Will of The Vampire [v0.2 Build 0082] [rudeboyuk]

Will of The Vampire [v0.2 Build 0082] [rudeboyuk] Will of The Vampire [v0.2 Build 0082] [rudeboyuk] Will of The Vampire [v0.2 Build 0082] [rudeboyuk] Will of The Vampire [v0.2 Build 0082] [rudeboyuk] Will of The Vampire [v0.2 Build 0082] [rudeboyuk] Will of The Vampire [v0.2 Build 0082] [rudeboyuk] Will of The Vampire [v0.2 Build 0082] [rudeboyuk] Will of The Vampire [v0.2 Build 0082] [rudeboyuk] Will of The Vampire [v0.2 Build 0082] [rudeboyuk] Will of The Vampire [v0.2 Build 0082] [rudeboyuk]
This game will see you becoming a vampire, but a vampire that works within very different lore than the vampires we know from books and movies. Your character will be able to use their mental powers to get humans to do their bidding whilst they ‘feed’ on them or indeed have them work for the family, as well as make use of some special abilities in combat also.As with all my games there will be no instant gratification here, this will be about building up to the richer content as you further your powers and increase your family standing amongst the other vampire families.​
Thread Updated: 2020-02-29
Release Date: 2020-02-29
Developer: rudeboyuk Hypnopics Collective
Censored: No
Version: 0.2 Build 0082
Language: English
Mind-Control, Combat, Masturbation, Management, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism
Second set of exhibitionist photos for Astrid added. (Living Room)
Added Peek pics for Astrid for all locations. (8)
First set of exhibitionist photos for Astrid added. (Kitchen)
Additional content for Astrid Vossen, which unlocks new locations.
Added new locations Country Club and Tennis Courts.
First pass at Vossen Estate map.
Wide range of bug fixes as noted by Grobi on Hypnopics
Added more lore to the bookstore owners questions
Updated the asked/unasked question code to remove the need for a print statement.
Changed the colour for Actions to be more distinct from Exits.
Simple first pass for Vossen family.
Fix to prevent Plasticity being assigned multiple times when mesmerism 2020-02-29Name selection now has it’s original intended effect on game mechanics, as follows:
Atieno – Born at night – Lower chance of being caught peeking
Baldovino – Brave friend – Human level increase bonus
Eligio – To choose – Persuasion bonus
Jareth – To watch – Exhibitionism bonus
Parris – Abductor – Enthral Bonus
Tariq – Night visitor – Horniness bonus
Player Info now lists traits based on the above.
Yoga practice with sister from the Terrace if concentration is level 1 or lower.
Books added to the bookstore for skill levels 2-32019-08-05New characters added, may be seen at the bookstore at certain times of day.
Third human prey added.
Humans no longer return to the bar immediately after you feed upon them.2019-08-02Bugfix don’t try to update locations when the game time is after late night.
Adjusted the ‘Add Todo’ code so items are only added once. And stay on the list once completed to avoid being re-added at a later date when already completed.
Added subtle backgrounds to the Exits/Actions boxes so it is easier to see which entries belong to which section.
Added employment system so player can earn cash off girls.
Added start of system to chat with workers to boost their skills, presently just displays pictures appropriate to their skill level.2019-07-29Bugfix to the chat system which could allow the player to become stuck if there happened to be no questions to ask the NPC at that point. The ‘Return’ option is now always available regardless of the number of available questions.
Player now has the option, when enthralling, to extract will or leave the girl be. Extracting will now lowers the girls libido to zero, and she will not return to the bar until it raises above 15. Add a little more strategy to the process of restoring will, and prevents too much farming of a single victim.
Updated the chat system to ensure read mark was set at the correct point to allow response text to reflect if the question has been asked before.
Addition questions for the book store owner added, plus ability to peek at her whilst talking.
Fixed many errors in the enthralment section where sisters help text was staying on the screen.2019-07-28Bugfix for if the player enters Grandfathers study after training and doesn’t click the link to talk at the first opportunity. Includes fixes for the next two conversations also.
Bugfix where an error would occur if you reached the end of the first year without having ever spoken with your sister.2019-07-25Added new code to give the player $100 upon arriving to the US.
Fixed broken code that would return player to Family Home after an enthralment when done from the city.
Player can now entice certain humans to work for them. At present they just move to a holding location. First recruitable human pictures added.
Added chat option for the office manager when in the office for reviewing how any employed girls are performing.
Mesmerism Study can now be performed with your sister at night in her office bedroom.2019-07-24Created a bookcase in the living area, and the code for books to be read. Includes new system for book sales from the bookstore or other locations to update the contents of the bookcase.
Added exhibitionism events for the living room for sister and OM. Level 1 only.
Reworked the code for checking if the player has chatted with a character today.
Added ‘Peek’ option when talking to girls. Has a chance to increase their exhibitionism over time. But getting caught will reduce the girls horniness.
Updated the chat system so the players Body Language skill can give feed back on the girls current horniness levels.
Had the humans for practicing/feeding on moved to the US with the player and updated the story to reflect this.
Moved some of the top right options to the menu. Now only Menu access and Saves are available from the main screen for tidiness.
New start menu for Nightly build, to give jumping in points for return players.
Adjusted the display of images in the Achievement list for clearer visibility of which have been obtained, and obscuring the images whilst locked.2019-07-18Finished the Act I introduction speech from the Office Manager and Sister.
Updated sisters locations to allow her to move around the office building also.
Added chat code for Office manager, currently only a single question available but system now in place for expansion.
Added new chat images for the sister for each of the current locations she can be found in.
Ensured player can not enter bedrooms or the bathroom when they are in use for masturbation or showering by the girls.
Added a bar and bookstore to the city, plus a street hub.
Began creation of the bookstore owner.2019-07-17Office locations created and images found.
Created the transition story for the US trip which ends the introduction and sets up the game for Act I.2019-07-15Added code to restore health and will when the player sleeps, with on screen notifications.
Humans now slowly reset their libido to 20 over night.2019-07-10Moved the version numbering to the Menu screen, main screen now simple has the game title. Also added more detail for versions and builds ahead of the 0.1 release.
Added repeatable training session that will build up ‘Combat Training’ that will later feed into how you level up Strength/Dexterity and any future Stats.
Created new chat event for the sister for after your first attempt with mesmerism. Required moving sisters library chats over to the new chat system.
Added a general reading action to the library to give a second location where the player can pass time.
You can now study mesmerism from your sister in her room at night.2019-07-09Continued on creating response texts for the enthral encounters.2019-07-08Fixed bug in human creation code that missed a response for Level 2 G Spot stimulations.
Added link to games thread on Hypnopics for feedback.2019-07-08Enthral is now limited to a set number of interactions, depending on the players level of mesmerism.
Began work on creating database of responses girls can give to each stimulus and assigning a random selection to each girl. Bit of a bigger job that I first thought! Perhaps something I can add to over time.
Limited what can be learned from the library to max at level 2 for skills. Further development will come from npcs.
Fitted out ToDo system to follow the main plot to it’s current conclusion.
Found bug that was creating too many human prey for the player.2019-07-04Added all images for the second human you meet which is all there are in the game just yet.2019-07-03Enthralment system in place, though with no image updates yet, but can be used to regain will and then return home again afterwards.
Added all images for the first human you meet. Many missing images if you enthral any other humans just now.2019-06-04Completed the chatup system, and ready to move on to enthralment of humans.2019-05-14Reworked the chat system for much easier maintenance. Currently active for uncle.2019-05-14Finished coding the third training session. Introduces the first vampire power.
Added base images for second human
Added new achievments for some of the recent new tasks
Added more ToDo entires. Still far from complete.2019-05-13Began implementing a To Do list to guide the player to the next event.
Updated the location code for simpler maintenance.
Started coding the third training session.2019-05-10Some typo/grammar corrections based on feed back from gabriel5864.
Began working on the bar location for return trips to town to try out your chatting skills.2019-05-10Another reworking of the learning process. Now a player must study to earn ‘Study points’ then these are converted into ‘Practice Points’ when using the skill. This will level up the skill at a rate of 20 points * next level.
Added new CSS class for the level up event so the player is aware they have made progress. 3 second animation over the full screen width.
Rewrote the chat routines for much more flexible unlocking of questions. Required new arrays for all characters.
Added sister performing yoga in the conservatory in the late afternoons. This will be a place to improve concentration in the future.
Added ability to practice yoga with sister to increase concentration stat. Study converts to practice whilst reading books.
Checking out girls in the bar practices reading of body language.2019-05-09Worked out more skills to run along side Persuasion, namely Mesmerism, which allow for greater success during ’embraces’ and Body Language which allows the player to better gage each humans likely responses (difficulty level)
Reworked the chat code so the player and girl rolls are separated from the code for the actual chats. Far more maintainable and quicker to update. Also added in code to increase likelihood of success based on how well you know the girl. Limited this level to a max of 100.
Have worked out some ideas for the bonuses each name choice will make. Currently not implemented as many would have no effect at this stage.2019-05-08Created a first pass at a player stats screen, available from the top of the page in most situations.
Added more to the ending of the Chat Up training with sister. Gives information on how to improve.
Created Quick Start links whilst the game is in testing so it’s easier to jump in at certain points in the introduction.
Updated one of sisters questions to adapt after the awakening.2019-05-07Recreated changelog to track version number automatically.
Replaced and reorganised fonts for clearer display.
Added feedback to chatting screen to recall known aspects of the human you are talking with.
Added new talk with grandfather for picking a new name. Currently just a name with no additional benefits. Plan to add bonuses based on each name in the future.
Brought in the tutorial for the chat-up stuff. Just a single human to try things out on for now but gives an idea.2019-05-06Worked more on the human chat system, added interests for each human and added first image set for testing. Not yet available through game play.2019-05-05Fixed bug where exits in the Kitchen would be unavailable on the first full day after speaking with grandfather.
Increases font size to 120%
Removed some dead space at the top of the pages to allow more text per screen. Design based on a 1920×1080 screen as the default.
Began work on the chat system for interacting humans.2019-05-04Created ceremony passage with animations for images.
Added chat code for aunt.
Updated sister courtyard chats with chance for exhibitionism trait to kick in.
Females now get slightly hornier if talked to that day.
Added aunt to location code.
Added more images to sisters bath times.
Adjusted masturbation and shower code to reduce frequency.
Updated music code to set volumes to 0 or 0.8 for music on/off so will work with a volume control if added later.
Created new ‘Actions’ segment, currently just for the library, where the player can read on certain subjects to improve skills. Currently the skills have no in-game use.
Updated the time widget to inform the player of time progressing whilst walking about or undertaking tasks.
Worked out new system to allow chats to involve others in the room at the time. Includes new photo handling.2019-05-02Added second training session, year skip.
Added pre ceremony talk and introduction of aunt.
New code to send character to bed at end of day added to each location.2019-05-01Added second talk with grandfather.
Updated chat system for sister in the bedroom to fix bug.2019-04-30Updated some of the CSS for the headers and images so portrait images are now handled better.2019-04-29Added bathroom location to the upstairs hallway.
Added ‘peek’ pics to bathroom when sister using it. Began work on exhibitionism system.2019-04-28Added new time breakdowns. Each time zone (Morning, Afternoon, Evening & Night) now has an Early and Late segment. Also each action taken uses up some ‘progress’ of time, when this hits 100 the next segment is activated.
Updated the location assignments to take into account new time options. Added a Horniness and Dirtiness stat for NPCs and ability to adjust these. Updated the location code to send NPCs to the shower when dirty, and masturbation when horny.2019-04-28Total rework of chat system to be more generic. Allows for common questions and location specific questions to be shown at the same time.2019-04-24First training system setup.
Major reworking of combat system as required by first real setup
Reworked achievements to check if already unlocked to avoid code duplication2019-04-23Added breakfast with sister.
Added new locations: Library, Conservatory, Courtyard & The Pit.
Created conversation system for grandfather
Created new opening screens with titles and music2019-04-18Major changes to the navigation system, now fixed to just under the location name for less travel distance.
Added more story covering breakfast with Uncle.
Added Study
Added Grandfathers reveal.
Reworked version display and change log.2019-04-17Began creating story, railroad so far with a little exploration of the family home.
No link to the combat system yet.
Established look for text in the game. Modified first characters for each paragraph. Frames for speech sections.
Fixed Achievements for this game, required some missing style information and then colour coding to this game, plus replaced sound with more appropriate one.2019-04-16Working model for combat system complete. Basic attacks working and initiative order updating. Can complete a fight.2018Initial setup based on new code example from The Little Shop.
Developer Notes:
RPG Lite (Stat building, skills)
Sim Lite (Time progression, open world, sleeping but no having the wash/eat each day)
Combat (Turn based)
Enthralment of humans for feeding
Enticement of humans to have them work for you
Recruitment of fellow vampiresCurrent Status
Introduction complete which shows off most of what the game will be like.
Working on fleshing out the US locations and ensuring all current play mechanics are working in the new area.
Created income system based on employees skills and siphon a percentage off to the player each week.Next Goals
Introduce Skill system to allow boosting of certain aspects such as human recruitment, vampire horniness and getting away with voyeurism.
Introduce new characters that will be of importance in the US setting.Road Map
0.1 Meet the family (Released)
0.2 Beachhead – Establish at foothold in the Americas (In Progress)
0.3 Reclamation – Every family needs a home
0.4 Consolidation – Refurbish and Reassert
0.5 Sit Down – Take your rightful place
0.6 Consumption – Fight an old enemy
0.7 TBD
0.8 TBD
0.9 TBD
1.0 Completion