Yellow Family [v0.2.101] [BudaCoca]

Yellow Family [v0.2.101] [BudaCoca] Yellow Family [v0.2.101] [BudaCoca] Yellow Family [v0.2.101] [BudaCoca] Yellow Family [v0.2.101] [BudaCoca] Yellow Family [v0.2.101] [BudaCoca]
You live with your family in a little town called… Springtown… yes, that will do​
Thread Updated: 2019-11-19
Last Update Release Date: 2019-11-17
Developer: BudaCoca – PatreonWebsite
Censorship: none
Version: 0.2.101
OS: Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS
Languages: English, Spanish
2dcg, Male Protagonist, Voyeurism, Incest, Big Tits, Breast Expansion
-Solved some graphic issues on Android version
-Removed(deprecated) start window on Windows/Mac/Linux, resolution forced in this version to 1280×720
-Minor fixes, small addition(corridor light switch)v.0.2.100:
-Current platform support increased, now it’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS(as unsigned .ipa, you can sign it using CydiaImpactor)
-Temporarily removed the intro comic, will be added back when there’s content that continues that story branch
-Added SaveGame feature, save anytime your game, Android/iOS versions auto-save more often, like when you visit a link to prevent data loss. All versions auto-save when the bed is used
-Main house structure rebuilt, new objects added, POV changed on several rooms
-Added realtime lights and shadows for each room-Added a tiny provisional event of the parents at their room-Reworked start UI and adult warning at the start
-Added Unity Analytics to get some data(like player count), if there’s no internet the game works anyways
-Several texts changed/revised, bugs solved, internal fixes, events revised…
-Added outline on some objects that require to interact with to make some progressv.0.2.92:
-Quick bugfix, Menu UI not showing properly on talking with Morris & skip intro during the introv0.2.91:
-Fix the PC interaction after placing the hidden camera
-Added the Reverend kiss photo on the camera software(it isn’t notified, shows up when you complete the related event)
-Fixed some warnings/removed unused internal references
-Minor fixesv.0.2.90:
-Built-in a new character portrait system that uses modular images for the characters in conversations(saves storage), also allows the images of the characters to be animated. All the character images have currently a simple animation of breathing and blink
-Added the bathroom of the parents’ room.
-Added clinic and images for the tiny new event(Breast expansion).
-Reworked some conversations to fit the new event
-Temporary removed of the tomato conversation, this will be a separate event
-The first contact with Reverend’s daughter enables the Restaurant(before was the second one)
-(Provisional)Stats/Emotions system for character relationships, currently noticeable just in sister(she can get angry)
-Added color images for: Reverend and his daughter in Church, Reverend’s daughter in Restaurant & Scientific Woman.
-Several tweaks and optimizations in code, 3D models and Scenario
-Know bugs solved, revised some animations
-Simple FPS Counter(can be activated in Settings)v.0.2.81:
-Just a quick bug fixv.0.2.80:
-Removed Unity analytics(Not used, was mandatory when the game’s development started)
-Smartphone UI added, replaces settings menus
-Added "Quest List" to track the story status and optional events
-All character skin tones revised + some minor graphic improvements
-"Love Tester" added in the Tavern
-Sister reacts installing a latch if you keep entering the bathroom while she’s taking a shower
-Scenario: Simple Garage added
-B/W image of Sister in bed replaced with a revised & colored one
-B/W images of Reverend’s daughter under the table replaced with colored ones + 2 variations added for the finish + menu to chose the final(available from the second time you visit the event)
-Last event of Reverend’s daughter available every Sunday Morning once you do it(or if you go directly to it by skipping everything else using the Cheat menu in Settings)Release Notes v.0.2.70:
-The game now preserves the language preference and the character names chosen by the player
-The message of someone using the shower has been replaced with an icon
-Option to sleep/skip multiple days in bed
-(optional)Fade transitions for room change(can be enabled at advanced options menu)
-Now the time goes by, based on where you are & the place you’re going, includes UI indicator
-Added a little bit of story to Jessy’s branch & a conversation with the professor
-Reworked Jessy’s conversation in cafeteria to replace plastic surgery with the alternative method
-Minor changes and fixes
-All the characters in color for conversations(except Jessica on cafeteria)Release Notes v.0.2.60:
Just an esthetic improvement, no new story yet
-Inks for all characters in conversations, colour for Frank & Max Power
-Minor fixes and adjustmentsRelease Notes v.0.2.52:
-Prof.Frank revised
-Minor improvement on NavMap
-Character portraits script improved to avoid multiple selectionRelease notes v0.2.51:
-Bort’s computer it’s now interactable
-Added message at the beginningRelease notes v0.2.50:
-First public release with(a little bit of) content, includes translation to English(Beta)
-2 "interesting" images
Know issues on v0.2.101
-[Android]Default 16:9 aspect ratio not respected on (at least) some devices with different aspect ratio screen(ex. 18:9), leading to UI and camera issues.