The Spirits of Murala [v0.16] [Asphaltoid]

The Spirits of Murala [v0.16] [Asphaltoid]
Looooong ago, in a parallel universe relativistically far away, existed a world called Murala by its denizens. It was packed with fantasy races, magic, enchanted glades, and what have you. The interesting part was what happened Then! You are Jaron, the Spiritbearer (read: King) of the Kingdom of Ban Vyg. The Spirit you bear is Vigour and it’s an immensely powerful being tied into the existence of the world itself. What do you do as a mortal king in the possession of an immensely powerful being, you might ask? Well, first, you’re under siege. Second,… that is up to you.
Thread Updated: 2018/12/21
Release Date: 2017/09/20
Developer: Asphaltoid – PatreonBlog
Censored: no
Version: v0.16
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
: Change-Log Change-Log:
V0.16 – Chapter 1 – Unearthing – 20171020
– The Party no longer asks the Guard in the Guardhouse for Munro before it’s time.
– The inn door in Sveiki now properly displays that it’s closed.
– Removed a duplicate line by one of the characters.
– Followers no longer appear in the overland areas of Kargor.
– Buffed up Brittle Zephyr Blade, so it slices better.
– Buffed up the Glitterdust Armor so it’s more effective.
– Battle animations are now faster.
– Various tweaks to Sasca’s arsenal, so she is not a complete murder hobo.
– Made the Throne Room and Tomb more imposing.
New content:
– Ban Vyg now has a banner!
– You can now begin your expedition to the Surface!
– Added two Gateposts.
– Added some obstacles and flair.
– Experimenting with Parallax Shadows on most maps.
– Improved lighting in Sveikimano and most other places.V0.151 – Hotfixes – 20170619
– Prologue now starts properly.
– Fixed a slight cosmetic bug in the Tomb.
– Changed the save options for the bandit mine.
– Fixed Audra bug at the cost of bigger base game files. Check blog for more info.
– Fixed a double greeting by one of the Party members.
– Some cosmetic changes elsewhere.V0.15 – Chapter 1 Digging – 20170618
– Svrachka joins the team!
– Spruced up the Throne Room.
– Experimental Mac and Linux releases added.New content:– Two new unmissable party members – Sasca and someone else you’ll meet!
– Half of Chapter 1 implemented.
– New games now start with a disclaimer.
– Vigour and Ruhr get a facelift.
– All party members will have interesting things to say when staying at Audra’s.
– New sex scenes:
* 2 unmissable,
* 1 missable.
– Implemented quests:
* Unsettlement,
* Wanted: Munro the Keg,
* The Treason and Plot,
* DND Applications,
* Teleporting Art (part 1),
* Munrold’s Little Helpers– Side content:
* The Squeaky RealmV0.10 – Prologue – 20170513New content:
– Added second half of Prologue
– Spruced up one of the earlier scenes
– Increased starting pastes to 8
– Added new icons, expanded credits, changed some item names and descriptions
– Figured out how the birds and the bees work
– EXPANDED THE LORE!V0.01 – Initial Release – 20170505