Troi's Disgrace [v1.0] [Showusyourtits]

Troi's Disgrace [v1.0] [Showusyourtits] Troi's Disgrace [v1.0] [Showusyourtits] Troi's Disgrace [v1.0] [Showusyourtits] Troi's Disgrace [v1.0] [Showusyourtits] Troi's Disgrace [v1.0] [Showusyourtits] Troi's Disgrace [v1.0] [Showusyourtits] Troi's Disgrace [v1.0] [Showusyourtits] Troi's Disgrace [v1.0] [Showusyourtits] Troi's Disgrace [v1.0] [Showusyourtits]
Enlisted by Betta Troi, Deanna’s jealous cousin, you, a powerful telepath, are sent aboard the Enterprise to transform her goody-two-shoes cousin into a raging nymphomaniac.​
Thread Updated: 2019-04-24
Release Date: 2016-04-25
Developer: Showusyourtits
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Anal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Groping, Group Sex, Handjob, Humiliation, Lesbian, Male Protagonis, Masturbation, Mind Control, Oral Sex, Slut Training, Stripping, Trainer, Vaginal Sex
v1.0 Release
Gameplay Tips:
1. Near the beginning of the game, you’ll have to repeat telepathy training a bunch of times. Be sure to criticize her when she doesn’t do well, it speeds up the process a lot. You can hold down the control key to skip the repetitive dialogue.2. You’ll acquire level 1 pornography on day 7, and level 2 pornography on day 21. Watching these a certain number of times in the morning will raise your perversion level which is necessary to unlock certain actions.3. Similar to the Akabur games, you’ll have to repeat certain actions a few times before she’ll agree to do the next action4. Once you get to the point where you need Deanna to wear the holo-imaging comm badge, the menu option is under favors -> change clothes.
Endgame Tips (s!):
These are all endgame tips. Endgame is when you unlock missions and are done with training, around day 60-80 on average.5. Once you get to the endgame, you have to worry about the senior staff. Picard counters missions with sexy clothing (anything above a swimsuit), Riker counters missions with gangbangs, and Crusher has a random (low) chance to counter any mission.6. You can distract the senior staff by contacting Betta’s spies in the morning. This will cost you favor points, which you’ll have to replenish by sending Deanna to service Betta’s spies ("Curry Favor" option in the spy menu). Once one or more crew members are distracted, their status will change to "Away" for X days, during which you don’t have to worry about them.7. If Picard, Riker, or Crusher interrupt too many of your missions, you will be discovered and the game will end. For Picard and Riker this is 5 interruptions (each), for Crusher it’s 10.8. You can choose to either progress the main story or do random missions. Yulia will warn you about what risks are present at the current storyline mission.9. At some point you will have to do some random gangbang missions to get Deanna’s perversity to maximum level and progress the story. Deanna will reach maximum perversity once she has done DP 5 times.10. You’ll have to attempt Cargo Bay 4 several times before anyone will show up, but once they do, more and more people will come each day.11. Riker cannot counter the Romulan gangbang missions since they don’t take place on the ship.12. Rare missions are triggered by picking a certain combination of location, clothing, and mission type (flashing, fuck one, fuck many). There are 6 total. You need 5 to get the achievement. One of these is Cargo Bay 4 -> Leather -> Fuck Many, but this one also requires a certain number of completed Cargo Bay 4 missions before it unlocks.More Achievement stuff:13. If you want to get the Achievements Jesus Mode and Marco Polo, a good idea is to save the game as soon as missions unlock. Complete one of them, then go back to your savegame and complete the other. Achivements are persistent across different saves.14. Around the World can be a hard one to get. You’ll need a savegame right when missions are unlocked. One way to get it is to "Curry Favor" and hope you get the result that has DP in it. If not, reload and then repeat. Another way might be to get lucky and pull off a ten-forward gangbang with DP right away. Though I haven’t tested that second one.15. DP "fatigues" Deanna. If for some reason you pull off DP five days in a row, she’ll ask for a day off. This is relevant to the "Going Green" achivement.16. If you complete 7 achievements, when Yulia appears, she’ll be naked.