Viper-M1 [Sogna]

Viper-M1 [Sogna] Viper-M1 [Sogna] Viper-M1 [Sogna] Viper-M1 [Sogna] Viper-M1 [Sogna] Viper-M1 [Sogna] Viper-M1 [Sogna] Viper-M1 [Sogna] Viper-M1 [Sogna] Viper-M1 [Sogna]
Sogna combined the best of both worlds in VIPER-M1: a modern, Windows-based interface and a set of three smaller games, reminiscent of the earlier V series titles. Super-heroine story My Mothers features cover girl Mika in her attempt to rescue a prospective boyfriend. Coming of age tale Green Boy follows Natane and her two older sisters as they welcome a strange young man into their home. The May Works focuses on a schoolgirl, Maki, as she flees from an alien invasion of her hometown.
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A mysterious man leaves an unusual seed with the girls of the Piyo Flower Shop with the promise it will sprout into a plant they have never seen before. With her older sisters Kazumi and Namiki already blossoming, Natane’s blooming curiosity in boys finally takes root.My Mothers
Mika is finally going out on the first date with her new boyfriend. But just as she shows up at the park where he’s waiting, an explosion rocks the area and he’s taken hostage by a band of thugs. Returning to her home, Mika’s grandfather shows her his newest invention: a power suit capable of rescuing Mika’s boyfriend – and it’s in just her size, too.The May Works
What seems like a normal day turns horribly wrong as dimensional rifts open, spitting forth the gelatinous Suramye and robotic avenger Kabuto. An average schoolgirl named Maki must escape their advances or risk becoming their first human slave.
Thread Updated: 2019-07-07
Release Date: 1999
Developer: Sogna Internet Archive
Publisher: Hobibox Internet Archive
Censored: Yes – Mosaics
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese, Italian
Voices: Japanese
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
VNDB: Viper-M1
2DCG, Animated, Japanese game, Censored, Voiced, Multiple protagonist, Female protagonist, Sci-fi, Monster, Humor, Lesbian, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Milf, Rape, BDSM, Masturbation, Oral sex, Titfuck, Harem, Female domination, Creampie, Tentacles, Multiple penetration, Teasing, Groping, Superpowers