The Sissy Training School [v0.5.5] [Lucygirl]

The Sissy Training School [v0.5.5] [Lucygirl]
You are a normal boy walking down the street. Suddenly a car pulls over and takes you to a strange place!​
Thread Updated: 2019-05-14
Release Date: 2019-01-29
Developer/Publisher: Lucygirl Patreon | TFGames
Censorship: None
Version: 0.5.5
OS: Web Browser
Language: English
Training, Corruption, Sissification, Male protagonist
Run html file on any web browser.
Added Content and had to remake a lot of the old content because of a computer crash. Changed a few things and removed a few.0.5.4
another added Chapter from old Version0.5.3
Added more content and an end of Content page.0.5.2
Bug fixes0.5.1
Added some more Content to the new version (still in alpha)0.5
Complete redesign (alpha not finished yet)0.4.7
new Content0.4.6
New Content and Art0.4.4.1
Finished the Chapter0.4.4
New Content0.4.3
New Custom images 0.4.2
fixed the gif issue0.4.1
All Pictures Added. The Online Version is now completed.0.4
Almost added all pictures to the play online Options. It’s almost identical to the offline version. I just have to add the pictures in the side bar.
Minor fix of the play online option0.3.14
New Content0.3.13.1
Some people couldn’t open the zip file I hope it’s fixed now0.3.13
New Content 0.3.12
New Content and design Changes0.3.11
New Day added 0.3.10
New Sissy Maid Content