Passion Of Five [v0.22.7] [Lykarion]

Passion Of Five [v0.22.7] [Lykarion] Passion Of Five [v0.22.7] [Lykarion] Passion Of Five [v0.22.7] [Lykarion] Passion Of Five [v0.22.7] [Lykarion] Passion Of Five [v0.22.7] [Lykarion] Passion Of Five [v0.22.7] [Lykarion] Passion Of Five [v0.22.7] [Lykarion] Passion Of Five [v0.22.7] [Lykarion] Passion Of Five [v0.22.7] [Lykarion] Passion Of Five [v0.22.7] [Lykarion] Passion Of Five [v0.22.7] [Lykarion] Passion Of Five [v0.22.7] [Lykarion]
The story revolves around a guy who has to start all over again. There are 5 main stories as well as numerous side stories.
While doing so he meets different characters and can do different stuff like a balloon tour or a walk in the park, visit the local church or a nice drink at the inn. There are several random quests and some scripted story-plots.
Translated with DeepL
Thread Updated: 2020-05-06
Release Date: 2020-04-23
Developer: Lykarion PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.22.7
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Male protagonist, Dating sim, Big tits, Small tits, Female domination (avoidable), Multiple endings
– Added: mini event park
– Added: new random event inn
– Added: random text Evelynn & Isabelle
– Added: MC rename (in extraroom – house)
– Changed: if someone lives in the house you can’t kiss Vivienne (early end of her route)
– some textfixes/changesv0.22.6- fixed: vivienne suddenly in bed
– fixed: missing isabelle (when she should be in front of the church)
– fixed: wrong name (Isabelle -> Margarete)
– fixed: bug – unable to start Isabelles last eventv0.22.5
– Added: small uni events
– Added: alternative uni ending (deleted scenes)
– Changed: Casandras description (Amelie)
– fixed: a problem in isabelle’s story – if there is already someone living in the house
– fixed: reapearing O-Coin v0.22.2
– Chanced: park event Sabrina select automaticly the menu depending on intelligence
– fixed: missing uni images
– Changed: one of isabelles night event can be started in inn and house
– fixed: bug/s triggered by the patreon-patch
– error screen added – this should help to continue.. v0.22
– Added: 3 Inn morning drink dialogues (random)
– Added: 4 Park afternoon dialogues (random +2 variations)
– Added: text to isabelle
– Changed: complete code overhaul Church
– Changed: code overhaul Apartment/Cafe/Shop (outside)
– Changed: Casandras missing entry (vivienne)
– Changed: one of viviennes events can now be started in the inn or house
– fixed: park event (insufficient intelligence)
– fixed: viviennes story could not be continued due to missing variable
– fixed: problem in viviennes story due to missing image and added text
– fixed: vivienes missing background image (park)
– fixed: wrong image while leaving fleurs apartment
– deleted old files
– lots of minor changes/improvements v0.21.5
– Added: mini event inn (after fleurs reaction..)
– Chanced: an event of Vivienne can be started earlier
– Changed: Leaving the shop in Fleurs "Shop-Scene" is ending her storyline
– Added: event Isabelle (after her main story!)
– Added: event Inn (patreons only)
– Added: small event inn (requires house – start at evening)
– Added: Park event (evening)
– Added: Deleted Scenes (Bonus Room)
– Added: Amelie’s number (+fix in her cafe options), Sylvia’s number
– Added: new text passages in amelies story (at the farm)
– Added: new text if amelie hates you but you haven’t had sex with serena yet
– Added: after giving Fleur money, talk to her to get some items
– Redone: Fleur’s toilett event (new images & text, new clothes + both variants of evelynns outfit)
– Chanced: sylvia – additional starting conditions
– Changed: if you switch to serena during amelies story, amelies stories break off
– Chanced: Fleur can’t be invited to a coffee between the inn and the shop event
– fixed: farm image in Serenas story
– fixed: Fleur’s shop image
– fixed: missing F-coin (after buying the house)
– misc: code/text changes, inventory size
Bugfix 12/2019 v0.20/v0.21.5:
– fixed: a bug where fleur appears on the couch even though isabell is in the house.
– fixed: Casandras missing entry (evelynn)
– fixed: Balloon tour – to be able to use it again sleep a night (Inn/House/Vivienne’s place)
– fixed: Casandra gives the right feedback when you have decided against vivienne
– fixed: possible crash in fleurs story
– Added: event Evelynn*
– Added: short story to laptop (patreons only)
– Chanced: Inn:
——- Intro (new images)
——- Night menu
——- New background images (inside+ouside)
– Chanced: Vivienne’s "church" scene (New images)
– Chanced: patreon uni events semi-automatic + image fix
– Changed: Memory MiniGame:
——- alternative images available from the start
——- reduced difficulty level
——- fixed a bug
– Changed: Images House outside (again)
– Changed: One of isabelles events can now be started after spending the night in the inn and also in the house
– Chanced: phone system partly integrated
– Removed: Club
– Fixed: missing Apartment image
– Fixed/Changed: fixed missing image in Isabelles hidden event(s) and requirements reduced
– textfixes/code changes*Requirements:You have the house and live alone in it.
Has reached a certain point in Fleur’s story.
– Added: park event (morning-evening)
– Added: text to uni girls (Hint ghost event)
– Replaced: background images: University, House outside, Busstop, Farm outside
– Changed: Vivienne’s event (key handover) is available throughout the day
– Changed: some text at the University
– fixed missing beach images
– code/text fixes
– Added: small beach event with casandra (random* afternoon beach)
– Chanced: Beach code: – not so random anymore, – a little more variety, – removed menu entry "swim"
– Chanced: Evelynn’s+Vivienne’s random activities duration (if they start at morning they end max at evening)
– Replaced: background images: beach, church outside
– fixed: bug in Vivienne’s home menu
– fixed: Evelynn wears her new clothes in Isabelle’s donation event (assuming you unlocked them)
– fixed: O-Coin location
– Misc: Buttons: – About/History removed, – Delete Savegame/Discord added; – Credits page simplyfied
* chance 1/3 after some failures 1/2
– fixed: work – time bug
– fixed: missing images
– Added: Intro Skip
– Added: 5 new park events (ongoing!)
– Changed: Park system & images (incl all events) & text in some events
– Chanced: Shop system & images (incl all events) & text in some events
– Chanced: on the first day it is no longer possible to work in the morning
– Changed: Apartment images (outside)
– Changed: some events can now be started at different times
– Chanced: minimalized Hud
– Removed: Random codes (park and shop)
– Removed: Fountain*
– Cheats: Console+Skiping enabled*not the event – it’s now a seperat quest chain with new images
– Added: small event wage increase
– Added: small event Vivienne dream
– Added: new text to Isabelle
– Changed: if Fleur lives in the house:
——- Added: new textline to Fleur at work
——- Changed: she will only be available in the bathroom during the weekends
– Changed/Fixed: if Isabelle lives in the house:
——- Changed: Ballon tour image
——- Fixed: problem short hair bathroom
– Changed: 1 Random uni talk removed
– Changed: Club bgs replaced
– Fixed: Uni Shop event: if you don’t own enough money or if you say no – Fleurs location will be resetet + missing image
– Fixed: some events could not be triggered by the new work system
– Fixed: Problem in Evelynn’s Inn menu
– text changes
– code/changes/fixes
Work events start at afternoon/evening. If you start working at morning for more than 1 shift you wont be able to trigger them.
– Added: Event Evelynn
– Added: Event Vivienne
– Added: small Event Casandra
– Added: small evening event at Fleurs apartment
– Added: Cafe talk to all. (Favorite gift / Rel+)
– Added: Cafe images Vivienne (she’s wearing the outfit you’ve chosen)
– Added: Cafe Vivienne – angry Amelie*
– Added/Chanced: events at her apartment. Cafe removed, Park added.
– Changed: Resized Sylvia Cafe image
– Chanced: Item prices reduced
– Fixed: Vivienne’s dress event can’t be triggerd at the same day as the dinner
– code/text changesHappens automatically if you live together with Vivienne.
Of course, Amelie has to be mad at mc first. (house or apartment)
– Added: After the events in Isabelle’s story you can choose her hairstyle
– Added: Isabelle House images: Bed, Bathroom, Living room, Kitchen (Saturday/Sunday morning)
– Added: Vivienne House images: Bed (night/morning), Bathroom, Living room
– Added: New location club (onhold!)
– Added/Chanced: Fleur’s intro (new images) + adjustments
– Changed: inserted a pause in Jane’s story so that the 1st and 2nd event don’t take place on the same day
– Chanced: Jane’s event: if you don’t buy Cathy a burger but still have candy in your inventory, you can give her one*
– Changed: If Fleur, Vivienne or Isabelle is in the house, it leads to the end of the other storylines at some point**
– Changed: Fleur event cost reduced from 1000 coins to 500 coins (930->430)
– Changed: House reduced to 2000 coins, Bonus Code reduced to 2000 coins
– Changed: Vivienne’s apartment text to match the house/timetable
– Fixed: missing image in Vivienne’s Story
– Fixed: Evelynn’s fortune* Everything is optional. You don’t have to give her anything.** Exceptions:1. everything around the university including Amelie
2. Serena, but the happy ending with her cannot be achieved
3. Evelynn/Sylvia because their stories has not advanced far enough
– Chanced: Fortune Cost reduced to 10 coins
– Changed: Evelynn’s menus (Inn)
– Changed: Evelynn – Sebastien dispute event does not start if Evelynn was invited for a coffee
– Changed: "fortune"
– Fixed: random cash events
– Fixed: stat missmatch
– minor code changes
– Added: Isabelle – 3 new events + patreon exclusive images (end of the nun chapter)
– Added: Fleur-Sylvia house images
– Added: House -> kitchen now available (no further function yet)
– Added: alternative Stephanie park event (patreons only)
– Changed: in Isabelle’s story a blocker was removed
– Changed: Isabelle’s donation event can only be started during the week (tuesday – friday)
– Changed: Isabelle can only recive wine after the event in the church
– Changed: not spying on Stephanie (park) won’t end uni events
– Fixed: Amelie’s mini events (at her home) gave no relationship points
– Fixed: image bug in Serenas story (thanks to tante droll)
– minor bugfixes, changes
– Added: Fleur house spank option (clip)
– Changed: slightly changed teacher story progression (changed images and text)
– fixed: double images fleur (new/old clothes – couch)
– Added: Vivienne movie
– Added: Fleur dildo movie
– Added/Chanced: Fleur’s intro got new pictures
– Added: alternative memory card images (unlocked after 3 wins)
– Added: in the afternoon you can work 1 or 2 shifts in the inn (thanks to Chill-E)
– Chanced: If you give too many gifts to Serena, it ends up Amelies route
– Chanced: Sylvia (can be activated after Amelies story or if you progressed in Serenas story or if Serena got enough gifts… WIP)
– Chanced: Serena images removed movie added
– Chanced: TV images removed – movie clips added
– Chanced: optimized Serena’s menus
– image fixes: Evelynn is the tallest woman in the game and Sylvia the shortest but in some images both had the same height
– code changes/fixes
– text changes
– Chanced: House
added: Shop (currently only 1 buyable item) added: New images (Fleur Toilett, Fleur and MC taking a shower…) chanced: Fleur can receive gifts in the house chanced: Fleur wears different clothes depending on relationship level – Changed: Cafe
chanced: Sylvia got some new text fixed: some problems with the cafe – Chanced: If you win the memory game with a remaining time of more than 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds you will receive a prize money.
– minor code changes
– textfixes/changes
– Added: Event Evelynn (alternative images for patreons)
– Added: Event Isabelle
– Chanced: Ghost of the Fountain model
– Chanced: Isabelle’s last event (she wants to meet in the inn – before inn or house)
– Chanced: house-pc prepared for shop update
– code changes
– Added: some text
– Added: Memory game to the laptop
– Added: TV plays a slideshow
– Chanced: in Isabelle’s "Donation Event", Amelie will act differently if she hates you
– Chanced: Cafe overhaul (new images and code changes)
– Chanced: Vivienne’s random activities follows now a predefined timetable
– Chanced: Adjusted random park code
– Changed: Serena:
added: 3 new images changed: gift menu will be hidden if the relationship is at max changed: some text passages fixed: places where text and pictures did not match – Changed: House – Fleur on couch images (Required for future updates)
– Changed: after Amelie’s story Sylvia WON’T appear if you haven’t unlocked her in the night scene!
– code and text changes
– fixed: potential plot-stopper (Amelie)
– Added: Event (Isabelle) + Casandra – new info
– Added: P-O-F Coins (collectable)- changed the whole fountain code! (ongoing)
– Added: Event at night (extendet version for patreons)
– Added: 2 exclusive patreon events (university)
– Chanced: Evelynn’s storyline!
– 1 rewritten event
– 2 old events
– 1 new event
– and combined them with the events at work
– Chanced: Hints for Evelynn’s Storyline
(Evelynn tells her past in the cafe (3 parts)/no hints for this!)
– Chanced: Inn work / +2 new events (extra money)
– Chanced: Sleeping in the park will trigger less!
– Chanced: Customer checkout: You can choose between 3 answers
– Fixed: Soundbug Fleur’s doorbell
– minor code changes
– Added: 2 uni events
– Added: small event at the beach (after amelie’s story)
– Added: Background char to Vivienne’s random event
– Added: Vivienne’s random activity if you live with her
– Added: random chars in Café, Inn, Church, Park, Busstop, Shop
– Chanced: Cafe text on monday
– Chanced: one of Isabelle’s events and lost dog can be triggered sooner
– Fixed: missing image in Jane’s event
– Fixed: missing image in one of Fleur’s events
– Fixed: Placement of an image (Evelynn)
– Fixed: Evelynn’s, Fleur’s, Isabelle’s and Vivenne’s Fortune
– Fixed: Burgler event
– Fixed: aplied lots of minor code fixes
– textfixes/changes
– Added: Cafe is now open in the afternoon and Sylvia is back (after Amelie’s story or if you progress to far with Serena)
– Added: Event (Viviennes atonement)
– Added: small Event for Evelynn (can be triggered at morning in the inn at any point of the story)
– Added: new text to Amelie (after her storyline)
– Added: image to Vivenne’s apartment
– Chanced: reduced house price (from $5000 to $4000)
– Chanced: reduced item prices (example Jewelry from $120 to $90)
– Chanced: studying gives activity points (will trigger more cash event’s in the inn)
– Changed: Balloon Tour no longer available on Sunday evening + old images + afterwards mc is back on the map
– Fixed: image problem in Vivenne’s park event
– Fixed: Vivienne’s image won’t show up after talking to her in her apartment
– textfixes
– Added: small Events for Isabelle + Casandra – new infos
– Added: Headless Story (House – Laptop)
– Added: Route to avoid femdom (university)
– Added: 3 Bonus images (just some old images)
– Chanced: description in Casandra’s fortune for Amelie. It’s now: "Study at the university"
– Fixed: Isabelle receives now relationship points if you give her presents
– textfixes/changes
v 0.06
– Added: Event (The Drunk Nun)
– Added: Event (Amelie’s dad)
– Added: Event (Amelie’s end)
– Added: Event (Jane)
– Added: Event (Lost dog – follow up event to "lost child")
– Added: Fleur apartment option "Spank her" (Will be triggered with talk)
– Added: a picture to the lost child event
– Added: Extendet Ballon tour: You can invite girls to join you. Requires a certain point in their storys to unlock it. It will boost the Relationship.
– Added: Bonus images
– Chanced: If you have a date at the cafe and sleep in your house you will be kicked out of it on sunday morning or if you sleept in the inn you can’t enter it
– Replaced: Images in the little nun event
– Replaced: every image with webp to shrink the file size
– Fixed: a problem in the random inn quests and replaced the whole code
– Fixed: receiving the wine in Isabelle’s story counts as "pray" (time +1)
– Fixed: a problem if mc doesn’t want to work – just want to sleep (if he doesn’t have enough money he can still work – as long as it isn’t night!)
– textfixes/changes, minor code changes
– Added: Field Trip end
– Added: 6 new Voyeur images
– Added: House is now implemented. (WIP!)
– Added: telephone numbers for Fleur, Vivienne, Evelynn and Jane (WIP!)
– Added: new menu in Fleur’s apartment after buying the house (and enough sympathy)
– Chanced: improved day night cycle
– Chanced: after a morning drink your back on the map
– Chanced: Sylvia’s event needs a minimum of 12 coins to start
– Replaced: Jane images
– Fixed: Cathy and Carolin had the same name variable
– minor code changes, removed some (old) code, textfixes
– I changed,fixed and added some more stuff but forgot to write it down
– Added: Amelie’s uni experience (Main Story)
– Added: Field Trip event (will be completed in the next update! – University content)
– Added: some text and another 2 events for Theresa (University content)
– Added: uni-replay scenes
– Added: weather sound effect to sylvia’s event
– Replaced: map image
– Changed: if the last study session ends at night you automaticly leave the uni
– Chanced: simplified Apartment Menus
– Chanced: Voyeur takes only 5 coins now
– Chanced: random images will be displayed as soon as you talk to Evelynn
– Changed: 2 random images while studying, old one removed
– Changed: Church mass drastically shortened
– Chanced: Random apartment events end at night
– Chanced: removed the cheat from Isabelle’s donation event and changed the event itself
– Fixed: Amelies image will now be removed if you leave her at the beach and revisit it
– Fixed: Evelynn can receive now Jewelry and Flowers in her apartment
– Fixed: Uni-Shop event wont be longer available on weekends
– Fixed: uni is closed at saturday night
– Fixed: problem with one of Isabelle’s image (could create crashes)
– Fixed: a bug that let you use the library without paying
– removed some (old) code, textfixes
– Added: new location "University" [Study, Talk to Students (random but starts events)]
– Added: several events at the University (requires higher intelligence)
– Added: side event park + follow up event beach and… (University content)
– Added: side event shop + follow up event (University content)
– Added: 2 extra random events at the inn (will be available with higher intelligence) + random character images
– Added: new images for the event with Sylvia
– Chanced: simplyfied Vivienne’s apartment entrance if you own the key
– Fixed: Isabelle’s menu at the end of her current story
– Fixed: added missing Café labels (place-holder)
– Added: Vivienne Sex Scene
– Added: 2 mini follow up events for Isabelle
– Added: (first) event (of a small set of events) for Evelynn
– Added: new images for Evelynn’s wet sheet event (spy on her)
– Added: side event which can be positive for Evelynn or an eyecandy for you
– Changed: shop and café menu
– Chanced: Vivienne’s current last event (queens_order) will trigger automatically and only on weekdays
– Fixed: Evelynn’s images: -giving a gift, -leaving the apartment; replaced: -living room
– Fixed: timetable adjustments and minor code/text changes/fixes
– Added: small events to trigger Amelie’s past (complete)
– Added: follow up event for Fleur
– Added: event for Evelynn
– Added: side event (Lost Child)
– Added: side event (Voyeur)
– Added: "new" location church outside*
– Added: random talk to Amelie
– Added: 3 different scenes at the farm (Hang out) 2x beach 1x castle
– Added: Casandra got new hints for Amelie and Fleur
– Chanced: reduced the conditions for the bathhouse scene
– Chanced: Vivienne’s Apartment menu simplified
– minor code optimizations, timetable adjustments, some text fixes*
only available at the current end of Isabelle’s story, this adds a new menu for Isabelle
(Gift/Talk) and she can be found here from morning till evening – doesn’t add new events (atm)!
– Added: new Events for Isabelle*, Fleur (Sex Scene), Vivenne, Casandra
– Added: Amelie’s past first half of her background story (start in the park menu)
– Added: Infos about the new events to Casandra
– Added Pictures to Vivienne’s Dinner and Vivienne’s random event (v0.03b)
– Added: Character images to the events in the inn
– Added: missing text to Serena’s story
– Added: first Fan Image
– Added/Replaced: 1 of Evelynn’s Character image replaced and one new added
– Replaced: Images Bus/House/Beach/+Church with licence free images
– Replaced: Casandra’s Image at the apartment
– Chanced: Fleur’s apartment mostly deactivated (for now)
– Chanced: Evelynn’s morning-talk event got now an entry for Vivienne
– Chanced: UI will be hidden during dialogues
– Chanced: Isabelle’s praying event will start now only on daytime
– Chanced: Casandra has now better hints for Isabelle and fixed Evelynn’s fortune
– Chanced: Balloon Tour won’t pop up so much
– Chanced: when going to bed will randomly one of 5 Evelynn character images displayed
– Fixed: problem in Fleur’s and Amelie’s gift Menu
– Fixed: little image problem while going to bed after an event
– Fixed: problems in Evelynn’s/Vivienne’s apartment menu and "morningtalk" event
– Fixed: Credits resolution
– Fixed: tons! of bugs that prevented to proceed in day/time/events…
– Fixed: removed old missing Label thanks to Tante Droll
– minor Code and text fixes and removed some useless code
– partially Reenabled: House (roomtour and buyable – but only for skipping time)* currently a cheat is implemented wich will help ONLY at the end of the event
– Added: talk options for Amelie, Evelynn, Fleur
– Added: some lines to Vivienne’s dinner
– Added: new infos about Vivienne at Casandra available + fixes in Casandras fortune
– Changed: Isabelle’s Event Lost Necklace: it’s now an usable item in the inventory
– Changed: Vivienne’s and Serena’s Give gift menu + code changes in every gift menu
– Chanced: every character values one gift higher (hints about it in the dialogues/talk options)
– Changed: Evelynn, Vivenne, Serena and Fleur’s requirements changed to the new conditions
– Chanced: Item prices
– Chanced: positions of some character images
– Chanced: Evelynn’s morning-talk event, it has a option if you haven’t settled on a girl, now
– Reworked: Evelynn’s talk Code
– Added: insignificant mini event to the beach (rest on the beach)
– Replaced/Added: Fleur’s character images
– Fixed: Removed/changed some old code
– Added: Amelie’s Home/Parents Story ongoing from 0.03a (3 different routes*)
– Added: Event Vivienne’s Dinner
– Added: Event Vivienne’s new clothes
– Added: Random Event for Vivienne
– Added: Event for Evelynn (Your previous choices decides the persons in the dialogue)**
– Added: Background for Vivienne’s intro (Update to 0.01f)
– Changed: One of Vivienne’s Random Event will only trigger if Amelie doesn’t hate you
– Chanced: Evelynn won’t strip down to her bra (or more) before evening and not in the
first 10 days. Afterwards it depends on your relationship with her and your luck
– Chanced: Random Park Event "sleep until night" is now "sleep until evening" and trigger only at morning
– Fixed: Evelynn’s invite menu
– Fixed: If Amelie was "Invited" before something happend with Serena and you work in the
meantime on that front, Amelie will react to the new situation during your date
– Fixed: 2 different Day talk options at the farm, depends on your "status" Before it was
always the one with Amelie
– Reworked: Vivienne’s Apartment code (Fleur&Evelynn in some of the next updates since it’s a total mess)
– Fixed: Sweets as a present for Vivenne (had a negativ effect before)
– minor code and text fixes/changes
1. you stay in the game and can’t go back to Serena
2. you stay in the game and can revisit the scenes (no further progress)
3. a true ending with a small story (what happens to the other chars ect)
this event is now a requirement for the bathouse and because of lack of content for Evelynn
it’s pretty easy to trigger Evelynn’s dialogue in there
Added: Amelie’s Home/Parents (ongoing and will be changed further) Added: Story between Evelynn and Fleur (Bathhouse needs good stats by both chars) Added: Cafe Talk (extra Dialoge for Casandra, Vivenne, Fleur and Evelynn) Chanced: Amelie’s story got a few extra lines Chanced: Amelie’s Talk options Chanced: only 1 Event each Day (Story and Random)* Changed: Shop** Replaced: Casandras image Fixed: Castle (will only trigger Amelie’s event once) Misc:
Added: another line to the apartment menu Added: some lines to Vivienne’s first apartment visit minor fixes Added: Beach is enabled currently only to skip some time (ongoing) Added: Castle got some images (ongoing) Replaced: one of Evelynn’s images *
It won’t no longer happen that 2 or more story events be triggered after each other
same with the balloon tour, if you say no it won’t be displayed again for a while
(Couldn’t test it completly so it could happen that i missed one.. event)
-new item "Wine"
-menu text changed
after buying something you stay in the item selection menu
Added: if you don’t own enough money for the inn you can "try" and break into the apartment (possible GameOver) Added: Amelie’s fortune Added/Replaced: Bonus scenes Added/Replaced: Fleur’s Toilett scene Replaced: Vivienne’s charakter model Replaced: Amelie’s images Replaced: most of Evelynn’s images Changed: Savegame name Chanced: First events won’t longer start at night Fixed: Donation Loop if you don’t donate (and you will stay in the church now) Reenabled the mistakenly disabled random events in 0.01g Misc Changes:
New "Back" Button in the apartment menu after praying back on the map minor Code fixes and tweaks Casandra knows now more about the MC Rollback disabled in: Casandras Fortune and if you be a burgler more than 3 times the 4th attemp will fail Park-sleep-event won’t trigger at evening
Changed: resized to 1600×900 (this fixed the "Preferences" menu as well) Changed: ui reworked Changed: sleeping in the morning is not longer possible Added: Evelynn’s Introduction story (told during a coffee session) Added: Amelie’s Introduction story Added: short events in the inn Added: Evelynn’s fortune Fixed: Fleurs fortune Fixed: Fleur’s shop story won’t trigger any longer after afternoon Fixed: Only one coffee session on sunday, if Amelie gets an invite during her
work on sunday you’ll get a free coffee and the time will proceed further MISC: minor Code fixes and lot’s of Text fixes Disabled: House no longer for sale! Will be enabled later
Casandra overhaul #2v (ongoing from 0.01c) Isabelle’s, Vivienne’s and Fleur’s Fortune fixed Map redesign Several new pictures (no nudes, sorry) Apartment code edited for Vivenne, Fleur and Evelynn Beginning of the first two random events for Evelynn and Vivenne (Apartment) Give a tip to Amelie to raise her sympathy to be able to invite her minor code & text fixes Vivienne’s Introduction (Currently Blackscreen with some images and text)
(Pictures will be edited as soon as i’m able to shoot one that will fit the background) Cafe & Inn: Minor changes Activity Counter visual removed Inn sound effect removed
Casandras missing "Talk" label fixed
Infinity loop fixed Activity reward reduced Minor code & text fix
Credits page (still in the "Buy House" Extras menu) Code fixes for: jump-return, pause Praying for x times will trigger a event (no new images, Relationship+) Deleted some left over files Images and code integrated for Vivienne’s apartment (not activated!) Casandra: new menu code overhaul Fortune Check Isabelle Cafe: drinks/food time +1 Fleur won’t say thanks for yesterday if you visit the shop someday later First church talk will trigger even without visiting the shop before Tons of character shortcut fixes; Character renamed: Eyleen -> Evelynn Drinks for Evelynn fixed (Relationship+) Isabelle’s Story requires less relationship (down from 20 -> 7) Vivienne’s progress now seperat (before: required a certain relationship with isabelle) Minor code and textfixes Fleurs story continues with a ultra early xxx scene
Menu structure Eyleen (Inn) rework. Added a text to Amelie’s "Talk". (still dummy text but the player gets a feedback and won’t just thrown into a different menu) Casandras Fortune implemented, she is now a hotspot Added door images to Fleurs and Eyleens Apartment Eyleen isn’t any longer in the Bar at morning several "Back" buttons added Sound effect stops now after resting minor code&text fixes
Focus for this and the next patches are functionality.
"invite to cafe" menu working now for Amelie, Eyleen and Fleur (text later) minor fixes and removed some old code
First Release
Developer Notes:
Console Commands:
Start your game. Hold shift and press letter "O". Console will open.
money = xxx (xxx = the amount you want.)
Bonus Code:
Buying the house early and not sleeping in the inn can mess up the game progress.
Some events will start only in the Inn!
Even if Patreons get extended content, you won’t encounter a paywall at any place!Skip and Console active