Alonexp [v7.4.7.0e] [Crouler]

Alonexp [v7.4.7.0e] [Crouler] Alonexp [v7.4.7.0e] [Crouler] Alonexp [v7.4.7.0e] [Crouler] Alonexp [v7.4.7.0e] [Crouler] Alonexp [v7.4.7.0e] [Crouler]
You are, what people refer to as, the divine. You don’t know any details, and you must unravel your situation in this large world, full of different people and things to do! And what’s more, you are in a world with only women. No men are here, but looking down on yourself, it turns out you are! Some women are normal, but those with "divine lineage" tends to have an extra package, apart from normal woman features. Being a divine you have rights surpassing that of normal people, far outranking the queen, being the supreme living being in the world! However, many things are happening, a war is going on with your new found country’s neighbors, and some things just doesn’t seem right. Finally, enjoy interacting with the people of this vast world! An astute reader like yourself, yes, YOU!, would have guessed already, a divine gets pretty much everything he wants, so live out your fantasies. Slay monsters, help people(women) in need, and have sex with the women, vying for your attention.​
Thread Updated: 2019-11-19
Release Date: 2019-11-19
Developer: Crouler PatreonBLOG
Censorship: No
Language: English
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-Added the last few parts of the casino "happiness" events-Fixes:
-Fixed the harbour building in the player town having a stretch of grass cut through the building
-Fixed Kagi trying to upgrade the city. It will upgrade now, after talking to her.
-Fixed Paila. She now actually takes you to the house as the event describes.
-Fixed hospital in the capital freezing up outside after doing quests.
-Fixed event in queens castle where the player might walk past the guard who needs to talk to you in Michelle’s questline upon her promotion.
-Fixed the useless soldier who thinks she’s helping in the elven area. She didn’t disappear as she should. Now she does.
-Fixed the main quest – after the duchess. Now an elf will try and go to you, activating the next part of the main quest.
-Made the new event in the most upgraded upper hallways of the player castle wider to make it more likely for the player to activate the event.
-Fixed the bathing area outside the castle. now you can’t swim out of it.
-Fixed the artwork quest with Delangue. It will now progress correctly after the queen goes to see the player and the noblewoman looking for her.
-Fixed Tarrie’s Axe. In colonel Tarrie’s house, there is an axe. Turns out it normally gave you an elixir. Now it gives you a unique weapon.
-A shitton of items were not equipable by the player. This has been fixed.
-Fixed Delangue’s change into another person. Now the player doesn’t change instead, lol
-Fixed ground being "over" the divine in the player city.For more bug info:-Check the discord bug section for what bugs have been reported if you are interested.-I know that the random events on the world map end with the player staying in his "wagon" or "ship" form and I will fix soon, promise! For now, change clothes, that should work. (In divine’s private room you can change clothes)
-I realise the player walks "on top of" the stuff at the docks in the player city. Will try and fix soon.Upcoming:-More fixes will be deployed in upcoming releases. There are many bugs, and some take a long time to fix so I will be adding some fixes to all releases from now on. Please, add all bug reports to the discord bug section. Adding to the blog posts can work, though I don’t always get to check back to earlier posts if I didn’t get to fix it for the current release. Discord is ultimately the best place to report.-I realised I have done something wrong for a long time. If you find events where the characters you speak with seem to weirdly not turn towards you, let me know which so I can fix them!
-Added a new area for the main quest
-Updated the casino. It now tracks your winnings and losses for the round and in "all time". This is to try and make you not want to save scum too much, as even losing will have some effects now. All temp loss events have been added. 7 scenes I believe.
-Added new function for portals for me to use, so you can sometimes use magic, even if you can’t use portals. Basically, a less intrusive "Magical blocking area"Fixes
For more bug info:
-Check the discord bug section for what bugs have been reported if you are interested.
-I know that the random events on the world map end with the player staying in his "wagon" or "ship" form and I will fix soon, promise! For now, change clothes, that should work. (In divine’s private room you can change clothes)

-Fixed game’s intro. It should now work once more.
-Added a new skill at level 2. A very strong magical skill that debuffs an enemy.
-Added a new skill at level 10. A very strong physical attack that also hurts the user.
These two attacks may be much too strong and are going to be subject to change if they are.
-Added the new start for the game.
-Added difficulty options for new players to help eliminate grind for those who dislike it.
-Added a bit of random life to Player city.
-Added to player city questline
-Fixed picture staying in the starting area’s new event7.4.6.0v
-Fixed (I hope?) Issue where an event in the player castle’s onsen ended in a black screen.
-Increased Starter equipment stats
-Added more items to the first few areas to make starts easier. Some very good items too. (Permanent small boosts to stats and some low-level armour and potions)
-Added new boost at first tent in game. (+1 level) for new players. You can’t go back and get the bonus now as it is part of Alice’s Progression.
-Fixed Elven Duchess’ house’s travel points.
-Added another encounter for the ‘sleeper’ quests
-Added the start of a quest after finding three sleepers with the sleeper quests. Not yet done but with some content. The game will tell you where it currently ends.
-Added a lady to the player-city that would love nothing more than to serve. After getting some cash, of course.
-Fixed Pickpocket in Market of Capital
-Fixed event in the addictia chain where the player could enter a room without starting an event.
-Fixed Several instances of variables not being applied. For example, places, where you ahd sex, would not count the sex. More may remain, but I fix them as I find them.
-Fixed Spawn position (Sorry!)
-Added 2 scenes for the new Lialle content
-Added an encounter in Fuar that is repeatable after the first time
-Added an event at the castle that can start when sleeping in the divine’s bed. It is sort of secret, so no journal entry. Do let me know if the way this one is made is good or bad!
-Added the follow-up event for the previous event.
-Fixed elven noble mansion not having any collisions.
-Went back and fixed teleport points in the human noble’s house in Arn-Amren. NOW it should work. Please god, work…
-Added a small quest for rainy days at the market in Ceeves Ocean
-Added a small quest that is started after an event in Arn-Amren but where the main event starts in the capital’s new market area.
-Added scene with Lialle – Lialle to become more used in game from now on. (I hope)
-Added scene in elven village
-Added Small questline in Elven Village + scene7.4.6.0r
-Minor fixes
-Fixed Sophie in Arn-Amren
-Fixed Arn-Amren world-map entrance points
-Fixed the issue that trapped people in DeSeelian’s house if accepting her party invite
-Added more to Arena
-Added more to the questline in the castle’s onsen7.4.6.0q
-Fixed Zandra transporting the player to an upgraded version of the entrance
-I need info on Michelle being available at several different stages of her quest at once? Where?
-Fixed a glitch that would freeze the game when speaking to Sicila and Michelle was supposed to walk away.
-I am interested in knowing when Sicila appears in two places at that point?`She is both in the room with the bed and the entrance?
-All transport points between maps "Should" be fixed. Let me know if they are not
-Fixed Museum decorations. Fixed wrong paintings taken + No more Typos and mistaken info.
-Created New templates for all custom sprites due to unforeseen deletage of old stuff… Damn…
-Fixed a potential bug with clothing
-Added first few events for a new character in the onsen of the castlev7.4.6.0p
Added a new scene in the noble’s district All main connections of Arn-Amren should be done Added 2 new quests that rely on each other in Arn-Amren. Made the start of a quest that is not yet ready Added a new item that is not yet complete
V7.4.6.0nHere we go again and all that. I’m currently working on the player city and I will get to what is after going over what’s new in this release.Content:Added more to the player city Did some preparing stuff for the elven city V7.4.6.0eContent:
Added dining at the restaurant in the market – Captial Special events can occur, though not always. Added a new character to different areas of the game, -Pickpocket The pickpocket will steal gold from the player and try to leave. Catch them to get back the gold, either by fighting for them giving up. Added various smaller additions. Added life to the marketplace in different weather. Some other things have been added, but due to how long this release took and how I forgot to keep a log for the release, I am unsure what parts were from older releases and what parts will have been from this release.
Content + fixes:Fixed Rectory Zana conversation repeat Fixed the wayfinders in the capital not being able to go to the docks Updated 2 of the sex pictures from the new batch in the market. They were the wrong version Added smithy and their shop to the market Added to restaurant in market. More to come, function wise. Added the slaver in the market, though a bare minimum so far Added quite a few sex scenes
Added a woman who can get some darker desires sated for evil divines Added new event at castle for good players, adding to a VERY old part of the gam V7.4.6.0C
Added a new city part to The capital! Try and find it, it is amazing. Added 3 stores to the new city part so far (4 if counting a sloppy one). Added a sex scene for each of the three owners currently in-game with a different approach to each one. Added a runner to the new area so it is connected like the rest of the capital. v7.4.60b
Fixed Delangue quest problem that had noblewoman repeat; Noblewoman: My! If I didn’t know better, I would think she was trying to hide something from me! But that can’t be possible. We’re family after all…(After she was done.)
Fixed curtains in elven noble’s house. You can now walk through them….
Fixed Sophie repeating her talk in the elven homeland….v7.4.60.a
Added more to hospital
Note – more content/changes from, just don’t have changelog
So, here are some notes on the new stuff…
Added a new character that can be found around the capital for the time being. She is a tough fighter so be ready for the later battles! Added more to the Casino questline. (Once they leave the museum the current stuff ends) I also fixed how the player couldn’t get one of the last pictures. Added A LOT of new sex scenes. Added some stuff to the main quest, BUT you will be stuck in the Elven town which is empty for the time being if you do it, so don’t save, is my advice. This has now added 2 scenes with our own custom art so do check it out
Release notes:
Added the option to legalize slavery at the court (I actually added last week but I forget to mention it) Added more to the casino questline Added several new sex scenes, mostly to support the slavery stuff.
Added more to the Casino questline (Until just before Siné is supposed to arrive at the castle) Added new sex scenes A few minor changes
release notes:
Added a new area for you to meet a character lost in a vortex when sailing near Rei-Long Oak. Added a new sex scene Added a new trader and several unique weapons to her store. (The weapons come from Hoonters universe)
Added enough of the casino art for the quest to progress. There "should" be enough to gather 10 now. If it turns out there is an issue, or you somehow bug this out let me know as it will be vital for the update to the casino quest. Added new scene for the Fuar "brothel"
Casino picture hunt
Added a new side area Added more to the arena Added a new gambling possibility in the Casino (Will be expanded later) Various minor fixes were added7.4.5.8
Finished Michelle’s questline for now! FINALLY!!! There will be some more expansion on it, but it will be seperate from the "in the army" stuff. Did a new random encounter, though it is not in the game yet. Will be added once the last few details are ironed out. Fixes:
Fixed the Zana portal event that wouldn’t let you enter the door after solving the "puzzle" Fixed the brothel party in Everlight not allowing you to leave.
Added a few new things for Michelle’s quest. Added sex scene for Michelle’s sister
Fixes:Fixed Michelle date black screen Fixed Skeletons on player island not despawning after being disposed of Fixed another Michelle blackscreen Fixed Michelle’s mother only appearing in 1 upgrade level of castle Fixed Michelle’s sister not despawning after saying she would leave Fixed the changing laws function that was using an old version in the top upgraded version Fixed Fuar inn top floor Black screen when finding the traitor in the army Fixed issue where the player would not get his party back after noble games Fixed black screen after Elianna’s date Fixed the south-eastern part of the docks in the capital, where the soldiers about to raid the island in Michelle’s questline would stay after the battle Fixed the capital fast travel using the old system after progressing Michelle’s questline Known issue:
Your summoned creatures won’t disappear after the fight with some people in the Michelle questline. Next weeks release will have a fix for this. For now, simply fight a random creature to lose the summoned creature. Possible problems:
People who have an older savegame might still have Michelle in their party after the island assault I could not find and verify a bug that was reported to prevent people from leaving the mountain area between Everlight and Rei-Long Oak Could not find and verify a bug that was reported to prevent Exiting Zana’s failed portal in the mountains Could not find and verify a bug where the player supposedly can’t leave the house after finishing the party in the Everlight Brothel Could not find and verify a bug where the pictures outside the concubines rooms in your castle won’t appear.
Content:Added more Michelle quest, now you get to proceed a fair bit with the family. Fixed several bugs. Known bugs
I did not get to fix the black screena t the fuar inn, reported last week. Will look at it next release.
Added a new area that can be entered from the world map when at sea. Added new sex scenes. (I am likely going to slow down on scenes for the time being to focus on story) Fixed several reported issues.
More Michelle Stuff A new scene at the castle A few fixes (Can’t remember everything in that regard, sorry. Please write bug reports here so I can do a bug fix release soon)
Added more Michelle stuff Added patron item. It may be edited as we go as it probably doesn’t work as intended. Ring name is "Ring of ReJINeration" Location is the mansion west of Rei-Long Oak by boat. Possibly a new sex scene if I didn’t post it last week, I’m not 100% sure.
More to Michelle’s questline Some minor stuff I don’t remember all of XD
Added One more stage to an old quest, sleeping sex questline. Added more to Michelle’s questline. We’re getting closer to completion here. Fixes:
Fixed bug where Eliana was kidnapped and if you were too low lvl you would get into an eternal loop Fixed a scene in the warehouse not ending correctly. Fixed Cia’s scene from inventory staying on screen if you choose to keep looking
Content:Added several options for the next part of Michelle’s questline Next week I will fix some bugs that have been reported.
Added the "Future" of Michelle’s "starting point", where we decide what will happen to her. Fixes:
Fixed the caves, now they work.
Michelle – Michelle, and more Michelle.
Added a new area with 5 different events possible upon entering. I think it works.
Added new sex scenes (some are not available, but in the game files) Added more to Michelle’s questline. It is drawing to a close!
Added a new encounter in the world map. Added another part to Michelle’s questline.
Changelog :
and it contains the new fast traveling system and some fixes. It seems very underwhelming, but holy fuck the god damn map was a pain to implement lol. I went through several designs and I ended up with this one.The system is bare-bones, only functional with no actual extra content, which I intend to add later, like encounters etc.I’m also very bad at checking forums and such, and that is bad. I do check the polls on the patreon, of course, as it decides the future content, or at least which stuff gets focus and what content does not.
Added a new fast travel map. Next release, it will be implemented as a feature, for now it is inaccessible, but you can see it if you have the maker. It took hours to implement, so next week will be pure function making. This means that fast travel will no longer be instant, but on a map where the player travels. It will be slower, but will allow for a system of events I have wanted to implement for a long time. Added more to the player city questline. Next time the party will be finished, I hope, but for now it is still a work in progress, as the parties do take ages to make. Changlog V7.4.5.4
Added stuff to the player city Added an encounter in the player city store. This will be expanded upon later. That is it for this time. I have also decided to add the map in a different way that I had originally planned, but it will take some time, since I am a dummy at photo-editing, and this will need lots of that.Change log V7.4.5.3"]
I am back. The release is not huge as I had initially hoped and currently ends without the player being able to continue, so only use the current newly added features for seeing what is in. It basically added some new area’s and such, which takes a long time to make. Anyway, from here on out I will be doing weekly releases again, and I hope to do some work this week on the stuff I need for upcoming content to make later releases easier for me to make.Content:Change log V7.4.5.3"]
Added more to the undead problem questline. Speak to Zana to continue (Ends in a locked area, only go to see the new stuff if you need) Do not save in the new area, as you can get stranded there. You can go there, but not go back.