Cereborg: Inception [Anaximanes]

Cereborg: Inception [Anaximanes] Cereborg: Inception [Anaximanes] Cereborg: Inception [Anaximanes] Cereborg: Inception [Anaximanes]
There are three different characters whose stories are told!
Characters from my other novels appear!
This takes place the same day as The Invaders (from my Slugs and Bugs game) arrive!
Play as a female, male, or a cereborg!
: Game Notes Introduction Release – This shall is a massive sized project, similar in size to my erotic tales, Slugs and Bugs: Invasion, Cult of Corruption: The Summoning and The Anax: Call of the Cursed One. This is the full game! There will be several releases as I finish chapters. While my interactive novels are free, I will be expanding into e-books in the future, and I will be working with programmers within the next three years to release unity games (for example my upcoming Anaxverse: Factions game. If you want to help see these projects release sooner, then please visit my Patreon and support those future projects (I know that this community realizes that The Anax follows through with his promises and projects!). The speed at which I can create depends solely on your generosity!This project does have sound- in fact, it is highly reliant on the music and sound effects! I am no programmer, but when I made The Anax: CotCO, BlankSubroutine helped me to create an ON/OFF toggle for the sound. However, to get the full effect, I highly recommend leaving it on! To install this project make sure you unzip it wherever you want on your computer, but keep everything together (it is HTML and will play in your browser).It seems to randomly work in different internet browsers, so try right clicking it and saying "Open with" and choose, Chrome or Firefox, or something else until you find one that works. Make sure you keep all the files together just as they are unzipped! Also, remember you can hold the <CTRL> button and use your mouse wheel to make the fonts larger or smaller! Updated: November 28th 2018
Developer: Anaximanes PatreonDiscordWebsiteSubscribeStar
Language: English
Censorship: None
Version: Full
Tech Mind Control/Corruption/Robotization.
Fetishes, in Cereborg: Inception include:
Male Dom, Female Sub, Male Sub, Female Dom, M/F and M/F/F Sex Scenes, Rape/Non-Consensual, Mind Control, Hypnotic Images, Corruption, Gangbangs, Sex-Toy Play, Masturbation, Anal Sex (M/F) and images that some may find disturbing! While I like to make people have an erotic experience, I also want that experience to be disturbing in a creepy way- hence my erotic horror universe. Avoid this project if any of these fetishes are too much for you to handle!

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