Camp Fe [v0.047] [WhiteGambit]

Camp Fe [v0.047] [WhiteGambit] Camp Fe [v0.047] [WhiteGambit] Camp Fe [v0.047] [WhiteGambit] Camp Fe [v0.047] [WhiteGambit]
Summer is quickly approaching…your working parents have decided to sign you up for a summer camp.
Thread Updated: 2019-06-23
Release Date: 2019-05-05
Developer: PatreonNew Grounds
Censored: No
Version: 0.47
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
2dcg, bdsm, big tits, female protagonist, male protagonist, monster girl, vaginal sex
In this Patch I fixed yet another load of bugs, text fixes and a lot of other quality of life stuff. But Thats not all, I also added a small mini character appears on Tuesdays in the lake. A crazy captain from a land far away, My plan is to make her story a little linear, just as a small challenge for players who are really dedicated.v0.045
Currently, there are only 40 days of worth in-game content. This is a re-released hot-fixed version. v0.04
New Poses for each girl to reduce how stale it is.
New sex with a machine and cage for BDSM seduced girls. Combat Overhaul to make it more interesting Sound fix for sex (may be added sooner) Bug fixes with the scenes added in chapter 2. Able to fuck the Kayo during the day. Instead of just once during the events. New music tracks to help bring the scenes to life. Lip syncing moans of the girls during sex Add a scene for when all the didoes are stolen from the girls (Huge orgy) Spell checking and enhancing dialogue Able to masturbate in your room, killing time and choosing a girl to imagine. New peeping options for stealth characters. More speech options for extra rewards. Easier calendar use The ability to peep up girl’s skirts at any time. (Will change depending on whether or not you have stolen their panties) v0.02
Currently, there are only 20 days of worth in-game content. This is a re-released hot-fixed version.
Developer Notes:
ALSO there was a huge file corruption on my old computer and the file I recovered ended up having a bunch of graphical errors, I haven’t found them all but am working to fix them. For example the cabin door number’s having an extra 1 below them sometimes. Things like that are at the result of that corruption. So I’m still fixing things from it.Please mention bugs below. There are a lot so all the help is great! I normally fix bugs pretty within a couple days of reporting on here so yeah!I understand the game has bugs and balancing problems.
They will be fixed when I have free time.(I am terrible at English but a lot of effort was put in. I am from Thailand.).The farm is unavailable for the moment to the public, Patrons are beta testing it for me first.
If you do just want to access the content without working for it remember that if you type the name WhiteGambit into where you type your players name, you will get 9999 from the get go. Which is more than enough for the 5000 price to access her in game.