TimeFuck [v0.24.1] [Omniwang]

TimeFuck [v0.24.1] [Omniwang] TimeFuck [v0.24.1] [Omniwang] TimeFuck [v0.24.1] [Omniwang] TimeFuck [v0.24.1] [Omniwang] TimeFuck [v0.24.1] [Omniwang] TimeFuck [v0.24.1] [Omniwang] TimeFuck [v0.24.1] [Omniwang] TimeFuck [v0.24.1] [Omniwang]
Timefuck is the game where you play as a typical protagonist living with his landlord and her daughter living a quiet life until an inventor runs you over with a time machine. Soon, you’ll find yourself stuck in the past during your landlord’s senior prom. You’ll have to stop your father from taking your landlord to the prom, get back to the present and maybe even date your teacher in the past. Timefuck is part Gumball, part Roger Rabbit, part Back to the Future, part Life is Strange, part Kana Imouto.
Thread Updated: 2020-05-04
Release Date: 2020-04-26
Developer: Omniwang @Silhouette of ScribePatreon
Censorship: none
Version: 0.24.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
3dcg, spanking, parody, school setting
Downtown area with multiple new locations. Multiple events with different girls New sequences, new cameos. Opened the arena – first bout of Pro LesRing available! Requested mechanic for locations/descriptions on hover Revised artwork Better screenshots and banner to replace the terrible ones from the alpha v0.091
All the new assets are in, no more placeholders, proper coding – it’s all ready now. You don’t have to play through the previous timelines but there may be a reference to them here and there. There’s a bit to go through here, but we’re just getting started!1.0001
Removed Summertime Saga art1.0
first release/demo