Witch Girl [KooooN Soft]

Witch Girl [KooooN Soft] Witch Girl [KooooN Soft] Witch Girl [KooooN Soft] Witch Girl [KooooN Soft] Witch Girl [KooooN Soft] Witch Girl [KooooN Soft] Witch Girl [KooooN Soft]
A girl appears at the entrance of a mysterious forest.​
These trees are the lair of evil monsters who are terrorizing the inhabitants of a nearby village. This girl is a witch. She heard rumors about this place during her travels, and now here she is. The rumors spoke of a ruin that lies in the forest where an ancient treasure may be found. It’s unclear whether or not the rumor is true, but as the girl is strapped for money she couldn’t help but take an interest. The girl takes a tight grip on her trusty broom and enters the forest.​
What will she encounter inside?​
Help the girl to find the treasures through the various endings of the game.​Updated: 13/12/2015
Developer/Publisher: KooooN Soft DLsite
Censorship: Uncensored
Version: 2.34
OS: Windows
Language: english (full)
ROR, side-scroller, female protagonist, tentacle, rape, succubus, lesbian, stripping, spawn (optional), breast milking (optional), pissing (optional), internal view (optional), futanari (optional), gangbang (optional), orgy (opzional), masturbation, bestiality, mind-control, story mode, debug mode, game over scenes, gallery available, cheats available, secrets
Cheats and Gallery:
There is one more code that unlock everything + more (finish the TrueGame to find it).It’s "noel"
* Start of sale of ver 1.00 in late January 2014[ver1.05]
* Implemented the Debug mode
* Improved the amplification function (fixed center point misalignment)
* Fixed various bugs[ver1.10]
* 2 additional patterns for masturbation (it changes when you press ↑ or ↓ at the same time)
* You can move the display after amplification
* Center point of the amplification is now automatically set in each animation in the gallery
* The player urinates only at climax
* Fixed the bug of hitbox after the player climaxed when the enemy ejaculated
* Fixed the bug of amplification when going to the next stage
* Changed mouth expression in some climax animations
* Changed the way to loop the down animations in the gallery
* Added abnormal switch of mother milk
* Changed the color of nipples and cheeks of Succubus/Incubus
* Fixed the bug of undress feature in game-overs in the gallery
* Fixed censorship in some animations
* Fixed the expression of semen after tit-fuck with Incubus[ver1.11]
* Fixed the bug in looping animations
* Fixed the bug of W/A/S/D key controls in new masturbation[ver1.12]
* Succubus can be summoned in the gallery
* Added shortcut key for amplification function
Reset with R key, move the center point with F key
* Fixed the bug of immobile enemies in the Debug mode
* Fixed the bug of enemies that are brought down without attacks[ver1.20]
* Added 4 game-overs
(For stages 2 to 5)
* Added some climax voices
* Fixed the bug of pausing while you are impervious to attacks
* Fixed the bug of Succubus remaining displayed in the game-over screen in the gallery
* Changed the masturbation position of Succubus (while playing stage)
* Fixed the bug in the ejaculation action during orgasm after the player climaxed in the gallery
* Fixed the bug in display of texts out of the frame
* Stopped the movement of magical circles in various animations
* Added a switch to adjust urination
* Three steps "Both at ejaculation and orgasm" "Only at orgasm" and "No urination"
* Posing in the gallery no longer darkens the screen[ver1.21]
* Interface such as gauge can be hidden
* Changed the posing of Incubus in woman-on-top position
* Fixed the bug of clothing display in game-over
* Fixed the bug in ejaculation of Ghost Hand in threesome
* Fixed the bug of balloon display in threesome
* Fixed the display of highlights in the gallery
* Fixed the bug of shortcut key in a masturbation pattern in the gallery
* Added a plain background image to the gallery[ver1.30]
* Added new enemies:
Cosplay Book Red
Cosplay Book Blue
* Bat button is now mobile in the game-over screen in the gallery
* Fixed spoken lines for non-creampie scenes
* Fixed spoken lines for masturbation such as "stop"
* Fixed some minor elements[ver1.30b]
* Fixed some bugs[ver1.31]
* Added handcuffs for the policewoman costume
* Modification for the opening scene in cosplay sex
* Added the item "Voice Timing" to the option
You can select the panting voice from continuous or intermittent
* Changed body position when the 2nd round starts after orgasm (except gallery mode)
* Added shortcut key to toggle highlight of the eyes (Eye -> E key)
* Fixed the bug of multiple player characters after game-over
* Fixed the bug of balloon display for Cosplay Books
* Fixed the bug of the egg-laying scene when climaxed by Book
* Fixed the bug of the appearance of Cosplay Book Red
* Added Cosplay Book in automatic appearance button in the Debug mode
* Fixed blinking when switching cosplay in the gallery
* Fixed the bug in ejaculation of 2 Ghost Hands in threesome[ver1.50]
* Added stage 6
* Added the boss "Sister"
* Added game-over 6
* Fixed various bugs[ver1.51]
* Game-over and background sync in the gallery
* Fixed some bugs in Sister’s animation
* Fixed the bug in displaying background in the Debug mode
* Fixed the bug of balloon display after game-over
* Fixed spoken lines for non-ejaculation scenes[ver2.00]
* Added 2 enemies
* Added True mode
* Added stage 7
* Added handcuffs in wooden horse scene
* Fixed some bugs[ver2.01]
* Fixed the bug of gallery enhancement after defeating the new boss
* Fixed the bug of gallery display when using a shortcut key
* Fixed the bug of displaying stage 7 background before the gallery enhancement
* Fixed the display of Basilisk Larva B
* Fixed the display of the new boss in the gallery during amplification
* Fixed some displays in game-over 7
* Fixed the display of enemy’s outfit in game-over 7
* Fixed the display of XXXorg in the gallery[ver2.10]
* Added new enemies:
Cosplay Book Green
Cosplay Book Yellow
* Fixed some bugs[ver2.20]
* Added Extra mode
Appears in the title screen when gallery is unlocked
* Added a button to undress boss at once
* Password displays when the game is cleared as well
* Added mother milk scene to Insect Jar
* Small devil in the gallery became mobile
* Fixed the bugs related to Cosplay Book Yellow
(increased liquid in futanari ejaculation as well)
* Sister summons Cosplay Book Green and Yellow
* Character can be naked all the time (Naked mode)
* Fixed some bugs[ver2.30]
* Added automatic plump belly feature in egg spawning scene of game-over 6
* Sister’s appearance is controlled by a button in the gallery
* Stone statue effect occurs by some operation in game-over 7
* Added Orgasm Loop in the gallery to adjust speed
* Center point of the amplification is now automatically set in each animation outside the gallery as well
* Added a simple background to the Debug mode
* Fixed some bugs
* Released the English version[ver2.31]
* Fixed some bugs[ver2.32]
* Fixed some bugs[ver2.33]
* Fixed some bugs
* Added [Finish Loop][Orgasm Loop] to the Extra Mode
* Improved gallery of speed controller[ver2.34]
* Fixed some bugs