•Fixes to progression in certain contracts.v2.2
•Two new Hunting Contracts have been added.
•One new Non-Hunting Contract side quest available in South Mor Town from NPC after the end of chapter 2.
•Ten additional images added to photo gallery.
•The Rotten Grove expanded.
•You can now read through Mila’s diary without triggering a bad ending.
•New enemy type: Nosferatu.
•Flower Shop Laurels now have a stock of 5 per Laurel
•Eastern Overworld is locked until end of chapter 2.
•Librarian scene in chapter 1 redone. New art has been added as well.
•Difficulty of Librarian and Bookworm battles have been adjusted.
•Whip Upgrade store has been expanded! New whips are available as well as a place to purchase Silver Ore.
•Selling items now possible at a store found in the Eastern Overworld (Abelleth Village).
•Transformation sequence added when dying from vampirism in the Overworld.
•Liquid Silver and Dagger skills now inflict "Weakened" state instead of lowering all stats.
•The level at which certain skills are acquired has been changed.Save data is already included with the