The Last Man on Earth [Nagiyahonpo]

The Last Man on Earth [Nagiyahonpo] The Last Man on Earth [Nagiyahonpo] The Last Man on Earth [Nagiyahonpo]
Kapel was just another guy in a little village.
When he pledged his love to a local girl, she rejected him.Muttering at his disadvantage Kapel said out loud,"It sure would be nice if I were the only guy in the world."Someone heard his words… and granted his wish.Kapel was now the last man on earth.
Women went into a frenzy in his presence.
Wicked women hoped to catch him.
Sex-crazy marauders leaped at his loins.The world was a very dangerous place now. Even just trying to sleep at the inn…Is this what Kapel wanted? What will happen now? : Main Features Standard turn-based RPG battles with menu commands.
Multiple endings / Parameters affect which ending you get.Except for Kapel, everyone is female, even the monsters.* EcchiReverse r*pe (woman r*pes man) harem style.* GuildKapel can improve his rank and assign guild points.
(There is a secret guild and prostitution events.) Updated: 30/08/2018
Developer/Publisher: Nagiyahonpo
Censorship: Mosaics
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Male Protagonist, RPG, Reverse Rape, Reverse Gang Rape, Submissive Male, Dominant Female, Footjob, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Internal View, Shota, Orgy