Changeling Tale [v0.7.7] [Little Napoleon]

Changeling Tale [v0.7.7] [Little Napoleon] Changeling Tale [v0.7.7] [Little Napoleon] Changeling Tale [v0.7.7] [Little Napoleon] Changeling Tale [v0.7.7] [Little Napoleon]
Changeling Tale
is the world’s first human to anthro Transformation Themed Visual Novel: an interactive story with musical and graphic elements. It is also a bishoujo-style Eroge, so expect some explicit nudity and sexual content.
: Read More Scotland, 1919. The MacLeod sisters have felt the toll of war and are struggling to make ends meet. When their neighbor and childhood friend returns home, his support might just be the blessing they need. But little do they know, he will reveal a secret that will change their lives – literally!Play as Malcolm, the young Scottish veteran struggling to find peace on the ranch where he grew up. As the lives of Malcolm and those closest to him are turned upside down, your actionsdictate how the story will end!
Thread Updated: 2020-04-19
Release Date: 2020-04-03
Developer: Little Napoleon Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.7
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
2DCG, Transformation, Furry, Male Protagonist
v 0.7.7
N/AVersion 0.6.5- Fixed an issue where game would not start
– Fixed pixel overflow on the Muzzle3 frame
– Removed an underlying image from NightKiss frame———Version 0.6.4- Finalized assets for Jessie’s chapter 3
– Refined Jessie’s chapter 3 choreography
– Added 1 new easter egg
– Clarified who is joining who on the lakeside walk in Grace’s Chapter 1Statistics:The game contains 10,670 dialogue blocks, containing 162,793 words and 865,123
characters, for an average of 15.3 words and 81 characters per block.The game contains 72 menus, 1,995 images, and 54 screens.———Version 0.6.3- Added refined sketches and finished assets———Version 0.6.2- Added BG and Scenes to their respective galleries
– Made Change Log accessible in game (under About)
– Fixed a second letter capital typo
– Added missing code for j 0gsideglum
– Added missing feather on j1gexasperatedup
– Replaced remaining instances of sfxloop_shellfire.mp3 with sfxloop_shellfire.ogg
– Fixed title graphics to change on correct chapter completion
– Updated credits———Version 0.6.1- Coded and added assets for beta release
– Renamed Changelog to omit version number
– Moved icons to above the game folder
– Extended mobile UI format to include tablets
– Edited Incoming, Shellfire & Shot SFX
– Fixed the Grace Ch2 letter not displaying correctly on mobile
– Fixed a missing Balgair sprite
– Changed Bairds page numbers for consistency
– Replaced a slash with a period
– Fixed a we were typo
– Fixed a let’s typo
– Fixed some text box overflows
– Fixed an instance of Alana referred to as a redhead
– Corrected 3j complete achievement trigger screen
– Changed Jessie Ch2 endcard to reflect new outfit colors———Version 0.6.0- Added the draft build of Jessie’s Chapter 3
– Fixed "in sight" typo in Marion’s Chapter 3
– Added some lines to the end of Jessie’s arc in Chapter 1———Version 0.5.32- Fixed an issue where a drop shadow was rendering dialogue illegible
– Brightened some character names for improved legibility
– Fixed a misalignment issue with the bagpipes———Version 0.5.31- Improved Android legibility and compatibility
– Added a darker outline for all names
– Added a secret infinite mooing code
– Changed instances where Alana’s hair was called red to blonde
– Changed some wording in Chapter 1 where "usually" was used thrice in a row
– Made some small wording changes to Jessie’s Chapter 2 in preparation for her Chapter 3v0.5.30
– Added an additional hoof TF scene
– Reworked the Effie scene in Marion’s Chapter 2
– Added character icons to the Chapter Navigation map
– Changed Alana’s hair color to blond to fit historical references
– Fixed an issue where the music room would not work while the cheat code was enabled
– Corrected the easter egg total in the drop down alert
– Improved Separate Ways endcard
– Added an eyes closed alternate to Moo-d Tonight scene
– Returned Marion’s name to yellow, changed Malcolm’s name to a purple-gray for easier distinction
– Made some general changes to name code nomenclature and colors to scale for all the game’s characters
– Animated chapter 1 Cradle scene
– Changed "Woman in Green" to "Lady in Green" for spacing
– Corrected "wanton" typo in Jessie’s Chapter 2
– Fixed Marion Chapter 3’s coast scene to display correctly in the gallery
– Added nsfw nomenclature to all nsfw sprites
– Marion mentions her invitation in Grace Ch. 2 if you haven’t yet visited her home.v0.5.20
– Finalized assets for Marion’s Chapter 3
– Made some minor choreographical changes in scenes to accommodate how the illustrations turned out
– Added two additional songs, "Times Like These" and "Calm and Serenity"
– Added a fifth easter eggStatistics:The game contains 8,256 dialogue blocks, containing 127,663 words and 678,320
characters, for an average of 15.5 words and 82 characters per block.The game contains 63 menus, 1,427 images, and 52 screens. v0.5.12
– Edited Marion Rides scene for consistency and animated its lighting
– Removed an unused, old version Grace sly sprite
– Fixed a breath typo
– Added an instance of Jessie looking back in the SFW bicycle scene route
– Fixed a lighting issue with BG FieldNight and BG HillsideNight
– Added recommended code to GUI.rpy to ensure compatibility with Ren’Py 7.1.1 v0.5.11
– Corrected a line that Marion was supposed to say after the choice to go into town
– Fixed Grace’s replay
– Tweaked some expressions and wording for visual legibility
– Added more sprite transition effects to accomodate Marion’s tail and ear placements
– Flipped some frames for consistent placement
– Added powdered face sprites
– Decreased Grace’s silhouette speed
– Added a shake and tilt effect to Marion’s first bull rush
– Added music note effects to the bagpiping sprite
– Added a zoom on the Marion coast scene
– Enhanced Balgair’s hug and bonked animations
– Fixed a "too timid" typo
– Added a line referencing drinking age
– Replaced wind sound in barn with interior wind and added marketambiance in town
– Fixed sfxloop_windwaves to refer to the ogg file and added fade in
– Added automated game testing and logging functionality
– Added a missing stop music line to the SFW mode scene skip v0.5.10
– Replaced placeholder assets and finalized beta
– Added a sound effect to the studio intro
– Improved dumbledor1 font kerning
– Fixed "Liar Liar" Achievement
– Fixed typos (double "with", missing "I" regarding Gran’s ingenuity, "always" and "doing")
– Fixed a pixel blank in Jessie Sings scene v0.5.00
– Added second half of Marion’s Chapter 3
– Reordered Marion’s sprite under the quilts
– Changed most instances of "barn" to "stable"
– Fixed an eroneous Marion tail wagging frame delay
– Split script file into separate .rpy files by definitions, chapters, and credits
– Indented some menu and if statements v0.4.99
– Added fist half of Marion’s Chapter 3
– Restructured bathroom background for use in both Marion’s and Grace’s chapters
– Animated suds when Grace moves in the tub v0.4.22
– Fixed a floating Hazel sprite after leaving Grace be
– Corrected an issue with the GrottoSqueeze5 showing in the Scene Gallery
– Added the new logo to the title menu
– Animated the effects in the first TF scene
– Made adjustments to the title menu sprites, jessie’s sprite, one night stand and bicycle scenes for anatomy and consistency v0.4.21
– Fixed a music room issue with the new track button
– Ended the rowing sound effect earlier in the grotto
– Changed bluebird to blue tit for regional biosphere accuracy, NOT because it’s Grace’s chapter and "blue tit" hurr hurr >_>;;;
– Shifted tail zoom to avoid the signature and text box v0.4.2
– Finalized Grace’s Chapter 2
– Added one new easter egg
– Added a new SeaDreamDetails scene
– Added "Falling with Grace" song
– Corrected g1lwangry sprite expression
– Corrected Grace sprite TF level after emerging from underwaterStatistics:The game contains 6,727 dialogue blocks, containing 105,076 words and 556,780
characters, for an average of 15.6 words and 83 characters per block.The game contains 58 menus, 1,080 images, and 49 screens. v0.4.1
– Added sparkling and silhouette effects to Grace’s sprite
– Fixed a typo in Jessie’s letter
– Fixed a typo when Gran wakes Malcolm up
– Reverted letter text font
– Fixed an accidental Grace say in the grotto
– Fixed an accidental Marion say when she comes to get Malcolm
– Relocated icon file to have it populate to ct.exe
– Animated Grace’s skinnydip scene
– Fixed a duplicate "about" typo
– Fixed the description of Grace’s frame
– Enhanced the transition that plays in place of an explicit scene in sfw mode
– Adjusted blush level and expression blending of several Grace sprites
– Added the new Grotto Theme
– Corrected WinkHalf sprite nomenclature v0.4.0
– Added Grace’s Chapter 2
– Added TF’ed forms to trigger on the title screen on each story line’s completion
– Recoded meadow ambiance to play separate from Solasta to save space
– Fixed a Marion colorcoding issue in the Navigation Map screen
– Fixed the cloud animation, thumbnail and color hole in Marion’s wardrobe malfunction scene
– Changed letter text font v0.3.33
– Added a visual cue for overnight transitions
– Fixed a fence clipping issue during Hazel’s bath
– Improved laundry sprite and added floating bubbles
– Minor color corrections to standardize the straddle scenes
– Fixed a typo with Alana
– Cleaned up Wardrobe Malfunction scene
– Omitted references to freckles for Grace
– Fixed an issue where minigame screen would loop from end of credits
– Fixed a Treasure Hunter achievement unlocked redirect error
– Changed Achievements code to be able to sync with Steam (note: achievements and easter eggs will need to be unlocked again!) v0.3.32
– Fixed a zoom error with the basket sprite
– Fixed a market silhouettes panning sync issue
– Added g 0sly sprite v0.3.31
– Fixed an outlying return button format
– Fixed a background overflow in the pub backroom
– Improved title screen sprites and brought Grace’s TF design up to date
– Improved chapter navigation screen to have color-coded buttons and dynamic map numbers
– Added a black cat to the intro town scene
– Added turned forward pose to the bicycle scene
– Adjusted Grace’s dressing sprite to actually feature clothes
– Improved Marion’s basket sprite
– Minor art corrections to milking, skinnydipping, fleeing, & straddle scenes for consistency
– Adjusted character name colors and made Marion’s name green
– Fixed market silhouettes cropping error
– Fixed a glitch causing Gran to float
– Fixed a glitch splitting the market floor
– Added a scared downward-looking Marion sprite
– Added Loch Coast back into the BG Gallery v0.3.3
– Animated all remaining static backgrounds
– Recoded background pans and zooms to accommodate animations
– Reorganized images and changed taxonomy for better scaling organization
– Added tail wagging animation for Marion
– Added winking animations for Grace, Marion & Balgair
– Added a Jessie scene in Chapter 1
– Added an exchange between Gran and Malcolm in Jessie’s Chapter 2
– Added a new sprite alternate for Gran
– Added "Changing Seasons" song
– Added a "master unlock" cheat code
– Updated "you are here" icon to a period-appropriate map symbol
– Cleaned up replays to more smoothly transition from the game menu
– Detailed the landscape outside Jessie’s room
– Added a walking gait to Fiona behind the laundry
– Added some movement to Gran as she walks past Malcolm
– Brightened Grace’s swimming sprite and added some bobbing
– Added some pause holds to the Marion TF frames
– Added an hpunch and fall sound to Malcolm climbing through Jessie’s window
– Fixed an issue where the gallery locked button wasn’t displaying
– Adjusted Credits screen label colors and made some back-end listing improvements
– When in the adult content screen after clicking start, hitting "escape" now returns you to the main menu
– Fixed "alway" typo
– Added a stop music clause after Marion’s sleep cute
– Changed "lunar" to "desolate"
– Removed "white" descriptor from a deer TF line
– Toned down pan inks in Campbell Interior BG
– Fixed a Balgair sprite chin overlap at church picnic
– Fixed a Marion sprite kerchief overlap
– Fixed an issue where Marion’s arms showed behind her groceries
– Fixed an export issue causing certain sprites to blur
– Fixed a Marion sprite that was missing her horns
– Darkened Marions TF2 stage fingers
– Fixed a blending issue with dinner plate shadows
– Fixed a Jessie whisky & nude sprite ghosting issues v0.3.21
– Fixed a Marion necklace sprite issue
– Fixed a "need even need" typo
– Fixed an issue with Grace’s shirt color
– Fixed a timer issue with the minigame easter egg v0.3.2
– Fixed one more incorrect Marion sprite
– Optimized code with Marion’s trinket to reduce sprite load by 55 (12mb)
– Added failsafes to easter egg minigame to prevent in-game events from triggering outside of the game
– Optimized winking code
– Added sloshing sound to Day 4 Marion date
– Corrected character assignments in Day 4 Grace date
– Swapped around certain music tracks by scene to reduce redundancy and accomodate newly composed songs (Setting Sun & Emptiness & Sorrow) v0.3.11
– Fixed two incorrect Marion sprites
– Fixed a duplicate Florrie
– Updated The Changeling Tale song to most current version v0.3.1
– Added an optional Butterfly Effect system to identify choices that impact the course of the story
– Added an easter egg minigame
– Added Nightmare 3 music to Effie’s scene
– Updated pub silhouettes with newest version
– Added sound stops after day transition sound
– Reduced music sound during ch1 milking scene
– Corrected a navigation typo
– Corrected a Fiona typo in the Gift-Giving scene
– Fixed incorrect Marion sprites during and after church
– Fixed a kerchief clipping issue with m1dthappy sprite
– Fixed navigation menu overlap issue
– Fixed an issue where additional music channels ignored mute v0.3.0
– Added Marion’s Chapter 2
– Fixed a typo- "saing"
– Fixed a caber tossing typo
– Made all spellings of "attaboy"/"attagirl" consistent
– Clarified Malcolm using Hazel as an excuse in his Day 4 Grace encounter
– Corrected who was speaking in the pub on Day 4
– Crisped up in-game title text
– Updated Next Chapter screen
– Text style optimizations
– Adjusted Marion’s calm expression sprite
– Credits now stop briefly on each cardStatistics:
The game contains 5,256 dialogue blocks, containing 81,105 words and 429,002 characters, for an average of 15.4 words and 82 characters per block.
The game contains 47 menus, 767 images, and 33 screens. v0.2.12
– Fixed an issue where Marion duplicated due to the 0.2.1 dissolve fix v0.2.11
– Removed an accidental link to the Milking Scene from the game start v0.2.1 Patch
– Replaced placeholder imagery with completed assets
– Added picnic blanket and fixed basket sprite during and after picnic
– Corrected a few typos
– Fixed an issue where Marion’s grocery sprite did not correctly dissolve
– Fixed an issue with Malcolm’s shoelaces
– Standardized narrative formats
– Made additional tweaks to the text and imagery in the first half of Chapter 1 and in Jessie’s Chapter 2 for consistency
– Added more content in the first half of Chapter 1 for flavorStatistics:The game contains 3,781 dialogue blocks, containing 58,869 words and 310,598
characters, for an average of 15.6 words and 82 characters per block.The game contains 37 menus, 526 images, and 31 screens. v0.2.0
– Added the second half of Chapter 1
– Linked up with Jessie’s Chapter 2 (Demo content) in the current build
– Added Mature Content warning at beginning of game
– Made tweaks to the text, imagery and sound in the first half of Chapter 1 and in Jessie’s Chapter 2 for consistency v0.1.1 Patch
– Fixed a scene nomenclature issue causing some scenes to not show properly in the gallery
– Fixed an audio issue where pub sound effects carried over into the following scene
– Registered additional sound channels for more audio flexibility
– Added fireplace sfx
– Overlaid music in final scene to start at specific points
– Removed Jessie sprite while she is simultaneously in the frame in the final scene
– Fixed issue where the fireplace went out in the final scene
– Added fade transitions to loading and completing the game
– Added an easter egg; happy hunting!