SFM-DH Short Film Collection [2020-01-01] [SFM-DH]

Overview: Dreamhawk’s short film collection of exaggerated bodily proportions​ Updated: 2020-01-01 Animator: SFMDH (aka Dreamhawksfm) Tumblr (RIP) – NaughtyMachinima – Twitter – Pixiv – Patreon – Ko-fi Censorship: None Language: English Format: MP4, MXF Resolution: 720p Length: 1-5 minutes Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Parody, Sound, Monster, Big tits, Big ass, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Creampie, Gangbang, …

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Harem Fantasy: Good or evil will save the world [v1.30] [kamichichi]

Download Overview: Tumbling into the cave, a young man who lost his memory explores a cave guided by a crystal and joined by 3 beautiful women.Somewhere along the way, his quest evolves from finding his memory to saving the world……Will he save it with good or evil……​ Thread Updated: 2019-12-26 Release Date: Japanese 2016-08-08, English …

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KrashZone collection [KrashZone]

Download Overview: KrashZone collection. I have no idea how complete this is.​ Updated: unkown Developer/Publisher: | Tumblr | HentaiFoundry Censorship: none Language: wordless Resolution: various Pages: 451 Genre: oral, vaginal, futa, anal, parody, bestiality, handjobs, groupsex

Transformers Collection [Fred Perry]

Download Overview: Four complete comics based on the Transformers franchise.​ Updated: 2019-04-26 Developer/Publisher: Fred Perry Deviantart Censorship: No Language: English Resolution: Various HD Pages: N/A Genre: 2DCG, Sci-fi, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Transformation, Monster girl, Parody, Group sex Collection List: An Indecent Proposal Bot Rockin’ I Like Big Autobutts (and I Cannot Lie!) I Still …

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Hot Glue [v2002.0] [Hot Glue]

Download Overview: Hot Glue is a pornographic indie game in development. It’s aiming to have several mini games with a a bit of online features for the players to share and interact!​ Thread Updated: 2020-02-29 Release Date: 2020-02-28 Developer: Hot Glue Patreon – Game Jolt Censored: No Version: 2002.0 OS: Windows Language: English Genre: 3D …

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The Lusty Lizard Game Collection + Art [2019-12-05] [TheLustyLizard]

Download Overview: A veteran of animation, The Lusty Lizard is known for its smooth animation and voice acting on its game Here’s a collection of its game and a bonus file containing its art as spotlighted on its website P.S. Android version is available but on a complicated matter atm​ Thread Updated: 2020-01-04 Release Date: …

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R*pe!! R*pe!! Graduation Journey!! [mokusei-zaiju]

Download Overview: The K-*N! girls chose London for their senior trip. Unfortunately there’s a virus in the city that makes everyone horny for Japanese teen girls!Right when the music club arrives, they’re instantly r*ped. Monsters & special characters vs. K-*N! girls.Lesbian, blowjob, anal, gangbang, coercion, brutal sex…But Yui and the gang forge continue their journey. …

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