Shelter [Alibi]

Download Overview: 197X,a civil war broke out in K, a small country in eastern Europe, during the cold war. To clear the opposition faction, the government strengthened the monitoring. You were only a landlord of this apartment, now a ‘volunteer’ watcher as well. These tenants became your targets. Be loyal to your country or abuse …

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Ishu Aigan [Cyclet]

Download Overview: Best game. Enough said. : Google translate overview “Mutsuki Gakuen” – A student of that school, “Yoyo Hanahana” (Yanoyo Unohana) saw an incredible thing. Classmate “Yukihime Samejima” witnesses where she was in contact with a big creature.Unbelievable big creatures- the appearance of Aoihime panting with a face that I can not usually show- …

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Unde Kudasai! Okaa-san!! [Mokuzou]

Download Overview: Not available​Developer/Publisher: Mokuzou (link not available) Censorship: Yep (mosaic) Language: English Resolution: Various Pages: 34 Genre: Big Ass, Big Tits, Rape, Incest, Milf, Ahegao, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Slave, Pregnancy, Censored

Rubia's Ordeal [StudioNAZE]

Download Overview: The RPG tale of an elf girl on "probation", doing part-time work in a human village. Go ordealing as Rubia and revel in the sexual debacles. Can she clear her "probation"? : Features * An event-discovery RPG with no battles * Sleep sex, sex in chaos, brothel events galore! * 32 event CGs …

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Kakoi -Enclosure- [v1.10] [a.m.]

Download Overview: A man wakes up in a strange room with no memories.Who is he? Who is this nameless stranger who takes care of him? And why is he always locked in?​ Thread Updated: 2019-07-14 Release Date: Japanese 2013-02-25, English 2019-06-10 Original Title: 囲 -カコイ- Developer: a.m. Website – DLsite Censored: Yes Version: 1.10 OS: …

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Sextastic Tales of the Sacred Sword Hero [v1.10] [kagurado]

Download Overview: A masculine hero has sex with lots of girls on the way to defeating the demon lord in this RPG! Enjoy having sex with village girls, prostitutes, high born maidens, wolf girls, magic girls, exhibitionists, dancers, succubus, and more!​ Thread Updated: 2019-12-31 Release Date: Japanese 2019-08-06, English 2019-12-30 Developer: kagurado DLsite Translation: Isabelle …

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Harem Fantasy: Good or evil will save the world [v1.30] [kamichichi]

Download Overview: Tumbling into the cave, a young man who lost his memory explores a cave guided by a crystal and joined by 3 beautiful women.Somewhere along the way, his quest evolves from finding his memory to saving the world……Will he save it with good or evil……​ Thread Updated: 2019-12-26 Release Date: Japanese 2016-08-08, English …

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Hellfrost Dark Knight Styria – The Ultimate Knight Falleth Flesh Toilet [Zeton Poison]

Download Overview: The strongest Dark Knight of the Kingdom of Lokock, Styria. Wielding an enchanted spear that allows her to use frost magic. One day she is called before the King and ordered to retrieve a certain Grimoire from the Cave of Wisdom. While reluctant, she heads off as ordered to the cave but… little …

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Yuki's Tale [AzureZero]

Download Overview: Yuki, a blue-haired kitsune, is dropped into the dungeon below her village for the crime of wanting to leave and explore the world. As she fights her way though the dungeon, the darker side of her village is laid bare.This game is a spin-off of the soon to be released damsel quest 3 …

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Lust Memory [v1.01] [62studio]

Download Overview: A yuri minigame featuring another protagonist, Chloe, who is invited to a world of succubi. While fending off the succubi who try to level drain her, she must defeat each area’s lust demon boss, and escape the dream world of the succubi.*You can enjoy this game even if you haven’t played Lust Grimm.​ …

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