Warrior Girl [v0.08A] [KooooN Soft]

Warrior Girl [v0.08A] [KooooN Soft] Warrior Girl [v0.08A] [KooooN Soft] Warrior Girl [v0.08A] [KooooN Soft]
A brave warrior girl enters a cave filled with horny monsters only to be violated.​
Updated: May/05/2018
Developer/Publisher: Koooon Soft
Censorship: No (Hex edited it out)
Version: 0.08A
OS: Windows
Language: English
Rape, Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Combat, Interspecies sex, creampie
2018/05/30 ver.0.08A Added How to Play mode. Fixed some bugs.
2018/05/01 ver 0.07 B addition of pause function. Added FPS drop alert. Bug fixes.
2018/04/30 ver.0.07 A gallery mode was added.
2018/03/04 ver0.06B In the previous version, we decided to abolish the image quality selection for stable operation, but it seems that there was meaning in choosing image quality rather than assumed, so I revived it. Because it is a 2D game, it seemed that image quality change had only effect to forcibly lower FPS, but it was not such a thing …… orz
2018/03/01 ver 0.06 A scene of the second kind was added to the goblin and slime. There were 2 types of enemies for 3 enemies.
2018/01/13 ver.0.05 Since there was a report that there was a person who can not be activated, we updated the unity and re-output the game data.
2018/01/10 ver.0.05 A game over scene part 1 was added.
2017/12/01 ver 0.04 Implement masturbation and down.
2017/10/28 ver0.03B It became easy to crop up by correcting the defect and adjusting the damage received.
2017/09/29 ver.0.03A Voice, sound effect, BGM, clear rank display, costume destruction, bomb, game over, option items implemented.
2017/8/28 ver.0.02 Add 2 enemies and add 2 kinds. Implement just-guard.
Published 2017/7/28 ver.0.01