Little Snatcher [2018-12-09] [Kanahebi]

Little Snatcher [2018-12-09] [Kanahebi] Little Snatcher [2018-12-09] [Kanahebi] Little Snatcher [2018-12-09] [Kanahebi] Little Snatcher [2018-12-09] [Kanahebi] Little Snatcher [2018-12-09] [Kanahebi] Little Snatcher [2018-12-09] [Kanahebi] Little Snatcher [2018-12-09] [Kanahebi] Little Snatcher [2018-12-09] [Kanahebi] Little Snatcher [2018-12-09] [Kanahebi]
After participating in a science experiment, the player finds his mind transfered into the body of a "tiny", little humanoids that are typically treated by society as anything ranging from annoying bugs to common snacks. Discovering a group of other tinies in a similar situation, the player must lead them to solve the mystery of what’s happened to their original bodies, and avoid attracting the attention of the normal sized folk all the while.​
Thread updated: 2018-12-13
Release Date: 2018-12-09
Developer: Kanahebi Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 2018-12-09
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, Adventure, Big Ass, Big Tits, Female Domination, Giantess, Graphic Violence, Internal View, Japanese Game, Male Protagonist, Milf, Reverse Rape, RPG, School Setting, Shrinking, Transformation, Vore, Voyeur
※Goes as far as the front of the Casino
Added 2 maps and 1 common mob
Added 2 map-exclusive events
Added a new instant-death event in the kitchen to make retrying easier (also made it so you can adjust which event to see and whether or not to watch the intro)
Adjusted the effect that appears during feint attacks
Increased the amount of EXP gained from the LS event in the bath to differentiate it from the new one in the back alley
As a rule of thumb there is no real reward to clearing blatantly high-difficulty events.
It helps in terms of debugging the game but from a player’s perspective you can safely ignore them.・v20180203
Just bug fixes.
No new content.
☆Internal changes (not information that you need to understand)
Updated Common Event 810・v20180202
Added 1 map with 1 common mob and 1 map-exclusive event
※This update goes as far as the Aracade map.
A certain event in the Hideout can’t be seen after progressing the story, so keeping future updates in mind I’d appreciate it if you would leave separate save states for certain spots just in case (before entering Tiny City to be specific).
☆Internal changes (not information that you need to understand)
Updated Common Event 829
Updated Common Event 842
Updated Common Event 803
Modified the cursor’s position to recall the last selection done
Common Event 2049
Line 31
X250 → X280
Changes to go along with modifying a certain picture’s size
Map 37 – Added Event 03, 05
Map 55 – Modified Event 23
Map 57 – Modified Event 09, 12
Map 58 – Modified Event 10
Map 59 – Changed Event 22’s position to the right・v20170121
Added 3 maps with common mobs in each
Added a map-specific event to the Playground area, etc.
Mimori’s Meteor Strike has a growth rate of 0 but in its default stats it is practically unsurvivable unless you have around 70 points in Physical Resistance as well as one of the higher-ranked Main weapons equipped
Furthermore, there’s no special event after clearing it nor any particular merit in doing so
During her replay data, choosing the first option will reduce her Strength to 300
This event gives no Jpt or EXP
The boob riding event has no replay data
The EXP absorption rate during the LS event in the bathhouse is a bit low
You will need either 30 or 60 points in Water Resistance for certain parts of the bath
If you inspect all the dead bodies in the changing room and the pool prior you should be to raise it up to 70 (probably)
Text changes:
Changed 501’s line in Antique Shop – Front
Changed the note in Antique Shop – Front to be written by 119 instead of 191
The "You’ve collected X ingredients so far!" line in the kitchen now auto-scrolls・v20160924
Fairly small update this time
Added a changing room map to the top right side of the school playground. Only progresses as far as the exit to the changing room
The School Swimsuit Girl mob is currently incomplete. Only the stomping minigame is playable
Added a kitchen map after leaving the coffeehouse and going straight down
The main route would be to the right, but it’s not yet fully implemented
Added an article to the magazine from the previous update
Regarding the vore minigame:
As of now, the event is only playable with a single group of 3 girls
It has no replay data, and is ignorable as a whole
MIU currently has no (combat) events
How to escape being carried into the mouth:
As of this update, you’ll need at least 16+ or 21+ points in Strength
However, the more Tinies a girl ate before getting to you, the easier it will be be for you to escape
Also, if you hold down the Subkey (Shift, etc.) for too long you’ll lose more Stamina as a penalty
There’s a 30 frame window (approximately half a second) where pressing the Subkey will penalize your stamina. Essentially, keeping the button held down will allow you to escape faster, but pressing it in intervals will greatly conserve your Stamina for later
Press the Subkey while inside the mouth will allow you to move closer to the opening, but as with the Waitress who uses feints, keeping it pressed at all times will leave you susceptible to certain attacks
You can’t survive the stomach. The lower part of the stomach inflicts more damage than the upper area
The conversation the girls have if they swallow you changes a bit depending on how many times you were licked or crunched beforehand・v20160614
Added 3 new mobs
New maps as far as the Coffeehouse
The vacuum cleaner event can not be replayed through the Data menu yet
After obtaining LS, you can use it at the classroom in School Area 2 (LS will be consumed).
During this event, you can hold down the subkey for a certain amount of time to reduce the girls’ levels.
The amount of EXP they lose depends on the their current levels when you first choose to use the LS
Made the main equipments significantly weaker in general
Getting too much Stamina makes dashing for long periods of time too easy so I (roughly) weakened most of the stats.
I also removed the descriptions for the main equipments, since I’m going to frequently modify stats a lot from now on and it would be a bit of a pain to rewrite them every single time
Removed the level limitations on being able to find red spots and purchase certain equipments
Removed how the player’s speed is significantly reduced once his Stamina reaches 0 on the map
Made the girls gain stats faster upon levelling up.
They now receive (by average):
10 points on Stomping-type attacks
8 points on HP-targeting attacks
6 points on Stamina-targeting attacks
…per level.
A few (not all) of the changes to past text:
Removed 298’s "When the girls level up there are more dead bodies and stuff line
The original text for how much Strength you need to move the boulder in the residential district said it’s "40". I changed it to "20"
Since I added the LS event in School Area 2, I changed some of the text around that area・v20160221
No new events
Fixed the bug where using a save file from a previous version creates contradictions with the new stats updates, etc.
*Fixed by examining a flower. If you last saved in School Area 2, you might need to turn back to Area 1 once and return for the save files to synch properly depending on which version they’re from.
Made the visual effects load in advance. Might make the game run smoother?・v20160219
New maps as far as the residential district
No pool / locker room map yet
Added the ability to replay events
Added 2 mobs (each with 3 events, making for a total of 6)
Added 2 map-specific events in School Area 2, as well as one more in the residential district
Playground map has no map-specific events
Changed the names of the Sailor Suit Girls’ and the Teacher’s attacks
Added random obtainable items in certain points on maps
They only appear if you enter the map through its original entrance and not from the "exit"