Gladiatrix [v0.01] [Wijat]

Gladiatrix [v0.01] [Wijat] Gladiatrix [v0.01] [Wijat] Gladiatrix [v0.01] [Wijat] Gladiatrix [v0.01] [Wijat] Gladiatrix [v0.01] [Wijat] Gladiatrix [v0.01] [Wijat] Gladiatrix [v0.01] [Wijat] Gladiatrix [v0.01] [Wijat]
Here is a land, you can manage female Gladiator, feed em’up or fuck em’up. Grow your group and fight with another group.​
Thread Updated: 2019-12-16
Release Date: 2019-12-12
Developer: Wijat Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.01 Demo
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: English
Gladiator, 3D Game, Character Editor, Character Training, Cloth Change, No Sexual Content, Trainer
Developer Notes:
Continue to refactor the face pinch system and cancel the custom settings of clothes. The clothes are gameplay data. You cannot put the pinch face there. The goal is to cancel the clothes data!
For the pinch interface, the morph data needs to be updated according to the values on the character.
Do two functions, one is to give a character, and then read a set of face pinching data from this character, the other is to give a set of data and a character, and then set this set of data to the character
To random data here2019.5.6
Face pinch system to set up, whether to wear underwear option
The core design of the game is gone, redo it! In the future, game design is very important. Don’t mess around.
May 13 Note:
Tomorrow- character class performance and component data should be distinguished
Build a new project tomorrow to port the content of Girl Gladiator
The radio logic of the stroke will be done tomorrow
Player controller migration is complete!2019.4.29:
Tomorrow continue to do this face pinch interface, this random data is ready, study tomorrow how to save this face pinch data, and can import and export, as well as the random name
Finish saving the data!Tomorrow will make a simple interactive framework for the building. After finishing the framework, go to the transplantation of that main interface.
2019.5.21: I finished the building interaction today, and will do the main interface transplant tomorrow
2019.5.22: The main interface was made today. There is still this new stroke processing for this building, and the character list bar at the top of the main interface.
2019.5.23: The effect of this building needs special effects, it needs to turn blue when dragged into the scene, and it must turn red when it encounters other objects, and then it is really dropped. This screenshot of the main interface has to be done later because this is a For screenshots, the next step is to make the character interface first.
2019.5.27: Take a screenshot of this model tomorrow
2019.5.28: I finished taking a screenshot of this model today, but a bug was generated, because the pinch face was reconstructed, so now there is a problem with the click of this training scene, and the interface can be fixed tomorrow.2019.5.29: Today, the screenshot of this pinch is integrated into the character data, and it can be used to save the data. The next step is to make the interface. First of all, clear this data and put these character data into the player. Into the controller, and then continue the interface development. After playing with the data, you need to use the gameplay ability system to manage the character attributes. If you want to use these in battle, you must do this!
2019.5.30: When I made this interface today, I found a magical BUG. This material instance cannot be saved and read normally, and the editor cannot read the previous material instance! !! !! This needs to be changed, and the material instance cannot be saved.
2019.6.1: The BUG of this material instance has been solved, but there is still a problem on the interface. This list is not spaced properly when it is dynamically added. Solve it next time and do the character interface.
2019.6.3: I found out the reason for the spacing on the main interface today, because the name sometimes grows too long, which will cause the entire component to be wide, so the spacing will be different. Today, the role interface is here. Tomorrow continue to do this click and then display the data of these characters.
2019.6.4: I made this character preview interface very beautiful today, and tomorrow I can really do this to expand the detailed data!2019.6.6: Start the equipment system tomorrow. Get the icons and data of this equipment.
2019.6.7: Cut the battle, cancel the battle scene directly, calculate the battle directly, then tell the result of the battle to end, focus on doing this data management
2019.6.8: The skill system also needs to be cut off together, the combat system has been removed, and the skills can’t be needed anymore, and the close button at that time will be awful, unlike the close button of the end game, redo a close button
2019.6.9: Study this ActionRPG project, mainly to learn the principle and application of this gameability
2019.6.14: Today this gameplayability learned C ++ Health here, continue tomorrow
2019.6.17: Learn the sprint skills here today. Continue tomorrow. I do n’t know what to do today. I hate it. It should be because this tutorial uses a lot of C ++ to write logic.
2019.6.20: Today I am here, a logo actually needs to be made in C ++, I am drunk, I do n’t want to use it, so I will learn the implementation of that last skill tomorrow
2019.6.29: I have constructed this character attribute framework today, and I can do the attribute attribute of the equipment tomorrow.2019.6.30: I made the attributes of this equipment today, continue tomorrow, equipment attributes, this is the most fun place, but also the place I have never done, come on!
2019.7.1: Drag and drop these operations here today, continue to do this dragged item exchange tomorrow
2019.7.2: Continue this drag and drop project exchange tomorrow, there are BUG here, not clear here!
2019.7.4: Come here today, the real performance and data of bed equipment will be done tomorrow
2019.7.5: The data for wearing the equipment is ready, but the exchange between the equipment is a bit problem, mainly the drag performance problem
2019.7.6: The dragging of the equipment is no problem. Tomorrow will do the logic of double-click and single-click operation menu.
2019.7.7: It ’s not easy to do this stand-alone pop-up menu today. To do specific click and double-click wear logic tomorrow
2019.7.8: The logic of the wear operation is all completed, and you can start to do specific attribute operations and clothes performance tomorrow.
2019.7.9: Continue to make changes to the wear of this attribute tomorrow
2019.7.10: Today, I have done a good job of changing the wearability of this equipment property, and also did a wear performance, but there are problems, continue to do this wear performance tomorrow.2019.7.17: here today, there is a problem with this left and right equipment exchange
2019.7.18: I have completed the wearable logic, exchange, and performance operations of the equipment, such as wearing a helmet to hide hair, wearing a high heel to raise the heel. Tomorrow, we can start to make the site’s functional building and its interaction.
2019.7.19: Today I fixed a bug in the performance of multi-player switching. There is a new technical solution. In the future, the structure should not be used. Instead, use the class to hold composite data. Because the structure is set up everywhere, the engine has a problem. The engine handles the structure is not normal, so pay attention. You can go to the site construction tomorrow.
2019.7.20: Today I refactored the building, the logic is already in the component. Continue to develop this building here tomorrow.
2019.7.21: The building function is canceled, all are changed to training piles, similar to the role slot for the character to automatically train or restore.
2019.7.23: continue to do this tomorrow
2019.8.19: Starting today as the training system, the characters are hung on the training pile to increase experience, then upgrade, and then you can add attribute values. Opening a bank account last month was very tormenting, and today I started to concentrate on developing games.
2019.8.20: Do this upgrade today plus points here!2019.8.21: The upgrade points are ready. Don’t use the structure for data in the future. It’s very disgusting. Try to use classes to store data. Let the structure do the configuration table in the future. Don’t use it to process the data. It’s too disgusting!
You can start making money resources and market systems tomorrow.
2019.8.22: Today, this resource is a rough idea. The market interface is just to buy characters. Push it later. The next step is to interact with the character pinch system. There is also a solution to the problem of penetration of this interface. Let’s see how Fuck.
2019.8.23: I found that I want to save the system. Let’s focus on the save and read system tomorrow!
2019.8.24: Save it, do this read tomorrow, read it to traverse the file.
In order to use the class as data as much as possible (because you can change the amount without worrying about any editor explosion or various compilation engine-level problems), the saved content becomes a little bit painful. You have to save multiple files.
2019.8.25: I did this save and load today, using a plug-in, but only using his serialized object, and continue to load this character tomorrow, see if I can load the custom face data well
2019.8.26: Don’t save and load first, because I found out that I should buy a plug-in. Tomorrow, I will directly switch the scene of the pinch scene, then temporarily store the data in GameInstance, and then switch the scene. This save and read only need to study those.2019.8.27: Tomorrow we will continue to study this method of switching to the pinch scene.
2019.8.28: Continue working on this save plugin tomorrow
2019.8.29: I found that this save plugin can’t help me solve all the problems at once, the role must be digitalized, that is, when creating the role, all the data must be extracted and saved, and then read from the data Create a new role list.
2019.8.30: Come to this updated role today, try changing the structure tomorrow to save it. It is only necessary to collect and update there, do not reference it elsewhere.
2019.8.31: I studied this SQLite today, and continue tomorrow. It may be better to use this to do data.
2019.9.1: Continue to try native save and read tomorrow. It is estimated that it can work with struct nesting. This SQLite is not so easy to use, and the editor has crashed several times.
2019.9.2: Save and read successfully! Still rely on native save and read successfully! Yay! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!
2019.9.3: Save and read are ready, now it is OK to save and read. Next, you can switch and interact with the pinch scene!
2019.9.9: This is the interface for selecting a character today! Tomorrow continue to do the right generation of this battle interface!
2019.9.10: I did the character enemies data generation today. There is a problem with this data generation. I have to pinch the face data to generate here. There are problems. Make up here. Continue to do this makeup tomorrow.
2019.9.11: Today, the makeup problem is solved, the battle interface is worse than the dynamic view that is arranged to see the effect!
2019.9.16: I made most of the dynamic views arranged today, and continue to do it tomorrow, because it seems a bit buggy, do not move that position and angle anymore, it is speechless.
2019.9.17: Tomorrow, understand how this property operates and what the principle of the addition is.
2019.9.18: Put the logic of this attribute on a component tomorrow, which is owned by PlayerController. This component then manipulates the generation and calculation of attributes. The equipment should be generated first, and then the attribute list is generated from the equipment!
2019.9.19: The attribute calculation of this equipment is done. This part is quite complicated. To be honest, now that it is done, let’s do the calculation of automatic combat.
2019.9.20: The automatic battle calculation is done. Calculate directly with the combat effectiveness, that is, the combat effectiveness may need to be modified at that time, because those attributes are better than the important ones. Tomorrow we will have this winning and losing settlement interface and results.
2019.9.21: The winning result is done. Find out the results of losing tomorrow.
2019.9.24: The result of the loss is good. This wearing equipment seems to have a BUG, which is not suitable for normal wearing. If you have time to take a look, do this next. Change the combat mortality rate. The higher the combat power, the better the death.
Tomorrow the market will change, you can buy food and participate in the number of wars. Applying for battle consumes the number of battles. The food starts to buckle, triggering something
2019.9.25: The market will change tomorrow, you can buy food and participate in the number of battles. Applying for battle consumes the number of battles. The food is about to buckle, triggering something to trigger it. There is a bug in the death of the character because of the indexing problem. Leave it for repair when you have time. Develop new features tomorrow. The technology tree has to be done quickly.
2019.9.29: I changed the event system today, and there are a lot of bugs. Currently, there is a bug that wears equipment. It will go wrong when you drag it on the equipped icon, and the equipment slot will not light up when you drag it. Let ’s see what happens.
2019.10.5: Tomorrow this bug will continue to look at, undressing is not normal. New features are mainly technology trees and weapon systems.
Maiden Wilderness
2019.10.7: Let’s put this simulation business game aside, do it next year, start a new project tomorrow, and do this third perspective operation.
2019.10.8: The third perspective framework has been engaged for a while, and now I am learning fine arts, using blender
2019.10.9: Learn a little basic today, continue tomorrow, finish this basic and start to do that role, look at the exported deformation data is abnormal. The learning method is to learn the basics, then start to google search for things that you don’t understand, and explore through the problems.
2019.10.10: Today I learned to bind the ball, and found that the constraints of this ball are not useful in unreal, and it is normal to import into unreal. Continue this video to learn character binding tomorrow.
2019.10.12: Do eye binding here today, continue tomorrow
2019.10.13: I made this learning example of binding of legs to body and eyes, and continue to do the example of binding of hands tomorrow. The learning plan is to finish binding, and learn about simple character modeling, and then model I did it again, because this blender can’t take the deformation data of Maya, so I need to use a new model and make new deformation data. So the new game is made with a model of the new Elder Scrolls.
2019.10.15: Follow the video to do the character binding tomorrow. The previous character will see how to migrate to blender.
2019.10.16: I performed this character binding today, and found that there was a problem with the IK of that foot. Tomorrow, check why, and then continue to do this character binding.
2019.10.16: Let’s see how this animation is exported to unreal tomorrow.
2019.10.17: Animation problem solved! It is a bug caused by name conflict. Just change the name. You can learn to bind with rigify tomorrow!
2019.10.19: I practiced modeling today, and can come and try it tomorrow.
2019.10.23: Today I used rigify to bind the character, and the next step is to build that model, there are eyeballs and eyelashes. You can try to import this role to UE tomorrow
2019.10.24: This rigify binding is done, and tomorrow I will start learning the godot engine and make a simple character stealth 3D game.
2019.10.29: In learning Godot, today I switched to the weapon of this FPS, the code runs successfully. Tomorrow continue to see how this weapon code works, and then continue this tutorial
2019.11.10: After learning that dodgeball, it’s too easy to play that game. Next, make a game of your own. Remember the learning method. If you don’t understand it, go to the search engine to understand it. 3D tank battle, do not have light effects, do not have good pictures, as long as it is the code you write and the model you make, you can make it.
2019.11.12: This blender export has problems and needs research.
2019.11.13: Change this driving mechanism. Tomorrow, the mouse will operate the tank aiming angle. The arrow keys are the same as the Grand Theft Auto.
2019.11.15: The protagonist has been designed, it is such a ball tank, and he will start shooting bullets tomorrow.
2019.11.18: The bullet is ready. The flare emitted by this bullet needs to be studied.
2019.11.19: Research success! done! Use particle effects this time!
2019.11.20: Study this rigid body physics bullet here today, continue tomorrow
2019.11.21: The physical bullet is ready, continue to study this Tween tomorrow, and do this gun animation when launching
2019.11.22: That’s it for the player tank. To be the enemy tomorrow, this game is making this map, then to make a variety of enemies, and just go through the levels.
2019.11.25: The enemy has mystery. We need to study how to implement GDScript’s scene inheritance. Today I sorted out the code and removed the character class in the place of control, so the code is well separated.
2019.11.27: I made this inheritance and global code today, and study tomorrow to see how you can make a material instance.
2019.11.28: Become an enemy tomorrow. To study how this AI works, you can see what this behavior tree is all about, and how to find a way. If you are in trouble, you can not find it. If you are not in trouble, you need to.
2019.11.29: I studied this behavior tree today, and continue tomorrow, this behavior tree will be used, and the wayfinding will not be done.
2019.12.03: I studied this behavior tree today and decided to use the simple version of Action and Selector two nodes. I will start AI tomorrow. It will simply be a simple patrol and then I will see the player and fight. I can’t see it and then patrol.
2019.12.4: I did this player-finding AI today and will continue to do this patrol logic tomorrow
2019.12.6: Get this patrol done today, tomorrow you can consider doing real damage and explosions, as well as bullet special effects
2019.12.8: The effect of the bullet explosion example is done. Do damage and death tomorrow, and then study this Gripmap to see how to make the level and play it one level at a time.
2019.12.9: Injury and death are done, by the way, the first perspective. By tomorrow I will start researching Gripmap, make two levels first
2019.12.10: There is a pit in this Gridmap. This MeshLibary generation will be very pit. There is no way to generate it normally. The other is good. MeshLibary will study tomorrow and see if it can be manually configured. Do not automatically generate it. Now, make the two levels, and switch.
2019.12.11: Start researching the interface tomorrow, and cut out an interface after death
2019.12.12: Learn this interface tomorrow
2019.12.13: The pause interface is complete. It is not too late to save and read after you can publish it. Now it is necessary to make a start interface first, and then make a second kind of enemy to do more and more levels, and then switch the levels to release. .
2019.12.17: Today the level switch is complete, and the start interface is also available. The rest is to make the second enemy out and make more levels, then release