The Dreamwriter [v0.042] [Envixer]

The Dreamwriter [v0.042] [Envixer] The Dreamwriter [v0.042] [Envixer] The Dreamwriter [v0.042] [Envixer] The Dreamwriter [v0.042] [Envixer] The Dreamwriter [v0.042] [Envixer] The Dreamwriter [v0.042] [Envixer]
You’re a good guy with a decent job and a nice home, but your girlfriend just left you for a centaur.
In this adult urban fantasy game you will meet elves, fallen angels, aliens, androids, and more. You’ll have the opportunity to form many relationships in the waking world, but you’re about to find out about another world full of opportunities – the world of dreams.
: More info This is a free-roam game where you can choose which characters you want to romance. Some characters will also be corruptible. The game’s focus is on discovering the stories of the other characters, and (if you want to) seducing them.
Many and diverse characters are planned, as well as more on the stories of those already in the game.
There will be a Patreon page for this game soon.
Thread Updated: 2019-08-23
Release Date: 2019-08-23
Developer: Envixer Tip Jar
Version: 0.042
OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux
Language: English
M/f, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Futa/trans, Centaurs, 3dcg, Fantasy, Interracial, Male protagonist, ntr, incest
Bugs found and squashed
1 new dream
Julia progress
TiQiana progress
Stage 1 of UI rework.
Important!Saved games are now in:Windows: %APPDATA%RenPyDreamwriter or %APPDATA%RoamingRenPyDreamwriter (depending on your version of Windows)
Mac: $HOME/Library/RenPy/Dreamwriter
Linux: $HOME/.renpy/Dreamwriterv0.031
Fixed bugs
Merged 8 functions into 2, fixed typos in new functions.
1 new dreamer added
Progress path updated for Keiko
Repeatable scenes implemented (2 for Faye, 3 for Keiko)
1 new dreamer added.
Progress paths added for Cyrah and Julia
2 new locations added
Bugs fixed v0.01
First release
Developer Notes:
The prologue will show how everything works, and every choice (that matters) has its effect labelled.
The only thing that is not covered well in the prologue is friendship levels:
To gain friendship you must do things with your friends – Working will increase your boss’ friendship level only if you do it twice a day. Buying food or drinks for your friends, eating with them at home, training with them, or watching TV with them, will also increase friendship levels. You’re able to check your friendship levels and other stats easily in your MADBox. Just click on a name to show their information. Friendship levels will become important as the game progresses. NTR Note from Moderators: NTR is optional. This is not a place to discuss NTR.